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We attach great importance to the quality of our information. That's why we work with selected and vetted experts for every article and every section of our publications. Before we produce anything, we always ask ourselves first how it can help you as a dog owner.


"We provide real dog lovers with high-quality dog knowledge, presented in an understandable way, to make the life of every dog and its owner better."

How it all began, Why we started Hundeo - 2017

The first dog comes into the house... the joy is great, the questions even greater.

Founder Enrico Bachmann faced this problem in the summer of 2017, when he and his partner had their first dog of their own.

On the Internet, there was a lot of contradictory advice and much of it was only theoretical, without real practice. Unfortunately, there were also no expert answers in the circle of acquaintances. So Enrico set about the matter himself.

His dog, a little crazy pug named Nacho was and is to this day a lovable and outgoing dog who loved to chow.

Unfortunately, the food did not love him as he did. He showed allergic reactions when eating and was constantly scratching himself. Enrico thus started searching for the perfect food for his allergy dog and founded Hundeo to share his experiences with the dog world. For this, he got the first support from other nutrition experts and certified nutritionists, so that his dog food reports had hand and foot from the beginning.

Sound, yet clearly understandable knowledge about the dog - 2018

In 2018, we had already looked at over 30 dog food brands and got a lot of positive feedback from other dog owners. It became clear to us that many dog owners in the jungle of myths and advertising promises no longer knew what to look for at all and then it became clear to us that we always want to be on the side of the dog owners and must help them with simple and clear answers. From then on it was clear - Hundeo stands for well-founded, but simple and easy to understand knowledge about dogs.

With expert knowledge to the dog - 2019

We have been listening to the wishes of dog owners since the beginning. That's why we didn't stop with the topic of dog food and species-appropriate dog feeding and had more guides written on the topic of health and education. During this time we have built up our network of experts and worked together with well-known dog trainers and veterinarians on the platform. So that we can meet our own quality standards.

In cooperation with our network of experts, such as selected breeders, we have published our large and free dog breeds encyclopedia on our website. 265 dog breeds that you can compare easily and in detail.

At the end of 2019, in collaboration with veterinarian Mag.med.vet. Emin Jasarevic the popular dog health bible out. The book for every dog owner. Our mission was to provide you with a compact guidebook with high-quality illustrations for your home. So that you know in emergencies, how you can act correctly.

For real dog lovers - 2020

In 2020, our Barf Bible came out. We want to reach even more people with it and give them the opportunity to have a lot of fun together with their dog and give him a healthy and happy life.

In addition, there are now not only more guides than text content, but also many new and informative videos about the dog. For example, on our YouTube channel "Hundeo". There you will find every week informative videos about dogs and exciting dog breeds portrait.

Inspiration and instructions - No matter when, where, how - 2021

In 2021, we continue to be there for all dog lovers and help with many innovative solutions for a strong human-dog bond. In February 2021, we launched the beta of our Hundeo app.
This is our gift to our awesome Hundeo community. In the Hundeo app you'll find over 100+ inspirations and tutorials for an inseparable bond.

With Hundeo, you'll always have your digital partner by your side. No matter when - how - where.
With delicious recipes, inspiring games and cool dog trick tutorials. Plus, you'll soon find lots of dog-themed courses and other nice surprises. 

To be continued... 🐶