"Hundeo is your daily companion for holistic dog training."

About Hundeo

We want to help dog owners like you give their pet an all-around happy and healthy life.

With clear knowledge transfer and holistic training approach, we promote a strong human-dog bond and a deep understanding of your dog. In this way we want to help all dog owners to give their darling an all-round happy and healthy life.

That's why our mission is to provide holistic, everyday dog training for everyone. Available everywhere and at any time.

Why Hundeo?

A balanced training accompanied by experts is the prerequisite for a happy coexistence between dog and human. After all, as our daily companions, dogs have a lot of challenges to overcome. They have to act in accordance with society in everyday life, often suppressing their instincts. This is difficult without the right training.

With Hundeo, we therefore offer dog owners a guide and companion for holistic dog training that is suitable for everyday use. With individual exercises, varied courses and valuable background knowledge, Hundeo goes far beyond the approach of a classic dog school.

We emphasize that the dog is not only trained, but that dog and human form an inseparable unit.

The prerequisite for this is a happy and healthy dog. That's why Hundeo focuses not only on training, but also on proper nutrition and the well-being of the four-legged friends.
With our website, our YouTube channel, our books and now our app, we have created a network that provides dog owners with advice and support - anytime, anywhere.


We attach great importance to the quality of our information. That's why we work with selected and vetted experts for all our articles and publications. Our content always focuses on how it can help you as a dog owner.


"We provide real dog lovers with high-quality dog knowledge, presented in an understandable way, to make the life of every dog and its owner better."

How it all began: Foundation of Hundeo - 2017

The first dog comes into the house... the joy is great, the questions even greater.
This is what happened to our founder Enrico Bachmann and his partner when a little crazy pug named Nacho moved in with them in the summer of 2017.

There was a lot of advice on the Internet, often contradictory. Much of it was only explained theoretically and without any real reference to practice. Even among acquaintances, no expert answers could be found. Finally, Enrico decided to take matters into his own hands.

The issue that concerned him most at that time was the right food for Nacho. Because the lovable and outgoing pug loved to feed. Unfortunately, the love was not mutual. Nacho showed allergic reactions when he ate and was constantly scratching himself. Enrico therefore began searching for the perfect food for his allergy dog - with success.
He finally wanted to share his experiences and successes with other dog owners. Supported by nutrition experts and certified nutritionists, he wrote dog food reports that had a hand and a foot, and shared them with the dog world - Hundeo was born.

Sound, clearly understandable knowledge on dog nutrition - 2018

In 2018, our network of experts at Hundeo had already scrutinized over 30 dog food brands. We received a lot of positive feedback from dog owners and lovers. It became increasingly clear that in the jungle of myths and advertising promises, many dog owners no longer knew what to look for in the first place. They turned to Hundeo for clear and simple answers - with the best interests of dogs and their owners in mind.
From then on it was clear - Hundeo stands for well-founded, but simple and easy to understand knowledge transfer about dogs.

Expert knowledge on all topics related to the dog - 2019

Since the beginning we are on the side of dog owners and listen to their wishes. Therefore, we have not stopped at the topic of dog food and species-appropriate dog feeding, but have written other guides on the topic of health and education around the dog.

These were created in close cooperation with our growing network of experts, which we are constantly expanding. Together with well-known dog trainers and veterinarians, we work ceaselessly on our Hundeo platform. In doing so, we are always careful to live up to our own quality standards.

In cooperation with selected breeders, for example, we have published our extensive, free dog breed encyclopedia. 265 dog breeds that can be compared easily and in detail.
At the end of 2019, we published in collaboration with veterinarian Mag.med.vet. Emin Jasarevic the popular Dog Health Bible - the book for every dog owner. Our goal was to provide dog lovers with a compact guidebook with high-quality illustrations so that they know how to act correctly in emergencies.

Videos for more practical relevance - 2020

This was followed in 2020 by our Barf Bible. We want to reach even more dog owners and give them the opportunity to give their dog a healthy and happy life by means of the right diet.

In addition, we started to provide guidebooks not only as text content, but to publish informative videos about the dog. These help to present the content in an even more practical way. We started our YouTube channel "Hundeo". There you will find new informative videos about dogs and exciting dog breed portraits every week.

Dog training always with you - 2021

In February 2021, we launched the beta version of our Hundeo app. This is our gift to our great Hundeo community.
The app offers high-quality dog training courses, varied game ideas, delicious recipes, as well as valuable background knowledge about dogs.
Since October 2021 we have been able to expand our offer to over 200 tricks, games, recipes and courses.
With Hundeo Plus, we also provide offline access to all content and high-quality fact sheets for the courses taken.

In the Hundeo app, an individual profile can be created that covers age, gender and race, as well as individual character traits and challenges. Based on this information, the app then determines the appropriate training method and, if interested, reminds you via push notification when the daily 5-minute workout begins. The training progress can be tracked and friends can be invited and moments of success shared via the social function.

However, the app stands out from other dog training apps on the market not only because of its clear structure and gamification principle, but above all because of its holistic approach. In addition to training, the focus is also on proper nutrition and the health of the four-legged friends. A new recipe is suggested every day, and there are also daily suggestions for new tricks and game ideas for more variety in everyday life. Courses on education and all about the health of the dog round off the program.

A look into the future - 2022

In 2022, we will continue to be there for all dog lovers and further expand our extensive range of content. As always, we have our vision in mind and want to help build a strong human-dog bond and convey a deep understanding of dogs with innovative solutions and high-quality knowledge transfer. In this way, we want to continue to help all dog owners to give their darling an all-round happy and healthy life.

To be continued... ūüź∂

Founder: Enrico Bachmann