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American Foxhound


Solid, Friendly, Self-willed
Size: Large
Height: 53-63,5 cm
Weight: 30-34 kg
Lifespan: 11-13 years
Coat: Shorthair
Colors: Fawn, Black, Cream, Gold-yellow, White
FCI Group: Scent hounds and related breeds

This hard-working pack dog feels most at home when hunting. His education is demanding, so he is less suitable for families. He wants to do something and quickly finds his own occupation when underchallenged.

American Foxhound
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The close relationship with the English Foxhound can be seen immediately in the American Foxhound. However, it is distinguished from the English Foxhound by its slightly longer legs, its overall smaller body size, and its weight. The American Foxhound is lighter.

He has a muscular back and a deep, narrow chest. Its coat is dense, rough and close-fitting. This breed is represented in all colors.

His head is elongated, as are his floppy ears. These should reach the tip of the nose when moved forward. His eyes are brown, or hazel, and have a friendly appearance.

Since the American Foxhound has an enormous hunting instinct, he is not suitable as a pure companion dog. He wants to hunt and, when sufficiently exercised, is a friendly, well-balanced animal. In addition, he should not be kept singly. He is happiest as part of a large group when hunting, where he is goal-oriented, courageous, and very social toward his fellow hounds. Another striking feature of this breed is its loud, deep barking, which sounds more like singing.

The education of the American Foxhound is demanding. He should be challenged both physically and mentally. A firm hand is absolutely necessary to control the American Foxhound's headstrong character.

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Children suitable:

With supervision

The right food

Since this dog is best led in the hunt, so has a very active day, it should be fed enough and high quality. It is also just as important to reduce the food accordingly in a time when he is less moved. In this way you prevent overweight, which can otherwise develop quickly. Food allergies, which are common in this breed, are not known.

Whether dry or wet food, a bowl of fresh drinking water should of course always be available.

American Foxhound Care

The coat of the American Foxhound is easy to care for. Brush it out regularly so that no burrs form and the skin underneath can breathe well.

Since an active hunting dog is prone to injury, you should check him after each hunt. It does not necessarily indicate obviously that something is wrong. The large floppy ears are prone to ear infections and therefore also require regular care. Chew bones to prevent tartar can also be given to your dog occasionally.

This large breed is prone to hip dysplasia. Even in HD-free parents, the puppies may be affected. Therefore, you should have the dog examined by a veterinarian at about eight months of age. This involves x-raying the dog to see if the head of the femur is deep enough in the socket of the hip. If it is not, various surgical procedures can help. If left untreated, hip dysplasia leads to pain and loss of mobility.

In addition, Amercian Foxhounds are prone to thrombocytopenia. This is a genetic disease that inhibits blood clotting. So, especially with hunting dogs, you should definitely check if there are any known cases of thrombocytopenia in the pedigree before buying. Apart from that, this breed is very robust and not susceptible to diseases.

Suitable accessories

In addition to a tear-resistant leash and a good harness, with. American Foxhound a hunting active owner is necessary to ensure a happy dog. The American needs this kind of exercise. Without participation in regular hunting, he can hardly be kept busy enough.

In addition, the dog should not be kept alone, nor with small animals. You cannot expect such a passionate hunter to distinguish between hunting prey and pets. It is best to keep an American Foxhound as part of a pack that hunts together. These dogs are highly social and sometimes coordinate better with their pack members than with their owner.

American Foxhound History

Origin & History

Its ancestors include French as well as English and German running dogs. The history of the American Foxhound began under the first American president, George Washington. Originally, he was bred for fox hunting. Today, there are still variations of the breed used to hunt coyotes in the United States. Outside the States, he is neither well known nor easily available. It has now become predominantly a show dog. He is also the national dog of the state of Virginia.

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