Calm, Friendly, Alert
Size: Large
Height: 70-75 cm
Weight: 40-70 kg
Lifespan: 8-10 years
Coat: Shorthair
Colors: Yellow, Gold-Red, Black, White Badges
FCI Group: Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid and Swiss Mountain and Cattledogs

The Broholmer is a very rare Danish dog breed. He is especially noticeable for his enormous body size. The dog breed is recognized by the FCI and assigned to group 2 (Molossians, Swiss Mountain Dogs). The gentle giants enchant with their calm and serene nature and their lovable nature. It is the Broholmer is an extremely old dog breed, which is now only a few.

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Broholmers are real Giant dogs. Adult animals reach an average height of about 75 cm. This is considerable. It is similar with the weight of the dogs. This is usually between 40 and 70 kg. Male dogs are usually somewhat broader and heavier built than their female counterparts. These are also often smaller.

The dogs have a strong, powerful and often muscular physique. It looks gigantic, but still very coherent and fitting. Its overall appearance is huge and impresses even from a distance.

At first glance, the Broholmer can appear intimidating. However, this is simply due to its appearance and not its character. The dogs head is massive but has a friendly charisma. The animals also have large loyal eyes that can wrap people around their fingers.

The whole appearance of the dogs seems almost majestic. The dogs have an elegant and proud gait. Their posture is confident and upright. At the same time, Broholmers by nature have a serene and friendly Charisma.

Dhe coat of the broholm is short and tight-fitting. It has a dense, full Undercoatwhich protects the dog from various weather conditions. Wind and rain do not bother the animal. The dogs also cope well with heat. However, they should not be overloaded at high outdoor temperatures.

The typical coat colors of this breed are yellow, gold-red and black. Many animals also have white markings on the coat. These are usually found in the area of the chest, the paws or the tip of the tail.

The Broholmer is an exceedingly calm and lovable Dog. He does not let himself be upset by anything or anyone and is exceedingly patient. The quadrupeds are very dear and quiet. Your Tolerance limit is high, so that they are difficult to provoke by others.

They are known for their open and friendly Temperament. The Broholmer makes no problems in dealing with other dogs and shows no aggressive behavior. As a rule, he gets along well with other pets despite existing hunting instinct.

The dogs are also always friendly towards people, although somewhat distant. They want to be able to assess the human better first, until they trust him completely.

The Broholmer has a lot of Self-confidence. He is standalone and brave, however unruly. The dogs rarely make noise and bark little. In addition, they are exceedingly smart and vigilant. They dutifully protect their families and always have their surroundings under observation. This is probably due to their former occupation as guards.

The Broholmer builds a Close emotional connection to his owner and his family. A harmonious coexistence is extremely important to him and he likes to live together with his people. The lovable four-legged friends need a lot of affection and regular petting.

Especially when dealing with children, the dogs are real comrades. They play and romp extensively with the children and always take good care of them. The dogs are quick to forgive small mistakes and are ideal as family and companion dogs. They are not resentful and do not react offended.

The life expectancy of this breed is about 10 years. However, this is not unusual for their size. With good health and fitness, the dogs may well grow older.

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Children suitable:

With supervision

The right food

The diet of Broholmer is largely unproblematic. The only thing to note is that the dogs need a lot and high quality food. This is necessary for proper growth of the animals. In addition, a lot of nutrients and vitamins should be given with meals.

The daily amount of food should be in relation to the size, weight and activity level of the dogs.

As with most large dog breeds, Broholmers possess a deep-set rib cage. For this reason the dogs are unfortunately prone to Gastric torsion. These can not only be very painful, but also endanger the life of the dog.

Gastric torsion should be prevented at all costs. For this it can be helpful to have a Anti-wrestling bowl to acquire. This keeps the dog from eating too hastily. It is also advisable to position the food bowl a little higher. This can keep the animals from gorging.

Also, your broholmer should be Avoid physical activity after feeding. It is also recommended to feed oversized breeds several times a day than only once.

