Discover the perfect dog name (From A to Z)

The decision is made? You have chosen a faithful companion. But now your creativity is needed. You are spoiled for choice. You have to find the perfect dog name.

Names can be found in every version, especially on the Internet. But you have to pay attention to important details. Not every name that sounds good at first is really suitable. We will help you with your choice.

Here you will learn how to proceed in choosing a name and what points you need to consider. Our list of selected dog names will also be a great support for you.

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How to find the right puppy name

There are many sources of inspiration for naming. The name can refer to the color, appearance or breed of your dog. Of course, his character also plays an important role in naming. 

You can also be inspired by famous people, names from movies or books. Even your favorite food or place is often suitable as a name. Mythical creatures or deities of ancient cultures should also be considered. 

The first thing you should do is make a list of possible names. With our tips, you can then select the appropriate name based on the exclusion principle. 

If the new family member is not just yours, be sure to agree on a name together. Different names will only confuse your pet. So he will never listen to his own name.

What you should definitely consider when choosing a name

Actually, everything that suits you is allowed. But you should make sure that your fellow men are not hurt by your choice. Political correctness is also appropriate here.

Also, the name should not be condescending to your dog. These names often have a subconsciously negative effect on the attitude. Ridiculous and insulting names like "little shit" or "fatty" are not the best choice.

You're going to use the name in public and you certainly don't want to get any scathing looks. Naming your poodle "Mephistopheles" is certainly a clever idea. But will you dare to call this name in the park? Maybe an abbreviation like "Mephi" would be a nicer choice here.

Your little puppy won't always be a puppy. You should consider in advance whether the name still fits your adult quadruped. Character traits as well as typical breed features and appearance will help you find a name. 

You might also want to steer clear of standard names like "Rex" or "Waldi". A unique name is always something special.

Remember that your dog must listen to his name. Unlike other pets, you usually expect a reaction when you call for your four-legged friend.

5 tips for choosing the right name

1. tip: Two syllables

In order for your dog to learn his name as quickly as possible, you should limit yourself to one word with two syllables. 

The dog's hearing does not perceive words, but much more the sound of a word. That's why your four-legged friend learns a name with two syllables the fastest.

Names with only one syllable are too similar to most commands (e.g. "Sit" or "Come"). With three or four syllables, it gets tricky for you, too. Calling "Elisabeth Taylor" across town is not every man's business 😉

2. tip: "Sharp" and "hard" letters

Every single letter is important and you should check it carefully. As initial letters are best suited sibilantsthat is, "sharp" letters. "Ch", "S", "Sch", "Sh" or "K" are ideally placed at the beginning of a word. 

The end of the word should be a "hard letter". The vowels "a", "e", "i", "o" or "u" are long and memorable for your darling. So he will listen better to "Simba" than to "Heinrich".

By having a "sharp" beginning and a "hard" ending, your dog will remember his name really well.

3. tip: No overlap with commands

Since dogs only pay attention to the sound of words, the name should in no way overlap with a command. 

"Come" and "Tom", "Sit" and "Fritz" can Hundeohren hardly distinguish. Such similarity will only confuse your dog unnecessarily. Make sure that the name clearly stands out from the usual commands. 

If you take this tip to heart, your dog will find it easy to distinguish his name and commands. Even an unclear pronunciation of the name should not resemble a command. In the heat of the moment, mumbling can happen faster than you would like.

4. tip: Test the name

You should definitely test the dog name. Say it out loud often. All other family members should also practice pronunciation. If the name sounds pleasant to everyone and does not cause any linguistic problems, it is ideal.

Test the name in different everyday situations. For example, consider calling out the name when walking in public. How does it make you feel? Do you want to call it out loud over and over again? 

It's best to try out a few names. Maybe your four-legged friend will help you choose. Your gut feeling will certainly help you with the test.

5. tip: Do not change the name

You should absolutely refrain from changing the name. If you have the possibility, you should already determine the name before your quadruped finally moves in. Changing names only confuse him. The worst is a name change for older dogs. 

But sometimes there is no other way out. The name must be changed. Then it is important to slightly change the name only according to the sound. What is a completely different name for human ears, remains the same for Hundeohren. 

If you have named your darling "Dickie" in the course of an aberration of taste, for example, "Mickey" would be a good alternative.

My Conclusion

My tips will surely make your decision for a suitable name easier.

However, if you prefer a more complicated or unusual name, you can of course name your darling that way. After careful consideration, you will surely decide on the right name. 

To make your search easier, we have compiled a list of the best dog names. From well-known to unusual, you can find almost all of them here. Just filter the list by your favorite letter.

Have fun discovering great dog names. 🙂

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