About Us

We are passionate about creating an unforgettable relationship for you and your beloved dog. With simple knowledge transfer and holistic training, we create a deep connection and a happy, healthy life for your dog. Experience personalized dog training anytime, anywhere, tailored to you!

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For this stands Hundeo

At Hundeo, we have six special values at our heart that demonstrate what we burn for. These values shape our warm culture, influence everything we do, and shape who we work with. They lie deep in our souls and guide us on our collective growth journey to be the best dog training app for you.

Passion for dogs

At Hundeo, we love dogs and are committed to always improving their well-being and their relationship with their owners.

Accessibility and inclusion

We want to make dog training accessible to everyone, regardless of experience, background or life situation, in order to foster a loving relationship between dog and human.

Fun and joy

We believe that dog training should not only be effective, but also fun and enjoyable. We are committed to making training a positive experience for all involved.

Innovative and scientifically based

We use the latest technologies and current scientific findings to constantly develop our app and training methods and keep them up to date.

Ethical and sustainable

We build trust and respect between humans and dogs by using ethical and sustainable training methods based on the needs of the animals.

Community and cohesion

We foster a supportive community where dog owners and experts work together to achieve the best for all dogs.

Our quality standard

We attach great importance to the quality of our information. That's why we work with selected and vetted experts for all our articles and publications. Our content always focuses on how it can help you as a dog owner.

Hundeo was developed based on the latest scientific findings in collaboration with numerous experts. You can find more information and studies here.