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Golden Retriever


Intelligent, Trustworthy, Confident
Size: Large
Height: 51-61 cm
Weight: 30-40 kg
Lifespan: 10-12 years
Coat: Longhair
Colors: Golden brown to cream
FCI Group: Retrievers - Flushing Dogs - Water Dogs

Golden Retriever is a very popular dog breed. He is characterized by his obedience and has a high intelligence. He is a working dog that has no problems even with extreme weather conditions. The Golden Retriever has a friendly, amiable nature and is very trusting. His protective instincts are few and he is not aggressive. The Retriever tends to stray easily and needs a lot of exercise and exercise.

Golden Retriever
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The Golden Retriever is a British dog breed officially recognized by the FCI. He has a medium size with up to 61 cm. His physique is strong and he has long hair, which can be both straight and wavy. Usually the coat has a golden brown or cream coloration. It is weather resistant with a dense undercoat. It has medium sized floppy ears and a long tail and muzzle.

Originally, the Golden Retriever was bred for hunting. Here he had the task to retrieve mainly birds. Because of this, the Golden Retriever is a good swimmer and loves the water. Nowadays you can keep this breed especially well as a family dog. The Golden Retriever is very fond of children. He also has a balanced and compatible nature.

He shows a strong fixation on his master or mistress and you can lead him easily. Because of these traits, you can also use the Golden Retriever as a companion dog for the disabled. But also the police appreciate his strengths for the detection of narcotics and explosives.

Unfortunately, many Golden Retrievers suffer from certain Hereditary diseases. These include especially elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia. Epilepsy and other hereditary diseases are also detected above average in this breed. Tumor formation is also frequently diagnosed. The Golden Retriever has a life expectancy of ten to twelve years.

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The right food

When choosing the right diet, you must take into account various factors. On the one hand, the weight plays a role, but also the age. Golden Retrievers weigh between 30 and 40 kilograms. In addition, there is his daily exercise. On average, the Golden Retriever eats about 1,400 calories a day, if you assume an average weight of 35 kg.

In puppyhood, your dog needs a special puppy food. Here you should make sure that the protein content is low. You can tell if you are feeding your dog correctly by the way it looks. He should be well proportioned. The chest should be larger than the belly. The coat also gives information about the correct nutrition. If your dog is healthy, the coat is shiny and your dog is fit and agile.

The teeth are also white and healthy with the right choice of food. The food should consist mainly of meat with a high proportion of offal and muscle. You can supplement this with herbs, fruits or vegetables. You should be careful with ingredients like fructose or other sugars. It is best to alternate wet and dry food. Dry food is a little cheaper and the harder pieces prevent tartar. Wet food is more flavorful.

Golden Retriever Care

Since the Golden Retriever has a long, dense coat, you should take enough time for the coat care. For this purpose, it is best to take a brush and comb the coat regularly so that it does not become matted and retains its beautiful shine. In addition, dead hairs are loosened and the undercoat is combed through. If the dog's coat changes in the summer, then you have to comb it every day. Otherwise, it is enough if you brush him once a week.

You should also regularly clean eyes and ears with a warm, damp cloth. The same applies to the paws. Small stones can hide here, which can cause pain and inflammation. This way you can also see if the animal has injuries on its feet. In addition, you must also keep the claws in shape. Normally they wear out when the dog walks. But if the dog moves mainly on soft ground, then you need to trim the claws with the help of claw scissors. It's best to have a vet explain the correct way to do this so that you don't cause your dog any pain.

When it gets cold and snowy outside, you should grease the paws to protect them better. To clean your dog's private parts, you should give him a bath from time to time. Please use special dog shampoo.

Suitable accessories

Keeping a dog requires a wide variety of accessories. The basic equipment includes, first of all, a thick, sturdy collar as well as a Fixed leash. Here you can choose a classic leather or fabric leash or one with retraction mechanism. Please pay attention to the specified weight to guarantee the tensile strength. Alternatively you can also use a Dog harness use

In addition, you can still give your dog a Flea collar to protect him from flea infestation. At home, your Golden Retriever should have a basket with a blanket so that he has a permanent place. Use different grooming utensils like Brush, comb and nap glove. This serves to massage your dog and stimulate blood circulation.

It is also a good idea to give yourself a Tick Pliers to be able to remove ticks quickly if necessary. Your dog also needs its own Eating and drinking bowl, which should preferably be non-slip.

In addition, you should toy like a rope or a ball to keep your dog busy. Treats should always be on hand as a reward. A chew bone. also supports dental health. To emphasize your command, you can also get a dog whistle to buy. If you take your dog in the car, then he needs a special seat belt for this. Equally important is a Dog gate, so that he can not jump out of the trunk.

Golden Retriever History

Origin & History

The origin of the Golden Retriever is clearly traceable. So, this breed was bred by the 1st Lord Tweedmouth in the last century. This is where his dog "Nous" came from. He was preceded by an original breed from Newfoundland, which existed about 500 years ago. It was followed over the years by further breeding with breeds such as the Tweed Water Spaniel, a black retriever, as well as the Irish Setter and a sand-colored bloodhound.

For this purpose, the dogs "Belle", "Crocus", "Ada", "Cowslip" and "Primrose" were crossed. An ancestor of the Golden Retriever is also the St. John's dog. The Golden Retriever was first registered in the Stud Book in 1913 under the name Flat-coated Retriever. The Kennel Club officially recognized the breed for the first time in 1913. It was characterized by its special swimming ability and had a good size to be easily transported by boat. In addition, this breed was particularly fetch happy.

These characteristics were maintained and further strengthened by breeding. The Golden Retriever experienced its boom in the early 80s, when he was often seen on TV in advertising and movies. Today, he is one of the most popular domestic dogs in Germany. This is also true for Scandinavia, Benelux and France.