Slovenský Kopov


Temperamental, Stubborn, Independent
Size: Medium
Height: 40-50 cm
Weight: 15-20 kg
Lifespan: 12-15 years
Coat: Shorthair
Colors: Black-Loh
FCI Group: Scent hounds and related breeds

The Slovenský Kopov - also called the Slovakian Wild Boar - is not a dog for everyone. This beautiful quadruped has a very strong hunting instinct and can be extremely stubborn. Nevertheless, with proper management, he fits well into family life and is a loyal companion in everyday life.

Slovenský Kopov
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Kopovs are known to be very self-confident, stubborn and willful. This breed is therefore not at all suitable for beginners. Serious breeders give their puppies exclusively to people with a hunting license, because the Schwarzwildbracke must necessarily work hunting.

This intelligent dog can assess situations extremely well, make appropriate decisions and Acts independently. In hunting, this is a great advantage. However, these qualities also help the Slovenský Kopov, see through its owner and take advantage of any inconsistency. He can, especially as a young dog, be quite naughty and is only too happy to test whether the limits set really apply to him.. However, if you can stand up to this and convince the Kopov to work together as a team with calm and experienced leadership, he is a wonderful companion.

When hunting, he lets the hunter know when he is tracking game by barking loudly and is fully in his element. During hunting work he literally blossoms. A well-used Slovenský Kopov is also a pleasant family member at home. He likes to spend time with the children and is friendly and affectionate.

The males of this breed reach a size of 45-50 cm, while the slightly smaller females grow 40-45 cm. Thus, they belong to the medium-sized dogs and weigh 15-20 kg. The physique is rather slender, but at the same time appears very stable and robust. The Kopov appears a little rectangular. His back is rather long in relation to the legs. The tail hangs below the back. Only when excited it is carried standing up. The ears are of medium length and lie flat against the head.

The 2-5 cm long coat of this breed is always black, with brown to mahogany markings on the limbs. On the back, neck and tail it is slightly longer than on the rest of the body. The coat of the Kopov is smooth lying and dense. It consists of undercoat and topcoat.

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With supervision

The right food

As a very active dog that loves to hunt for hours, Slovenský Kopov naturally needs to be fed properly. The quality of the feed decides significantly on the health of a dog. It is very important that the sporty four-legged friend gets enough proteins, but also fats and carbohydrates for energy production must not be missing.

The amount of feed must be adjusted to the age and activity of the dog be. You can also get assistance from your veterinarian if you are unsure how much to feed. It is always advisable to daily feed amount to be divided into 2-3 meals. If you feed purchased wet and dry food, you should look carefully at the contents. It should mainly meat, mixed with vegetables and fruit be contained. Some dogs do not tolerate cereals. You have to test this yourself with each quadruped and see what you have to pay special attention to with your dog. Artificial additives, on the other hand, no furry nose in this world needs in its food.

Also the Barfen is a popular variant of the diet of a dog. It tries to replicate the natural diet of wolves as closely as possible. Here, however, it is important that you read up well on the subject so that you provide your dog with all the important nutrients.

Slovenský Kopov care

With its short, smooth coat, the Slovakian Wild Boar is very easy to care for. Their coat does not require any special attention. It is sufficient to brush out dead fur occasionally. This may be necessary more often, especially during the seasonal coat change. If the dog is very dirty, it can also be bathed with dog shampoo.

Like any dog, the Kopov should be accustomed to the fact that eyes, ears and teeth are checked if necessary have to. Also the Length of their claws should be checked regularly. If they are too long, they must be shortened with claw scissors to avoid pain when walking. When shortening the claws, however, you should pay close attention to them not to cut too short - This is then very painful for your dog and can even bleed. If you do not dare to do it yourself, the vet will do it.

Suitable accessories

To care for the Kopov externally, it is enough to use a normal brush off. Also a good dog shampoo and claw scissors should be available, if they are ever needed. Of course, the Slovakian Black Wild Bitch also needs a suitable collar, a sturdy leash and bowls and place to sleep at home.

This breed must necessarily be actively used for hunting. In order to be able to live out their strong hunting instinct and to get the physical and mental exercise necessary for the Kopov, also the Dog accessories for hunting necessarily be present. This includes, among other things, a welding strap, which has some similarity with a towline. As an experienced hunting dog handler, however, you have a lot of accessories for your little hunting helper anyway and know best what to look out for.

Slovenský Kopov is located

Origin & History

Slovenský Kopov is one of the oldest dog breeds in Europe. He originally comes from the mountainous regions of Slovakia. There he was used for a very long time for hunting and additionally guarded house and yard. The ancestor of this breed is considered to be the Celtic Bracke.

For a long time, the appearance of the Slovakian wild boar hound was inconsistent. In their breeding at that time, emphasis was placed exclusively on the characteristics that made these intelligent dogs so popular hunting dogs. It was not until 1936 that the first breeding show was held to find suitable dogs for controlled breeding. This effort can be attributed to Kolomon Slimák.

In 1940 the first breed standard was created. After the 2nd World War, mainly passionate breeders from Central Slovakia and Spis region pushed the breeding. They set the goal to improve the form and performance of the Kopov. In 1963, the Slovakian Wild Boar was officially recognized by the FCI.

During the Kopov quite well known in Slovakia today is and proudly presented, the breed is still rather unknown in Germany. Earlier, the independent hunting dog was known only in the GDR. After the reunification he became more common among hunters in the rest of Germany. However, this stubborn bundle of energy still knows hardly any dog owner who has nothing to do with hunting.