Reserved, Loyal, Independent
Size: Medium
Height: 46-56 cm
Weight: 20-32 kg
Lifespan: 8-12 years
Coat: Longhair
Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Fawn, Cream, White
FCI Group: Spitz and primitive types

The Chow-Chow is a very famous and unusual dog breed. The dogs originate from China. The Chow-Chow, in German aufplusterter Löwenhund, is recognized by the FCI and assigned to group 5 (Asian point). The fluffy four-legged friends have a very striking and distinctive appearance. They fixate very strongly on exactly one person. As a dog owner, you should be aware of this.

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The Chow-Chow is one of the medium-sized dog breeds. On average, the dogs reach a height of about 48 - 56 cm. The weight of the adult animals usually ranges from about 25 to 30 kg. The females are usually more petite than the males.

Both visually and character-wise, these dogs are unique. Their appearance is strongly reminiscent of a lion. The Chow-Chow radiates pride and dignity. His gait is very upright and his tail is always raised. This attitude reflects self-confidence and courage.

The physique of the dogs is broad and strong. The hind legs of the quadrupeds are very straight. This is a rarity in dogs. Another distinctive feature of the animals is their head. This often resembles that of a teddy bear and is covered with thick plushy hair.

Often his face is covered with several wrinkles. However, this does not correspond to the breed origin. It was intentionally bred to make this dog appear even more unique. The ears of the animals are relatively small, pointed and set high. Another rarity is the tongue of the Chow-Chows. It is not pinkish reddish as usual, but has a blue color. The Chow-Chow is the only dog breed that has this feature. Overall, the dogs appear cumbersome and immobile.

Another striking feature of this breed is its lush coat all over the body. Basically, the Chow-Chow is divided into longhaired and shorthaired animals divided.

However, the short-haired Chow-Chow has become very rare over the years, so that mostly long-haired conspecifics are found. Both the long-haired and the short-haired dogs have very dense, lush and sticking out coats. This appears plush and soft, making the dog appear much more powerful than it actually is. The longhaired specimens also have a kind of mane around the neck. This is also strongly reminiscent of a lion.

The nature of the dogs is particularly special. Thus, Chow-Chows are considered highly individual. The dogs have their own head and are not very good at subordination. Chow-Chows try to impose their will and are difficult to dominate. They are also considered quiet Animals. They are calm and do not fall into hectic. Also chow chows are certainly no yappers. They take things more slowly.

Nevertheless, the plushy furry noses are very intelligent. They can learn a lot and are very receptive. However, this is only on the condition that the dogs want to learn. The Chow-Chow can not be forced to do anything. Also, the dogs are well suited as Guardian. They are very attentive and observe their surroundings.

The Chow-Chow fixates very much on his owner. The decisive factor here is that the dog chooses only one person to whom he gives his full attention and loyalty. The Chow-Chow therefore has only one reference person. He builds an intimate bond with this person and is always loyal and loving towards him.

The caregiver must intensively care for the four-legged friend and take over the education of the dog. Towards other people, the Chow-Chow is usually distant and dismissive. This can be problematic if the dog is to be kept in a family. Commands and commands other family members, the dog may not accept or only partially.

He focuses on his caregiver and may not take the rest of the family in stride. Also, the dogs can quickly jealous become or feel neglected, especially if not enough time is invested for them.

You should like and appreciate the character of the dog. Only then you will be a suitable owner of such a dog breed. In addition, you should already have experience with dogs.

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Children suitable:

With supervision

The right food

A healthy bred Chow Chow in terms of nutrition is unproblematic. Balanced and nutritious meals provide vitality and make the animals robust.

Unfortunately, however, the Chow-Chow is often plagued by allergies or other diseases.

Also a Hypothyroidism occurs more often than average in this breed of dog.

For this reason, many dogs need to be fed a calorie-conscious diet. This is often somewhat difficult and requires special advice. The life expectancy of dogs reflects this. Many animals nowadays live just 8 - 9 years. Normally, however, healthy Chow-Chows have a much higher life expectancy of up to 12 years.

The health of the completely overbred dog breed is basically tarnished. Many animals react Extremely sensitive to heat and tend to be overweight. This damages the joints and severely restricts the dogs' mobility. Most Chow-Chows also have Breathing problems. They barely manage to go for a walk for an hour without starting to wheeze.

Chow chow care

The Chow-Chow is a demanding dogwhich is not suitable for everyone. As a family dog he is not very good. The dogs are very serious and do not like to romp. They usually can't do much with children and are therefore unsuitable. The Chow-Chow does not like to play and is not a dog for tricks. The four-legged friends are also not suitable for participation in dog sports.

The dogs are exercised at extensive walks. These can happen both in the countryside and in the city. The animals like to sniff a lot and often delay walks in this way. As an owner should bring a lot of patience.

They should be given their space and allowed to spend more time outdoors. The existing Hunting instinct of the animals should, however, be observed. Particular attention is required during excursions into the wild. Every now and then, the stubborn, willful animals pick up the scent of potential prey and try to follow it.

The education of dogs depends on the bond between man and animal. A close relationship of trust is the key to success. The Chow-Chow can be led and educated quite well by its caregiver. However, he often does not listen to others at all. The four-legged friend needs a patient and understanding owner.

In education, consistency and calmness are of high importance. Mere commands and orders will not get you far with these animals. The dogs are not anxious to please their humans. Instead, they have their own ideas and plans. The Chow-Chow is therefore not particularly suitable for beginners and people without experience in dealing with dogs.

Also the Coat care of the dogs is elaborate and demands a lot of time. The lush coat must be brushed extensively every day are removed. In this process, dirt and tangles are removed. Also the Wrinkles of the dogs need constant attention. They are considered real hotbeds of inflammation and can quickly cause health problems for the animals. The folds must be checked and cleaned daily. This is to prevent the formation of germs.

Also the eyes of the dogs should be under constant observation, because inflammation of the eyes is not uncommon.

Suitable accessories

The Chow-Chow does not have any special demands on its living space. He can be kept wonderfully in an apartment. Too much stair climbing should be spared to the dog, if possible. Since the dogs do not like to play anyway and come along rather quietly, no special accessories are necessary.

Chow Chow history

Origin & History

The Chow-Chow is one of the oldest dog breeds. In his home country China the breed was already kept in ancient times. Here, the four-legged mostly took on the role of guard and protection dog. Especially the Chinese emperors were great admirers of the Chow-Chows and had the dogs immortalized in the form of sculptures and paintings. With its special appearance, the Chow-Chow was suitable as a representative court dog.

However, in the past, this breed of dog was also consumed as food in China. Thus, the meat of dogs was considered a delicacy for a long time. The consumption of dog meat is nowadays fortunately hardly found in China. The Chow-Chow has gained so much appreciation in recent years anyway, that the prices for such meat would simply be much too high.

Nowadays, the dogs are often considered as exhibits or show dogs. The breeders try to change the appearance of the animals strongly. Thus, the heads of the dogs are explicitly bred so that they look confusingly similar to a teddy bear.

Also, the hairiness of the animals always becomes stronger, so that the dogs have to suffer from quite a few complaints. Therefore, when buying a Chow-Chow should be looked at very carefully. Sick or overbred animals cause a lot of work and certainly can not lead a carefree dog life.