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Bracco Italiano


Playful, Companionable, Stubborn
Size: Large
Height: 67 cm
Weight: 40 kg
Lifespan: 12-13 years
Coat: Shorthair
Colors: White, white with orange or brown
FCI Group: Pointing Dogs

Although the Bracco Italiano is a dog breed with a long history, it is still relatively unknown in Germany. But this is changing. The aristocratic hunting dog, which radiates a deep relaxed calm, is also becoming more and more popular in this country.

Bracco Italiano
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The Bracco Italiano is, as the name suggests, an Italian dog breed. It belongs to the FCI group seven, the pointing dogs. That the Bracco is a sporty type, you can see him at first sight. Its muscular body grows up to 67 centimeters and it can weigh up to 40 kilograms. As with other dog breeds, the females are often a bit more petite than the males.

The Bracco Italiano is an excellent hunting dog. His specialty was and is bird hunting. The coat of the Bracco is short, dense and shiny silky. The Bracco Italiano is available in the color facets white, white with orange speckles or white with larger and smaller spots in orange or brown. The head with the long floppy ears is often adorned with a mask. However, the mask is not a must.

The sporty Bracco Italiano is still used for hunting. But he also loves every other kind of dog sport. Pointing, i.e. the sudden freezing of any movement, is in his blood. You can often observe it early in puppies. The Bracco is a balanced, sensitive and calm dog. He is well suited as a family member. However, if you do not want to keep him as a hunting dog, it is important to challenge him sufficiently physically and mentally.

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The right food

The Bracco Italiano is a large, strong dog with a good appetite. As a hunting dog, a lot is demanded of him. In order for him to deliver the desired performance, a diet rich in vitamins and minerals is a basic requirement.

Like many dog breeds, the Bracco is prone to flatulence and problems with the stomach. Instead of one large meal a day, it is therefore better to feed him his food in several small portions throughout the day.

Bracco Italiano Care

The short, dense coat of the Bracco Italiano requires little grooming. Once a week you should massage the dog with a grooming glove. This is not only pleasant for the dog, but also helps to remove dead hairs from the coat.

As with all dogs with floppy ears, it is important to clean the ears of this dog breed regularly. Also check regularly that there is no inflammation in the ear.

Suitable accessories

Besides basic equipment, you don't need many accessories for keeping Bracco. The basic equipment includes a leash, a dog pillow or basket, a food bowl and a collar.

A massage glove is handy for grooming. The Bracco Italiano likes to fetch. Appropriate dog toys can therefore be purchased. In a pinch, a stick will do as well. Since the Bracco loves to roam through nature, you should always check him for ticks and in case of need have a pair of tick tongs at hand.

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Origin & History

The roots of the Bracco Italiano can be traced back to the 5th century BC. The dog originates from Italy. There, it was created from a cross between the Molossian and the Arabian-African greyhound. Originally, the Bracco Italiano was bred for bird hunting and often went hunting together with falconers. Later, he was also taken hunting with guns.

In the 14th century, the famous Italian princely family Medici was engaged in its breeding. At that time there were two versions of the Bracco Italiano: the Bracco Lombardo (maroon pattern) and the Bracco Piemontese (orange pattern). An official breeding association has existed since the 1930s. During the Second World War, the breed almost became extinct, but fortunately it was saved. Today there are about 100 specimens living in Germany; tendency increasing!

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