Boykin Spaniel


Intelligent, Sporty, Friendly
Size: Medium
Height: 36-46 cm
Weight: 11-18 kg
Lifespan: 13-16 years
Coat: Medium Hair
Colors: Brown tones

This handsome spaniel has it in him. On the one hand, he is a passionate hunter - on land and water. On the other hand, Boykins are also ideal as family dogs. They are very friendly and also open-minded towards children. In any case, these intelligent bundles of energy need daily physical and mental exercise.

Boykin Spaniel
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The Boykin Spaniel is especially appreciated for its distinctive intelligence and its Zeal for work appreciated. He is considered very docile. With loving consistency quickly leads to success the education of this clever breed.

This smart dog is well suited as Companion or hunting dog. It has the necessary Self-employment for their own tasks. As a hunting dog you can use the Boykin both water hunting and on land use. In the process, the sweet spaniel likes to take over the 'Fetch!' of the prey. But also as Family dog this breed becomes happy. Its amiable, sociable nature makes it easy for this dog to fit into everyday life with children. He is extremely adaptable. Boykin Spaniel can be kept both in the countryside and in the city. The most important thing is daily, large walks in nature.

In general, this breed is very compatible. The sociable dog meets strangers and people open-minded. He enjoys social interaction. If the sporty rascal gets enough exercise and work for the head, he also likes to snuggle up on the sofa in the evening and enjoys the company.

Female dogs of this medium-sized breed reach a height of about 36-42 cm and weigh 11-16 kg. The slightly larger males are 40-46 cm tall and weigh 13.5-18 kg. The medium length coat of the Boykin Spaniel is wavy. The beautiful dog comes in different strong brown tones. White markings on the chest are tolerated.

The ears hang down the side of the head and also have wavy fur. In addition, the pretty dog has slightly longer hangings on the legs, belly and chest. His coat consists of short, dense undercoat and medium length topcoat. Thus, it is well protected from cold water and harsh weather. As passionate swimmer this quadruped has a hidden peculiarity. Between his toes Boykin Spaniel has Webbing. This advantage serves him primarily in water hunting.

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Children suitable:

With supervision

The right food

The diet of this dog is quite uncomplicated. He does not make any special demands. However, the amiable athlete should definitely protein-rich food get. This is the best way to support his active lifestyle. The daily feed quantity should thereby spread over 2-3 meals be

Like any dog, the Boykin Spaniel should be Always high quality feed eat. This can be either well selected buy or at will also prepare yourself. Tasty morsels as a reward during training will be gratefully accepted by the docile quadruped. Instead of a combination of conventional wet and dry food, you can also use the Barfen try. This feeding method is closely adapted to the diet of wild dogs, especially wolves.

The type and amount of food should be adapted to the age of the dog. A puppy needs a particularly slow transition from the breeder's food to the dog's own choice of food. An old, less active Boykin Spaniel needs to eat less over time. This prevents overweight in old age.

Health & Care

His coat of medium length should be be brushed about twice a week. This removes coarse dirt that has stuck to the dog during walks. Loose hair is also removed in this way. Although the Boykin Spaniel romps around a lot in nature and takes quite a bit of dirt with it, it should be not bathe too often. This would destroy the natural protection of his skin. Every few weeks you can then but with a suitable dog shampoo wash. So even fine dirt is rinsed out and the sweet dog no longer smells of lakes and rivers.

The drooping ears should also be checked regularly. Otherwise, infections can quickly form there. The fur on the inside of the ears provides the perfect place for unwanted fungi, especially in humid conditions. There are special Ear cleaner for dogswhich are very useful in prevention.

As with all other dog breeds, the Boykin Spaniel should be kept on the Claw care pay attention. If the claws are too long, this can lead to problems and even pain when walking. Trimming the claws when needed will prevent this. Also regularly check the teeth your furry nose and clean them every few days with suitable dog toothpaste. In between, chew toys and chew treats can also help.

Suitable accessories

Of course, this pretty companion also needs some accessories. In addition to obvious items such as bowls, leashes and sleeping places, for the care of a boykin you need special ear cleaner for dogs to prevent diseases. Claw clippers will also help counteract any potential problems. Also get toothpaste for dogs and a dog toothbrush or special finger sticks for brushing teeth.

You can find all these things in the Pet supply store or of course online find. For coat care are Different brushes necessary. For the short, dense undercoat should be a comb and a curry comb be used. This can be used to untie knots and comb out dead hair. The slightly longer top hair is combed with a brush unknotted. Dead fur is also removed in this way. As a result, you won't find as much loose hair in the apartment and your dog will have to scratch less - dead fur can be quite itchy!

The energetic four-legged friend needs sufficient daily exercise. This is also helped by various toys like balls or apportel. These can not replace the big walks, but bring additional fun for dog and man. Also Brain games please the intelligent Boykin Spaniel. These serve to keep him mentally busy. There are some nice, ready-made intelligence games to buy, but you can also get yourself quite easy to put things together yourself, which your sweet pelt-nose will love to try.

Boykin Spaniel Face

Origin & History

The versatile breed is only emerged at the beginning of the 20th century. The cornerstone was laid by a former stray named "Dumpy from South Carolina, USA. He was found and taken by the hunter Alexander White behind his local church. Dumpy proved to be an ideal companion for hunting ducks and turkeys. In addition, he was smaller and lighter than the other hunting dogs of the area. So the brown four-legged friend could easily come along on the boats of the hunters.

The Boykin Spaniel owes its name to Lemuel Whitaker Boykin. Dumpy was given to him for training by his friend White. He began to train Dumpy cross with existing breeds that were used for hunting. These included the Cocker Spaniel, English Springer Spaniel, American Water Spaniel and the Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

From this breeding came the handsome, brown Boykin Spaniel. He was long known only among hunters in South Carolina. There the breed is also official State Dog. Over time, however, the quadruped got hold of more and more lovers. Since 2009 he is recognized by the American Kennel Club. However, the FCI still does not accept the spaniel as a separate breed.