Transylvanian Hound


Brave, Friendly, Protective
Size: Medium
Height: 55-58 cm
Weight: 25 kg
Lifespan: 10-12 years
Coat: Shorthair
Colors: Black, tan insignia
FCI Group: Scent hounds and related breeds

The Hungarian Bracke, also called Transylvanian Bracke or Erdélyi Kopó, is a typical hunting dog. This old breed has always been appreciated and used as a hunting dog in its homeland. With their pleasant nature, they make excellent family dogs.

Transylvanian Hound
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Your Hungarian Bracke is a hunting and running dog. Their appearance, nature and temperament has been formed over centuries of hunting. Conditions in the Carpathians, their homeland, were harsh. Cold, harsh winters alternate with hot, sultry summers. The forests in the rugged mountains were dense and impenetrable.

The dogs adapted, they developed muscles, the short coat became denser. In the rough terrain, the Bracken trained skill, intelligence and orientation. Together with their exceptionally keen sense of smell and high working zeal, the Hungarian Bracke is an excellent hunting dog.

As such, your Erdélyi Kopó brings a healthy amount of self-confidence and can make decisions on his own. There is also a prey drive, you must keep this in mind during your walks.

A daredevil outside, your Hungarian Bracke is sweet and affectionate in the home environment, in the family. She is always friendly, likes children and never gets aggressive.

The Bracke is suspicious of strangers and reports every change with a loud voice. That is why it is often used as a guard dog.

Raise your young Hungarian Bracke lovingly but consistently. Ensure sufficient contact with other dogs. In return you will get a well-balanced, calm and relaxed family member. Your Erdélyi Kopó gets along well with other dogs.

Hungarian Bracken grow 55 to 58 cm tall and weigh at least 25 kg. They have black fur with tan markings on the legs and muzzle.

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Children suitable:

With supervision

The right food

As an active dog, your Bracke needs protein-rich food. Optimal is a performance food, so your dog gets all the important nutrients. All other ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals, are included in the right amount.

It doesn't matter whether you give wet or dry food. Just follow the preferences of your four-legged friend. Some dogs prefer dry food, others like wet food. For the amount of food, follow the instructions on the packaging.

Another option is barfing. Here you feed meat and add all the necessary additives yourself. Make sure that you do not overfeed your Bracke. Overweight is as harmful for dogs as it is for humans. Treats, which you give in between or during training, must be deducted from the meals.

Transylvanian Hound care

The robust coat of your four-legged friend is easy to care for. Only during the coat change you should brush him from time to time, so you remove the loose hairs. Let coarse dirt dry and then brush it out.

As a running dog, your Bracke needs a lot of exercise and activity. Ideal for these dogs is a hunting use, then they develop their full potential.

Alternatively, to keep your Hungarian Bracke physically and mentally busy, a dog sport is a good option.

Maybe tracking, mantrailing or training as a search dog would be a possibility. Try out what you both enjoy. Take your dog for a long walk or bike ride every day.

Keeping your Bracke indoors is not an option. You can take her into the house or the apartment, but she absolutely needs plenty of exercise on a property or yard.

Suitable accessories

A food bowl and several water bowls are a matter of course. Several water bowls so that your four-legged friend has water available everywhere.

To go outside with your dog, he needs a collar and a sturdy leash. To be able to retreat, your Bracke needs an undisturbed place with a basket or bed. A cozy blanket should not be missing.

Even a robust dog, like your Erdélyi Kopó, is grateful to have a well-insulated, weather-protected hut outside. There your pelt-nose finds protection from heat, wetness and cold.

If you want to take your four-legged friend with you in the car, he is safely stored in a transport box.
And toys are still very important. Let your four-legged friend decide whether he prefers chasing balls or tugging toys.

Erdélyi Kopó Hungarian Bracke history picture

Origin & History

The ancestors of your Hungarian Bracke are Eastern European Bracken and Pannonian tracking dogs. The breeding was aimed at a dog that could be used for hunting big game and predators.

Formerly widespread, the population declined sharply at the beginning of the 20th century, the Hungarian Bracke was threatened with extinction.

Until enthusiasts in the early 60s began to recreate the breed. The few remaining animals were the basis of the new breeding.