English Toy Terrier


Focused, Camaraderie, Smart
Size: Small
Height: 25-30 cm
Weight: 2,7-3,6 kg
Lifespan: 12-13 years
Coat: Shorthair
Colors: Black, tan
FCI Group: Terriers

The English Toy Terrier is a very small and dainty dog. Nevertheless, it is a "real" terrier with a strong character. Your English Toy Terrier is a bright and attentive companion. If you are looking for a small dog that likes to be active, you should take a look at this breed.

English Toy Terrier
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The English Toy Terrier weighs about 3.6 kg. The shoulder height is about 30 cm. With this size, the English Toy Terrier is one of the smallest representatives of the terrier group. It therefore belongs to section 4 "Dwarf Terriers".

The small terrier has a very watchful nature. The dogs are very affectionate towards their owners and very family-oriented. These intelligent dogs are eager to learn and have a hunting instinct typical of terriers, but this can be easily controlled. Anyone acquiring an English Toy Terrier should socialize it well and get it used to other dogs. Otherwise their guarding instinct can lead to them barking at people and dogs.

The terrier needs activity and exercise, but can also be kept indoors. With good training, it is suitable for families with children and for senior citizens who enjoy going for walks. Due to its small size, it is only suitable for dog sports to a limited extent, but should be kept busy by playing regularly.

The breed is characterized by a slender build. All four legs are straight and very graceful. At the same time, however, the representatives of this breed are athletic and muscular, so that they can easily accompany you on longer walks.

At first glance, the large, upright ears are striking. The muzzle is long and reminiscent of larger terriers. The eyes of the English Toy Terrier are alert and attentive. All English Toy Terriers have the coat pattern "black and tan", which means black and tan. Most of the coat is black, but there are tan markings on some parts of the body. The dog always has tan legs and markings on the face and chest. The coat of the English Toy Terrier is short and smooth.

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Children suitable:

With supervision

The right food

When choosing food, make sure that it contains high-quality ingredients, is balanced and meets your dog's requirements. Age, size or weight, activity and health status play an important role. You should follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the amount of food.

Treats should only be fed in moderation and deducted from the basic diet to avoid obesity.

Puppies can be fed 4-6 times a day. The number of meals should be gradually reduced to 2 per day until the dog is fully grown. A rest period should be observed after meals.

Health & Care

The small terrier has an easy-care coat that never really needs to be washed. Once your English Toy Terrier has rolled itself, you can rinse it off with clear water. You should only use a dog shampoo if it is very dirty. Shampooing too often destroys the coat's natural protective layer and can promote skin diseases.

Your English Toy Terrier is a robust dog that does not normally need a jacket. In very low temperatures, it can make sense to protect your dog with a well-fitting jacket. Very small dogs in particular become hypothermic if they are out in the snow for long periods of time. The jacket should fit well and not hinder your dog when running and playing.

Check your English Toy Terrier's teeth regularly. Tartar can build up, which can lead to painful inflammation of the teeth in the long term. You can use a soft dog toothbrush for care. Toothpaste for dogs is safe and usually tastes good to the animals. Make sure you get your English Toy Terrier used to brushing its teeth slowly and gently.

As long as the claws do not wear off by themselves, they must be trimmed regularly.

Suitable accessories

You don't need many accessories for your English Toy Terrier for everyday life. Your dog needs at least two bowls for food and water. The water bowl should always be filled and within your dog's reach.

As English Toy Terriers are very gentle animals, you should buy a well-fitting harness. A light leash is also important. Pull leads are less suitable if your dog has not yet learned not to pull on the lead. A good alternative is a lightweight lead that gives your dog plenty of freedom of movement.

The playful English Toy Terrier is very eager to learn. That's why you can practice many sports with him that are also suitable for very small dogs. Dummies and other fetch toys are great for training. Your English Toy Terrier will also have a lot of fun with chew toys, which also promote dental health.

Last but not least, you should provide your English Toy Terrier with a comfortable dog bed. There are various dog beds available, almost all of which are suitable. If your terrier is allowed to sleep on the sofa or in bed, you can also provide him with a dog blanket.

It is very important to secure your English Toy Terrier properly in the car. An adapter for the belt buckles can be attached to the harness. This prevents him from jumping around while driving and reduces the risk to your dog in the event of an accident. Another option is to get your dog used to a transport crate. You can also take your dog on the train in a crate if he is used to it.

English Toy Terrier History

Origin & History

The English Toy Terrier is one of the oldest dwarf breeds. As the name suggests, it originates from England. In the 1860s, the dog was referred to as the "Miniature Black and Tan Terrier". Under this name, the small dogs were used as rat hunters, for example. Shows in which the terriers were chased after rodents in an arena were popular. Bets were placed on which dog would kill the most rats.

Another task of the terriers was to protect the winners of the bets from pickpockets. The small dogs were often carried in their pockets and protected their owners. Over time, the breed also became popular with ladies. They were companions and playmates.

In the 20th century, some breeders became aware of this almost forgotten dog breed. For some years now, the English Toy Terrier has also been seen again at breeding shows in Germany. However, it only has a small fan base and is therefore still rare.