Gentle, Friendly, Faithful
Size: Medium
Height: 54-58 cm
Weight: 25-28 kg
Lifespan: 12-13 years
Coat: Shorthair
Colors: White with orange spots
FCI Group: Scent hounds and related breeds

A white beauty, this is the Porcelaine. This French hound has the appearance of a typical hunting dog. Added to this is the beautiful white color that makes these dogs so special. Porcelains are real hunting dogs and are therefore not for couch potatoes. They want action.

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The Porcelaine belongs to FCI group 6, which means that this is a medium sized running dog. Like any other hunting dog, the Porcelaine wants to be kept busy. That is why he is especially suitable for active people. Jogging, rollerblading are pure fun for him. In all these activities he will gladly accompany you.

The height at the withers of these running dogs is quite considerable. Males can reach up to 58 cm, bitches remain only around the two centimeters shorter. This breed is a very highly bred breed. It was created for a special task. The Porcelaine is a running dog for small game. Therefore, his urge to move should always be satisfied.

Their color makes this dog very special. A purebred Porcelain is therefore very white. But he also has some orange spots on the hangings. Its coat makes this pack dog special and gave it its name. After all, the white coat shimmers like fine porcelain. His slender build and hanging ears are also typical of the breed.

However, beauty is not everything, but the breed can also score with its character. The nature of the Porcelaine is calm and friendly. If he is sufficiently exercised by you, you will have a faithful companion with him.

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Children suitable:

With supervision

The right food

Porecelaines are hunting dogs that want to run a lot. For this reason, they have a very high energy requirement. Therefore, you should always reach for a high-quality food. A special food for particularly active dogs is therefore the best choice. With it you can do your pelt nose a big favor. This way the dog stays fit. In addition, a well-fed dog always has a more beautiful coat. This is certainly a great plus point for this breed.

Health & Care

The care of the Porcelaine is not so much about its coat. The short-haired breed requires little effort in the care. But you should pay much attention to his environment. A small apartment will not always suit him. There, his needs will not be satisfied.

However, you don't have to have a house to keep this beautiful breed. Several walks a day can also keep the dogs busy. This shows that the dogs need variety and tasks. Likewise, playing should be on the to-do list. Then you'll have a contented Porcelaine in the evening, who visibly feels good.

Suitable accessories

You don't have to make much fuss about the accessories with the Porcelaine. However, he would certainly be grateful for a drag line. Because it increases his radius of action. So he can romp around without having to go to the dog park. The dog will also be grateful for a comfortable basket. Because at home the Porcelaine is a quiet family dog.

Porcelaine history

Origin & History

The Porcelaine comes from France. Moreover, he comes from the great time of noble hunting dogs. Already in 1898 his breed was consolidated. From this year on he could be found on exhibitions. His appearance is said to remind of the French royal dogs.

The slender build and noble head are also witnesses of this tradition. In the past, the breed was used especially for hunting. This happened mainly n Switzerland, France and Italy. There, these tracking dogs can be found for centuries.

They have been the companions of their humans for a long time. So with the Porcelaine you choose a dog with a real history.