Griffon Fauve de Bretagne


Faithful, Friendly, Courageous
Size: Medium
Height: 48-56 cm
Weight: 18-22 kg
Lifespan: 12-13 years
Coat: Medium Hair
Colors: Fawn, Gold, Wheat Yellow, Red
FCI Group: Scent hounds and related breeds

The Griffon Fauve De Bretagne originates from France. It is originally a hunting dog. Therefore, the animal has a high urge to move. The dog loves to solve problems and make friends with other four-legged friends.

Griffon Fauve de Bretagne
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The Griffon Fauve De Bretagne is a loyal and affectionate dog that prefers to be around people. These animals are generally friendly to everyone they meet. They are also friendly with strangers and children if they are well socialized. They like to roll around on the sofa with you and love to have their belly patted.

Nevertheless, the Griffon Fauve De Bretagne is a working dog. He loves to track and trace something. The dogs are brave. They watch out for their surroundings, making them good watchdogs that will alert you if something is wrong. The animals can be overly playful with small children and accidentally knock them over. But they would never do this with malice. The dogs love to make new friends with everyone they meet.

Griffon Fauve De Bretagne is excellent at solving puzzles. Therefore, he will always find a way out of your garden. Training must begin very early and continue throughout the dog's life. Animals are quite slow to learn. Not because they are not smart enough, but because they can be very stubborn. Reward based training and short sessions should produce the best results.

The breed can not handle sharp criticism. The first thing the dogs should learn is that you can call them back even in tricky situations. After all, they are hunting dogs. Once they get the scent, they dash off. The Griffon Fauve De Bretagne especially enjoys being with other dogs. He loves to play.

The Griffon Fauve De Bretagne needs a lot of exercise. Without a long daily walk and an intense hour of play, he gets bored and restless. These animals are very persistent. They are best trained in a safe area where they have the opportunity to run around and tire themselves out.

A few short walks around the block will not be enough for them. They are good jogging partners and adaptable. However, they definitely need to be exercised. With enough physical exercise, they make excellent pets. Then the dogs are docile and content at home.

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Children suitable:

With supervision

The right food

As a medium-sized dog, the Griffon Fauve de Bretagne should be fed a high-quality dry food. This should be for adult dogs and made from high quality animal proteins. Also remember that the Griffon Fauve De Bretagne is a hunting dog. Therefore, you should be careful with the feedings. This way you will avoid overfeeding. This way the dog will not suffer from overweight. It is best to let your dog exercise first and then feed him as a reward.

Health & Care

The Griffon Fauve de Bretagne is, as already mentioned, a hunting dog. Therefore, it is important to provide the animal with plenty of exercise and outdoor activities. It is best to take your dog out for two hours or more of fresh air and romp around with him every day. The Griffon Fauve De Bretagne has excellent endurance. Therefore, you can easily complete very long walks with him. You will make your dog really happy if you give him playful tasks to solve. This is best done in the open field.

It is best to give the Griffon Fauve De Bretagne access to a small or medium sized garden during the day. In this garden, he can then roam around alone and tame his energy reserves. However, the garden should be well fenced. Dogs are masters at escaping. If your dog doesn't get enough exercise, he will get bored and won't obey you as well.

Otherwise, the Griffon Fauve De Bretagne is quite easy to care for. You should brush him every now and then. Generally, your dog only needs to be brushed weekly to remove loose hair. Other aspects of grooming are also important. You should check the nails every two weeks to make sure they haven't gotten too long. You should also keep an eye on your four-legged friend's oral flora.

Suitable accessories

Your Griffon Fauve De Bretagne does not need more special accessories than other dogs. A quality food is important to keep your dog in shape. Also, you can buy him toys that will help you satisfy his need for exercise. Otherwise, a brush won't hurt either, so you can groom your pet's coat regularly.

Griffon Fauve De Bretagne History

Origin & History

The Griffon Fauve de Bretagne originates from France. Originally, they were used to hunt wild animals. These included, for example, hares, deer or even wolves. The dogs' ancestors worked in packs to track and corner prey. With the extinction of the native wolves in the 19th century, the numbers of the dogs dropped and they were nearly wiped out, but in the 1940s a breeding program began to save the breed. Since the 1980s, they have become very popular as hunting dogs and are still widely used in France. Outside of Europe, however, they are rarely seen.

Nowadays the Griffon Fauve De Bretagne is still used for hunting. Mainly to hunt boars. However, this breed is now also a pet for the whole family.