A must-have for every dog owner who really wants to help in difficult situations

223 pages book packed with knowledge, tips and instructions for better health of your dog

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Dog Health Bible

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What others say about the Dog Health Bible

My dog Otto unfortunately had problems with his health from puppyhood on. I have had many visits to the vet and it was not always easy. With the tips from the Dog Health Bible I am now finally more independent and can help my dog better. My Otto is much better since then.
Cockapoo owner
At first I was skeptical whether I needed a eBook on dog health. Since I myself like to make my dog something fresh to eat and had a little foreboding. But in this book there were really helpful instructions. Since then I feel safe in everyday life and can quickly look up this book to support my dog.
American Bully glücklich
Bully owner

What you can expect in the eBook

The Dog Health Bible with the most important diseases, health tips and knowledge for prevention


How to learn the most important basics about dog health and how to apply them


You will learn helpful tips on how to improve your dog's health.


You get valuable checklists that you can perform 1:1 for more safety.



The most common health problems are shown and what you can do about them.

From the veterinarian

This book was developed in cooperation with a veterinarian.


This book supports you with numerous graphics for better understanding and visual presentation.

This eBook is worthwhile, if

What this eBook is NOT...

About the expert of the Dog Health Bible: Veterinarian Emin Jasarevic

Tierarzt Emin Jasarevic

When I got the request from Hundeo for this eBook, I was very surprised that a book in this form did not yet exist for dog owners.

Because I am of the opinion that every dog lover should have at least a solid basic knowledge about dog health.

Only then you can act fast in different situations and know if you can help your dog yourself or if you should go to the vet immediately.

The information and tips in this book have been carefully researched and checked. It can be the basis for a good knowledge of dog health. Because it is my mission to promote your knowledge about dog health.

We tell you:

You get:

These contents await you

1. Why we have written this book

2. Basics of dog health
2.1 How old do dogs become?
2.2 What can dogs eat?
2.3 Toxic indoor and garden plants
2.4 What you should know about vaccinations
2.5. New blood announced!
2.6. Castration – motives and risks
2.7 How to reduce bad breath
2.8 Everything about dental health
2.9 The 1×1 of the worm cure
2.10. How to remove ticks correctly
2.11. Cutting claws safely and effectively
2.12. When your dog needs a light diet

3. These tips will improve your dog’s health
3.1 The most important vitamins
3.2 Effective oils for your dog
3.3 These supplements make sense

4. Checklist of your dog pharmacy

5. The most common health problems
5.1. Fever
5.2 Diarrhoea
5.3 Flatulence
5.4 Vomiting
5.5 Strong panting
5.6 Trembling
5.7. limping
5.8 Constant scratching
5.9 Flea infestation
5.10. Poisoning
5.11. Ear infection
5.12. Blockage of the anal glands
5.13. Rotation of the stomach

6. Closing words

2seals EN

100% satisfaction guarantee

We are very confident that you will like this book. Therefore we make you a promise.

Try the Dog Health Bible for 60 days risk free. Look at each chapter thoroughly and decide for yourself if this book can help you in difficult situations.

If not, write us a short mail and we will personally transfer your money back to your account the same day, without any questions or guilty conscience, because we still remain friends!

This is a deal without any risk for you. You have no risk and can try the Dog Health Bible for 60 days and then decide and even keep it.

The price of health

What would it be worth to you if you knew how to help your dog in difficult situations? The health of our loved ones is of course priceless. That is why it was so important to us from the beginning to write this Dog Health Bible. 

In understandable language and with helpful graphics. Instructions and tips developed in cooperation with a veterinarian, so you can be sure.

Of course this book is not intended to replace the veterinarian. We show you in the book when you should go to the vet and how you can support him. But the Dog Health Bible with its 223 pages of knowledge costs less than one hour of veterinary consultation.

The Dog Health Bible teaches you how to be an expert in understanding the most important lessons of dog health.

It is a must-have for anyone who really wants to help their dog in difficult situations and for whom the health of their pet is extremely important…

P.S. – To be truly prepared, you must act now. We only have a few of these Bibles in stock and they are highly sought after because of their high quality and enormous variety. So take the chance and get the Dog Health Bible at a special price!

If it is so easy to prepare for important health issues … then it would be reckless not to prepare.

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Is there also a printed version of the book?

No. We have chosen the modern and environmentally friendly version of an exclusive eBook. So you can get your eBook today, no matter where you live and what time it is.