Epagneul Français


Balanced, Intelligent, Adaptable
Size: Medium
Height: 54-63 cm
Weight: 20-27 kg
Lifespan: 12-14 years
Coat: Medium Hair
Colors: White and brown piebald
FCI Group: Pointing Dogs

This French hunting dog has a truly wonderful personality. Intelligence and eagerness to hunt coupled with a strong desire to please his people and his open, loving nature give this four-legged friend the typical characteristics of a spaniel. Find out here why this rather unknown pelt-nose deserves much more attention.

Epagneul Français
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The Epagneul Français is an exceptionally friendly, outgoing dog. He enjoys being around all the time and has a natural will-to-please. This makes him easy to train and a pleasant companion in everyday life. The company of children and conspecifics give the French Spaniel great pleasure, making him ideal as a family dog as long as he is well exercised.

This breed is Pointing Dogs. So they work with the hunter and indicate where there is game. Your high zeal for work combined with the Willingness to submit, make them ideal partners in the hunt. They also have a very fine nose, are not fussy in inclement weather and enjoy retrieving. Many of them also have an innate affinity for water.

Although they are wonderful, talented hunting dogs, there is so much more to know about this four-legged friend. If this athletic breed gets enough exercise and can also exercise his clever little head regularly, he is extremely calm and cuddly at home. This affectionate, sensitive and loving four-legged friend is therefore now valued as much more than just a pleasant partner on the hunt.

The pretty four-legged friend has a elegant, muscular physique. It is a medium breed on the border with large breeds, whose Shape a little rectangular acts. The females reach a height at the withers of 55 to 59 cm. The somewhat larger males grow to 56 to 61 cm. However, both have a tolerance of 1 cm down and 2 cm up in the breed standard. There is no official weight, but most dogs of this breed are between 20 and 27 kg.

The Epagneul Français has dense, medium-length coat, which is always white with brown spotting. Large plates and small spots are also allowed. Only moldy coat is not desirable. The brown ranges from cinnamon brown to dark liver colors. Often dogs of this breed are confused with Kleinen Münsterländer or Deutsch Langhaar.

The coat is wavy in many places. On the head, the beautiful dog has short, silky fur. White blazes or drawings on the head are appreciated, but also completely brown faces are allowed according to the breed standard. On the chest, slightly s-shaped tail and hanging ears it is slightly longer. This breed has only brown pigments, which is why the eyes and nose are always brown color

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Children suitable:

With supervision

The right food

Like any dog, the French spaniel requires a diet that is much meat contains. As very active, sporty dog his body needs the proteins all the more to form and maintain muscle mass. Nevertheless, dogs are not pure carnivores. For a balanced diet are also fruits and vegetables essential.

Whether your pelt nose tolerates grain-containing food, you simply have to try out and observe your darling closely after it has eaten something with grain. Some dogs have no problem with the digestion of it, others react with an intolerance. However, the fact that grain is generally harmful to dogs is a rumor and individual for each quadruped.

It also lends itself to, healthy oils like fish oil or linseed oil add to the feed to provide the dog with other important nutrients. Especially when you add the Barf method chooses for his four-legged friend, you need to carefully ensure that he gets all the nutrients in the right proportions.

This requires some research, but is worth it if you actively choose to do it. Barfing is based on the natural diet of wild dogs. Therefore, only raw, fresh ingredients are used. So you can better ensure that the food is high quality. However, it is not easy to barf the dog without mistakes, if you have not been studying the subject for a long time. It is often helpful to seek advice from a veterinarian.

In general, it is of course also good with the Epagneul Français to daily ration feed to be divided into 2-3 meals. This is a simple way to significantly reduce the risk of gastric distention. Also, keep in mind to subtract the amount of treats a day, which are used a lot especially in training, from the daily amount of food. This prevents possible overweight.

Epagneul Français Care

The care of an Epagneul Français is uncomplicated, but still important. His coat of medium length should be brushed every 1 to 2 days be. This will loosen coarse dirt and dead hair and prevent bad knots in the coat. This routine can also be used for this purpose, search the dog's body for ticks, burrs and injuries.

In general, you should get used to brushing and checking claws, ears, teeth and eyes at an early age. Only in the case of stubborn dirt, the pretty four-legged friend should be bathed. For this one should absolutely use a high-quality, refatting dog shampoo. This will protect the skin and coat of the four-legged friend.

Also the claws must always be controlled. If they are too long, it is painful when walking. You can either trim it yourself or have it trimmed in a dog salon or by a vet. Some dogs run so much on hard surfaces like asphalt that additional trimming is unnecessary. With heavier four-legged friends, however, the natural wear and tear works better than with small, light dogs.

With its also inside hairy, hanging ears the French Spaniel is prone to ear infections. Moisture and bacteria can quickly collect there, leading to inflammation. For this reason, you should the sweet little ears regularly check and clean with special cleaner for this purpose.

This beautiful breed belongs to the hunting dogs. Therefore, daily exercise and mental workout are mandatory. Of course, the active use as a hunting dog is ideal, but also with other intensive, daily occupation for head and body, the pretty four-legged friends show themselves as pleasant companions in everyday life.

Suitable accessories

The Epagneul Français needs first and foremost the same basic equipment as any other furry. So this includes, among other things, leash, collar, harness and bowls. As a sporting hunting dog he still needs some additional accessories. your dog will fetch it Are wonderful training items to practice retrieving with your dog and also incorporate play.

A brush and a claw scissors are indispensable. Dog toothpaste, toothbrush, ear cleaner and also a high quality dog shampoo are also hard to imagine caring for a dog without them. One Dog liability insurance is also very useful. In some federal states, this is even mandatory. It protects against many accidents, which, as we all know, can happen unexpectedly and quickly. A Veterinarian of trust rounds out the best preparation for all circumstances with your furry nose.

Origin & History

There are several theories as to how exactly this race came into being. What is certain, however, is that these dogs already in the 16th century at the court of King Ludwig II. existed. There they were mainly for hunting birds like pheasants used. Until the 17th century, this beautiful dog was very popular and quite widespread in France.

The French Revolution ensured that the Epagneul Français almost completely disappeared. However, from the middle of the 19th century, some great lovers of the breed began their efforts to spread the French Spaniel again and to ensure the preservation of the breed. In this regard, the priest and hunter Abbé Fournier was particularly successful and contributed fundamentally to ensuring the existence of this beautiful pointing dog.

" first breed standard was established in 1891 set. This was revised several times before 2008 the official standard of the FCI published was. At 25.06.1955 the Epagneul Français attained the official recognition of the FCI. Nevertheless, the four-legged friend is still not widespread in Europe.