Basically Boholmer are vital and healthy dogs. Unfortunately, however, they are susceptible to some diseases typical of the breed. These include for example Hip and elbow dysplasia. Also Eye or heart disease occur more frequently. The serious breeders try very hard to contain any diseases.

Broholm care

The Broholmer is a very easy to clean and uncomplicated dog. His coat care is child's play to manage. Only one  weekly brushing is quite sufficient. However, this breed is very hairy.

However, due to its size, keeping the broholm is not so easy. It needs quite a lot of space to live.

Also, the dog needs a lot of movement and exercise. Extensive daily walks are an absolute must.

The four-legged friends also like to run around in the wild. However, in such a case, care should be taken that the hunting instinct of the dogs does not degenerate. In this way, the dog could quickly pick up the scent of another animal and follow it.

Also, as an owner, you should be aware that the dogs have a lot of strength. Therefore, it is of considerable importance to start early with the education of the animals. Basically, the Broholmer can be trained quite well. He accepts the guidance of his owners well and with pleasure.

However, it is very important that the Basic education already in puppy age is carried out. Here, some experience in dealing with dogs is definitely an advantage. Once the relationship of trust between dog and human is established, the education can begin and continue smoothly.

The balanced and calm nature of the animals contributes its part. Now and then the Broholmers tend to be a bit stubborn. However, this can be quickly brought under control with a little patience and loving consistency.

Also, the financial aspect of keeping such a large dog should not be ignored. Both the quantities and quality of food, as well as potential veterinary costs in case of illness can quickly accumulate.

Suitable accessories

The dog in itself does not make great demands on its habitat. However, it is not advisable to keep such a dog in a floor apartment. Especially young dogs should not climb stairs. This puts a lot of stress on the joints of the animals and can have late consequences.

Particularly well suited are Houses or large apartments on the first floor. Sufficient space for the free development of the dogs must be given. Also a Garden is an advantage for the big four-legged friends, but not a prerequisite.

The Broholmer is a true nature lover. It fits not particularly good in a big city and does not feel comfortable there either. He likes it much better in the countryside or in a rural environment.

Although the dogs are real giants and faithful guardians, they are suitable for in no case for the kennel. Instead, the animals should have their own retreat in the house. Here they can come to rest after an exciting day and recharge their batteries. Close coexistence with their families is particularly important to the dogs. If this is not given, the dogs quickly threaten to become lonely.

Otherwise, the clever four-legged friends do not require any special accessories. Something dog toys can be purchased with pleasure, but is not a must.

The basic equipment of any dog, of course, includes broholmer. These would be: Food and water bowl, dog mat, leash and collar, transport box or cage for transport in the car.

Broholm history picture

Origin & History

The Broholmer belongs to the breeds Danish origin. The history of the Broholmer goes back a long way. The dogs are said to be already in the 1880s popular hunters and guards of the people. This is indicated by several drawings and stories.

Until it came to the development of modern firearms in society, dogs were used for hunting in many ways. Here they drove the game by rapid pursuits close enough to the hunter until he was able to shoot the prey.

In these times, the Broholmer was also popular as a Watchdog and House and court representative held. With the progress in the weapons industry and the later Second World War, the breed became quiet.

The Danish people then decided to save the Broholmer. With the help of targeted, careful breeding, they finally managed to save the breed from extinction. For the Danes, the Broholmer has a considerable importance anyway.

The breed was considered the favorite of the Danish King Frederik VVI. At that time, dogs were kept at the royal court and had a corresponding position in society.

Today, the responsible breeding club is still trying hard to preserve the breed. Nevertheless, the number of Broholmers is comparatively small.

The pretty dogs occur only rarely. Here in Germany, the Broholmer is also not very well known. On average, only about 10-20 puppies are born per year.

However, the great nature of the dogs would have deserved much more recognition. Possibly the popularity of the dogs increases in the future also with us in Germany.

The Broholmer was finally recognized as a breed by the FCI in 1982.