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Bach flowers for dogs (7 good uses)

What are Bach flowers and what exactly do they do for dogs? How to use it correctly and what you should know beforehand, I'll show you in this post. Everything about the effect, use and the correct dosage as well as my personal recommendation I tell you.

Bach flowers for dogs
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Just like for us humans, there are alternative medicines for dogs against stress symptoms, anxiety or aggression. One of the best known are the Bach flowers.

What are Bach Flowers?

The namesake of the Bach flower or Bach flower therapy is the physician Dr. Edward Bach. He is considered the inventor of this therapy, in which individual essences of plants are used.

More precisely, as Bach flowers are different plants that are very strongly diluted and then mixed with others. Thus, they can be used for a wide variety of applications. 

There are now over 38 different Bach flowers. These include Wild Rose, Elm and Aspen. This fixed number of Bach flowers open up different effects.

Bach flower as an alternative

Bach flower therapy is an alternative and very gentle treatment method. Thus, many dog and pet owners in general have already had positive experiences. To date, however, there is no scientific evidence of their effectiveness. 

Bach flowers are offered in a wide variety of mixtures. Depending on the need, these can be purchased ready-mixed or put together yourself. Thus, they can be adapted to the nature of the complaints and the character of the dog.

When to use Bach flowers?

brook flowers

Bach flowers are mainly used for behavioral problems of various kinds. The goal is to provide more balance. Furthermore, the discrepancies in the emotional balance should be cleared.

When your darling pain. If the patient has any symptoms, whether they are physical or psychological, they are indicative of this. 

As soon as you notice that your protégé shows behavioral abnormalities, it is important to determine whether it is a symptom of a disease or a mental condition. 

A lot of barking or constant yelping can indicate loneliness or even pain. For this reason, a veterinarian should determine whether or not there is a disease. 

Anxiety, aggression or exhaustion can be caused by physical as well as mental pain.

1. in case of frequent barking


Barking is simply part of being a dog. Therefore, it should not be forbidden to him. 

Constant barking, however, can be very exhausting and even disturbing the peace. A relaxed and happy four-legged friend is also not constantly barking. 

If your dog now barks extremely much, then you also do him some good if this is stopped. This is exactly what can be achieved with Bach flowers. 

They make him react more calmly and serenely to certain events. Used for this purpose Holly, Horseweed and Vines.

2. unclean appearance

brook flowers unclean

That your quadruped no longer pays attention to cleanliness, can have many causes. To find this out, a Bach flower therapy can be very supportive. 

If the trigger for this behavior is due to excessive anxiety, then the following mixtures can help: Aspen, Impatiens or Mimulus.

3) Fear

Fears are often the reason why a dog shows itself submissive, humble or also faster aggressive. Typical behavioral abnormalities can be described by this. 

Here, too, a Bach flower mixture ensures that your furry nose is more calm and relaxed. This is especially the case at loud events like New Year's Eve or a thunderstorm. Depending on what kind of fear your little one feels and what behavior he shows, there is a Bach flower mixture. 

Against jumpy behavior are mainly used aspen. Jumping weed is said to calm the nervous and impatient dog. Rock rose eliminates panicky behavior as well as anxiety. Mimulus is often used for claustrophobia.

4. aggressiveness

german shepherd dog

In different forms and on different victims your dog can let out his aggressiveness. This can be directed against people or other dogs. Serenity and calmness a Bach flower therapy should also bring about here. To achieve this are Copper beech and Holly used.

5. changes

A dog's behavior can be affected by a change in life circumstances, just as it can in humans. 

A rather relaxed dog can suddenly be exposed to stress and internal tension. 

This can be caused, for example, by a move or a change in daily routine. A new family member can also bring about this change. 

Bach flowers support your four-legged friend to deal with this new situation. Here are mixtures with Honeysuckle used. At Loneliness can Heather be the key to success.

6. excessive enthusiasm


Behavioral problems can be recognized not only by fears, aggression or uncleanliness. Excessive enthusiasm can also be one. In most cases, this is caused because the master behaves very enthusiastically. 

So it can happen that exuberant greetings are associated with urination. So that the dog has more peace in this situation, can be Horseweed and Vervain help. Through Oak an increased urge for activity can be curbed. 

7. for side effects of epilepsy

Both humans and dogs can suffer from epilepsy. During the epileptic seizures, which occur in different ways, the perception, motor function and also the vegetative functions stop for a moment. In this situation, man or animal is helpless. This can have consequences on the feelings. 

