Black And Tan Coonhound


Light-hearted, Gentle, Adaptable
Size: Large
Height: 58-68 cm
Weight: 25-34 kg
Lifespan: 10-12 years
Coat: Shorthair
Colors: Black, tan
FCI Group: Scent hounds and related breeds

Are you looking for a loyal and friendly companion for long walks? Do you want your new friend to be friendly but not boring? Then the Black And Tan Coonhound could be just the thing for you. It owes its name to its activity as a raccoon hunter (raccoon).

Black And Tan Coonhound
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The Black And Tan Coonhound is a breed recognized by the FCI. It is always black with large tan markings on the head, chest and legs. White is highly undesirable and does not conform to the breed standard. Light or yellow eyes are also not permitted.

The ears are long and reach at least to the tip of the nose. The Black And Tan Coonhound belongs to the large dog breeds. Males reach a weight of 34 kg and a shoulder height of 68 cm. Females are somewhat smaller and lighter. Its coat is short but very dense, making it ideally suited to all weather conditions.

The Black And Tan Coonhound is a strong, muscular dog with a not too heavy bone structure. It has an exceptionally good nose and an excellent sense of smell. These characteristics explain its original use as a raccoon hunter. The Black And Tan Coonhound has an intense, horn-like bark with which it alerts its master to prey.

The dog's temperament is friendly and outgoing. It is also very social, which makes it an ideal family dog. He loves his humans just as much as his fellow dogs.

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Children suitable:

With supervision

The right food

The Black And Tan Coonhound is a robust dog breed. There are no known diseases typical of the breed. Nevertheless, there are a few things to bear in mind. Due to its size and mass, the Coonhound is prone to hip dysplasia (HD).

Puppies and young dogs should therefore be given a balanced diet. This prevents them from growing too quickly. Otherwise, the muscle and bone structure can become unbalanced and cause skeletal damage later on. Suitable food for large breed puppies is available from good specialist retailers.

The diet of the adult Black And Tan Coonhound must be adapted to its intended use. If the dog works intensively alongside a hunter or in dog sports, sufficient energy must be supplied via the food.

The big fur nose tends to be overweight by nature. You should therefore be sparing with treats and subtract them from the basic diet.

Health & Care

Due to its short coat, the Black And Tan Coonhound is relatively easy to care for. Brushing twice a week with a soft brush is usually enough to maintain the silky shine of the coat.

A little more attention must be paid to the drooping ears and eyes of the four-legged friend. Inflammation is more common here. Regular checking and cleaning prevents this. Dental care should not be neglected either.

Bathing should only be done in exceptional cases so as not to impair the skin's natural protective layer.

Suitable accessories

Do you have a tame raccoon at home that your dog regularly chases through the forest and up a tree? Never mind!

The Black And Tan Coonhound is an intelligent four-legged friend that wants to be challenged physically and mentally. Its urge to move can be satisfied with tracking games. He can use his excellent sense of smell for this. Special dummies are available for tracking.

You should also have plenty of time for your four-legged friend. The Black And Tan Coonhound does not like to be alone. It is also not suitable for keeping in a small city apartment. If it is not kept busy, its destructiveness knows no bounds and its loud barking will quickly drive the neighbors crazy.

Apart from that, the four-legged friend doesn't need much. Grooming utensils, a food and water bowl, a harness/collar, a lead and a dog bed. Spending time with your furry friend is much more important than all the accessories!

Black And Tan Coonhound History Picture

Origin & History

The Black And Tan Coonhound originally comes from the USA. Its ancestors are the Bloodhound, the American Foxhound and the Irish Kerry Beagle. The first breeding line was bred at the end of the 18th century by the scouts Simon Kenton and the Poe brothers.

Hunting raccoons was a popular pastime. The Black And Tan Coonhound was the ideal partner for this. Once it caught the scent of its prey, it would not let it go and chased it right through the forest. Even the roughest terrain could not throw him off his scent. Once the animal had fled up a tree, the dog loudly alerted its handler to its success and never let the raccoon out of its sight. Big game such as deer or bears were also hunted with this excellent nose.

After over a hundred years of breeding development, the FCI recognized the Black And Tan Coonhound as a breed with its own standard. Today, the agile raccoon hunter is a dog breed that has not been overbred and is perfectly suited to hunting. At the same time, it is a loyal family dog that gives its owners a lot of pleasure when kept correctly.