Burgos Pointer


Balanced, Intelligent, Robust
Size: Medium
Height: 59-67 cm
Weight: 25-30 kg
Lifespan: 12-14 years
Coat: Shorthair
Colors: White, Liver color, Dotted
FCI Group: Pointing Dogs

The Burgos Pointer is a hunting dog of medium size. The country of origin of the breed is Spain. The dogs are considered intelligent and gentle. They are used as pointing dogs for hunting small game and feathered game. They are popular with hunters because of their robustness, courage and excellent sense of smell.

Burgos Pointer
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The Burgos Pointer wants to please his owners. He shows perfect obedience when he has a secure pack leader who sets rules and can enforce them consistently. In addition, the dogs would like to be challenged mentally and physically. They are excellent swimmers and have great endurance.

The dogs of this breed are friendly and adaptable. Because of their size, there should be enough space and exercise. The Burgos Pointer can be kept as family dogs and are considered child-friendly. They are also patient and calm with other dogs. However, the Perdigueros need daily activity to stay balanced.

Burgos Pointer are easy to handle and intelligent. Due to their gentle character and strong will to work, they are easy to train. However, consistency in the education should not be missing. It is favorable if you already have experience with hunting dogs. Retrieving is in the nature of dogs, as well as the hunting instinct, which must be kept under control.

Full of energy and extremely active, the dogs have a strong urge to be busy. They like to run longer distances. If you want to get a Perdiguero de Burgos, you should not be a couch potato. Due to their strong sense of smell, Perdigueros are excellent tracking dogs and great for nose work and tracking in the field.

The Burgos Pointer is of medium size with balanced proportions. The dogs have a compact appearance with strongly developed head and muzzle. The limbs are well muscled. The coat is grayish liver or liver mottled. The eyes should be hazel and radiate gentleness.

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Children suitable:

With supervision

The right food

For the proper nutrition of your Perdiguero de Burgos, you should choose a food that is designed for the needs of large dogs. Depending on the age you will find puppy, junior, adult or senior food. If you also want your dog to hunt, you should remember that it has a higher calorie consumption than a pure family dog. In general, feeding should always be adapted to the dog's activity and energy needs.

To prevent your dog from gaining excessive weight, you should only feed healthy snacks with a low-fat content during training and nose work in the field. Dried meat is an excellent choice that is easy to sniff out. But carrot pieces are also popular with dogs and do not burden the digestion.

Burgos Pointer Care

Burgos Pointer are low maintenance. The smooth, short coat should be combed sometimes with a firm brush. Bathing is only necessary when the dog is dirty.

After strenuous work, you can wipe your Perdiguero with a damp towel. When grooming, you should also check for parasites such as ticks or fleas, especially if you will be out in the woods a lot. During the shedding period, Perdigueros de Burgos shed only a moderate amount of hair.

Especially if the dogs are hunting, but also if you are very active on the road and regularly climb over hill and dale, it makes sense to check the feet and claws. Small stones, wood splinters or awns between the toes can get stuck and quickly become unpleasant troublemakers.

Suitable accessories

As accessories for your Perdiguero de Burgos you need an initial dog equipment. This includes food, bowls, a bed and blankets, as well as a collar and leash. Especially for the Burgos Pointer, which work a lot in the field or in the forest, it can also be useful to get a drag line right at the beginning. This simplifies the training and the dogs can let off steam unhindered.

Snacks and toys are also important for the Perdigueros de Burgos. Here you have to find out what your dog likes. Fetch or water toys are certainly a good choice. Intelligence toys that train the nose and dexterity can also be interesting for the dogs.

Perdiguero De Burgos History

Origin & History

The Burgos Pointer has been bred in Spain for centuries. However, the original origin of the breed is not known. It is believed that the Perdigueros originated from crosses between the Sabueso Español with the Pachon Iberico. Since the beginning of the breed, the Perdiguero de Burgos has hardly changed in appearance. It is perfectly adapted to the weather conditions in Spain and to the rural environment.

In 1911, the breed was included in the breed register for the first time by the Spanish Canine Federation, the Real Sociedad Canina de España. However, by 1936, only 319 animals were recorded. Due to the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War, the breed was almost wiped out. It was not until 1950 that breeding began again.