Manchester Terrier


Intelligent, Sensitive, Playful
Size: Medium
Height: 38-40 cm
Weight: 5-7 kg
Lifespan: 9-15 years
Coat: Shorthair
Colors: Black, mahogany brown markings
FCI Group: Terriers

The Manchester Terrier is an old British dog breed. It is recognized by the FCI and is assigned to group 3 (High-legged terriers). This dog is not a typical terrier, both visually and character-wise. The intelligent quadrupeds are extremely sensitive and affectionate. They are ideal as family dogs and have a lot to offer.

Manchester Terrier
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The Manchester Terrier belongs to the small to medium-sized dog breeds. On average, the animals reach a height of about 40 cm. The weight of an adult dog is usually between 5 and 7 kg. The dogs are true flyweights for their size. The females are usually somewhat smaller and accordingly lighter than the males.

Overall, the Manchester Terrier has a petite build. As a result, the dogs usually appear very thin. The animals have long, slender legs and a narrow tail. The handsome dogs also possess a long muzzle with large dark eyes. The ears of the Manchester Terriers are V-shaped and arranged on the top of the head of the animals. Visually, there is thus a great similarity with the German Pinscher.

A very special distinguishing feature of the breed is its smooth, silky shiny coat. This is very short and close-fitting. Basically, the Terrier's coat is a deep black with some mahogany-brown markings. These are usually found around the paws, the lower legs or the chest area of the dogs.

The Manchester Terrier comes across as exceptionally elegant and proud. His whole appearance seems vital and coherent.

The nature of the lovable four-legged friends is extremely versatile and therefore unique. On the one hand, the dogs have typical terrier characteristics. They are extremely active and alert. The dogs are constantly on the move and have a pronounced hunting instinct. The astute dogs are also considered intelligent and docile. They learn extremely quickly and can immediately implement what they have learned. Also, the nimble dogs are suitable for teaching various tricks.

Manchester Terrier is one of the most playful and cheerful dog breeds. Also, the animals have their own little stubborn. They have their own ideas and are not particularly submissive. This feature is characteristic of terriers of all types.

At the same time, however, the animals have a completely different side. The dogs have long not been pure hunting dogs, but rather perfect companion dogs. They are considered sensitive and delicate. This is actually unusual for terriers and most likely has to do with the crossbreeding of other dog breeds. These four-legged friends build a very close and intense bond with their owners. They want to be part of the family life.

Therefore, the terriers get along especially well with children. They romp and play with them and at the same time take good care of them. The dogs are not particularly easily provoked or upset. This is also rather unusual for terriers.

Manchester Terriers do not choose a specific caregiver. They like to integrate themselves into the whole family. This beautiful characteristic makes the Manchester Terrier an ideal family dog. Basically, the animals are considered adaptable. Different life situations and circumstances they adapt relatively quickly and easily.

Although the dogs are considered extremely brave and fearless, they often meet strangers with suspicion and a certain distance. This is usually not the case when dealing with other dogs. Here the animals are sociable. Unprovoked barking, growling or other aggressive behavior does not occur.

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Children suitable:

With supervision

The right food

The diet of Manchester Terriers is uncomplicated. Nutritious and balanced meals keep the animals in good health. Daily feeding amounts should be adjusted according to weight, size and exercise needs. In addition, treats or chew bones are allowed in between as a reward.

Due to their physique and a good metabolism, the dogs do not tend to overweight. Also other breed-typical diseases are not known. Occasionally, however, some animals have hereditary skin diseases. The expansion and spread of these is however largely contained by the breeders.

Health & Care

Basically, the Manchester Terrier is an extremely low-maintenance dog. Grooming is a breeze. A loose brushing from time to time is quite sufficient..

The pretty terrier likes to move a lot. Extensive walks in nature are an absolute must for the dogs. They need a lot of exercise to feel comfortable. Terriers also like to roam around in the wild. This is probably due to their strong instinct and hunting instinct.

As an owner, it is important to exercise the dog both physically and mentally. Walks on varied routes, participation in dog sports or other joint activities are suitable.

The Manchester Terrier is a great companion dog. So if there is no time for long walks, the dog can simply be taken to appointments or outings. With good training, the dogs know how to behave very well and do not attract negative attention.

They also value time with their families very much. So it is not always necessary to set up a program for the and. Even small trips or intensive time with his owners please the dog.

The education of dogs is somewhat more complicated. This is due to the multifaceted nature of the dog. However, with a little experience and loving consistency, the animals can be educated very well. The sweet terrier does not tolerate strictness and punishment very well. He is resentful and extremely sensitive. Instead, an intimate relationship of trust should be established.

However, with a little patience and a positive attitude, you can achieve quite a lot with the little pelt-noses. The dogs want to be educated and like to work closely with people. It makes sense to regard the dog as a companion and to respect it as such. An attempt to force the animals to subordinate usually fails.

Suitable accessories

The Manchester Terrier does not make any special demands on its living space. He can be kept in an apartment without any problems, but is also happy to have a house with a garden. The robust dogs can be kept both in the city and in the countryside. With good training, the four-legged friends can be taken anywhere and are uncomplicated even when traveling.

Since the dogs are considered to be particularly playful, you should take this characteristic as an opportunity and acquire enough dog toys. Especially ball and fetch games please the terriers. Skill games are also a good way to challenge the dog mentally. Due to its intelligence, mere movement is not enough.

In addition, the dog should have its own place of retreat. Here the animals come to rest and gather energy after exhausting days. Especially good are dog beds or baskets in a quiet corner of the house.

Manchester Terrier History

Origin & History

The history of origin of the Manchester Terrier goes back a long way. The immediate ancestors of today's dog breeds are considered to be the Black and Tan Terriers. These terriers are said to have lived as early as the 15th century. Until the 19th century, these classic terriers were widespread in England. Shortly thereafter, however, they died out. Since the Black and Tan Terriers were already gifted hunters, this characteristic is also in the blood of today's Manchester Terrier.

The dog breed known today was created by multiple crosses with smaller dog breeds. Like for example greyhounds. This is clearly visible in the appearance of the Manchester Terrier. The Manchester Terrier is thus smaller, more agile and faster than its ancestors. Also the proud gait of the greyhounds is visible in the agile terriers.

The four-legged friends are named after the city of the same name, Manchester. Here the first specimens were bred specifically. In 1954, the dog breed was officially recognized. However, the animals are still quite an unknown breed today. There is no outstanding interest in the Manchester Terrier so far. Thus, only comparatively few puppies are born every year. However, due to its great, exciting nature, the breed would have deserved much more attention.