Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog


Brave, Obedient, Devoted
Size: Medium
Height: 43-51 cm
Weight: 16-23 kg
Lifespan: 12-14 years
Coat: Shorthair
Colors: Blue-Black, Blue, Red
FCI Group: Sheepdogs and Cattledogs (except Swiss Cattledogs)

The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog is the first dog breed bred in Australia specifically for the needs of this country. The breed is robust and naturally has a stumpy tail. It has been provisionally recognized by the FCI.

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog
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Stumpy males can reach a shoulder height of 51 cm. The breed has a rather light appearance. The black or red spotted coat is short and harsh on the surface. Only the undercoat is soft and dense.

Its strong body is built square, which makes its legs appear longer. According to the standard, the stub tail must not be longer than 10 cm. The pointed and standing ears are set high and should be well furnished with hair on the inside. The Stumpy can work excellently even in heavy conditions and is very nimble. Especially the

Character traits distinguish him strongly from the Australian Cattle Dog. The Stumpy is strongly dependent on his handler during work and reacts to strangers rather reserved to shy.

The breed is also very sensitive to noise, which requires a good and sensitive education. Its active and attentive nature makes it a perfect herding and driving dog. Otherwise, dog sports are suitable as a substitute occupation.

Coat care:




Energy level:




Children suitable:

With supervision

The right food

Due to its high energy expenditure, the Stumpy requires nutritious food. The amount and proper ratio of nutrients varies greatly from dog to dog. For example, puppies need a different food than senior dogs. Therefore, you should tailor the food individually to your dog. You can easily give him cooked or raw food. In any case, you should pay attention to the high quality of the food. This should consist of at least 70 percent meat and contain no sweeteners or chemical substances.

Health & Care

The care of this dog turns out relatively simple. A short brushing of the coat every one to two weeks is sufficient. Even during the change of coat, your four-legged friend does not need to be brushed daily.

The claws of this breed tend to grow quickly and should therefore be checked weekly. Every now and then your dog will also tolerate a bath, but this is not necessary at regular intervals and depends on his appearance.

Suitable accessories

The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog is recommended for only for experienced stopsr, which can also offer the dog enough run and occupation. If the dog cannot live up to his potential as a herding dog with you, you can also keep him busy with other dog sports. For example, are suitable Agility, Obedience or Dog Frisbee particularly well.

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog History

Origin & History

For a long time, efforts were made on the Australian continent to breed a breed that could cope with the rough demands of the outback and herd the large herds of cattle. The ancestors of the Stumpy probably include the Smithfield, the Dingo and the Scottish Shorthaired Collie. Initially, no differentiation was made between Australian Cattle Dogs with short and long tails.

Only in 1927 they were recognized as two different breeds. Since the breed was often not kept pure, the breed was not recognized at first and the population of the Stumpys declined sharply. An initiative made it its business to save the dogs from extinction and was successful. Since 2005 the breed is officially recognized.