Bach Flower Blends cannot cure this disease, but the seizures and side effects can be alleviated with them. 

In addition to the conventional treatment of this disease can be a Bach Flower Blend as complementary therapy can be applied. The following are used for this white woodland vine, Herb gentian, Holly and Horse chestnut.

8. in case of emergencies and traumatic events

Special Bach flower emergency drops can be used in emergencies and special events. The so-called Rescue Remdey selection is intended to support the four-legged friend in extreme stress situations. 

These drops can calming after a traumatic event act until the veterinarian's office is reached. Acute shock, insect bites or psychological suffering after an injury can be supported and soothed with this Bach Flower Emergency Blend. 

To be found in this mixture are Cherry plums, white wild vines, Sunflower, Milky Star and Horseweed.

How to administer correctly

The application of Bach flowers is relatively simple.

Bach flowers in Drop shape can be easily integrated into the Drinking water mix. Also it is possible to mix these drip directly onto the popular food.

This also applies to Globules. These can be easily mix with the feed, especially with wet food. With globulis, it is also possible to use these directly into the mouth of your protégé. 

This ensures a guaranteed income. At Shock conditions this also applies to drops. This can be in such a moment simply drip into the feed hatch. 

Remember to take these tips into account! When giving the Bach flower blends, it should be ensured that they are not in contact with a bowl from Metal come. This can have a negative influence on the effect. This applies equally to drops and globulis. However, materials such as porcelain or glass do not affect the Bach Flower Essences.

Effect of the Bach flower

brook flowers dog

The different Bach flowers all have a different effect. A single one for the many different plants can not be determined across the board. 

Basically, however, you, as a dog owner need not be afraid of a wrong Bach flower choice.

Side effects or health risks are not an issue here. This is one of the reasons why people and animals are increasingly turning to this alternative treatment method.

Although it does not make much sense to give the dog the wrong mixture, since the therapy success will fail in this way, health risks are not taken.

If you find it difficult to choose or compose the right Bach flower mixture, then a Bach flower expert can provide clarity.

The basic goal of Bach Flower Therapies is to help the dog cope better with certain situations. 

Mostly to behave in a calmer and more relaxed way. Without feeling stress or inner turmoil, be happier. His emotional balance shall be tidied up. 

In addition to the psychological, but also physical suffering can be alleviated. Due to the inner calmness of the dog, his pulse is also calmer and the pain sensation can also be alleviated in this way.

Optimal duration of application

Treatment with Bach flowers takes time and does not work overnight.With constant daily administration, however, the first successes can be seen within a few days to weeks. 

Experience shows that this takes about 14 days. Provided, of course, that the right mixture was selected. 

To achieve the full effect of Bach flowers, a therapy of three months is assumed. Deviating from this, a Bach flower expert may give a different recommendation. 

Overall, however, Bach flower blends are a very well tolerated remedy. It is used for both physical and mental ailments.

Permanent treatment

A longer-term treatment duration is quite possible with Bach flowers. So far, no side effects or dependencies have become known. 

However, if you administer Bach flowers for too long, the probability is very high that the desired effect will eventually no longer occur. The reason for this may be that your dog has become accustomed to the flowers. 

Nevertheless, such a long treatment period should be coordinated with a veterinarian or alternative practitioner. 

How to dose correctly

The amount of dosage may vary depending on the complaint and body weight. 

As a basic guideline, however, 24 drops or globules per day. This is administered over the course of the day. For example, six times a day always four drops / globules. 

Should it be a long-term treatment, the daily dose is usually lower. 

However, you can find out more precise data from a Bach flower expert or a veterinarian. Also, the recommendations given on the package also apply as a guideline. 

My conclusion & recommendation

Bach Flowers Globulin
These Bach Flower Globules from CaniComplete are made in Germany and 100 % natural. Special homeopathic composition

The treatment of Bach flower mixtures is one of the alternative healing methods and is used in humans as well as in animals. They are used specifically for behavioral problems. 

I can recommend the product above in good conscience if you like to try the Bach flowers yourself.

The goal is that stress symptoms are alleviated. Aggressiveness and anxiety can also be treated with it. 

Bach flowers can be purchased as drops or globules and provide more peace and serenity for your faithful companion. 

They have already been able to provide positive results in a wide variety of situations. Whether it is changes in the home or the agenda, stress, anxiety and emergencies. 

Side effects or dependencies are not known to date. But also the actual effect has not yet been scientifically proven. 

So if you decide to help your pelt nose with Bach flowers, then you should consult a naturopath or veterinarian. Together you can find out the right mixture and dose.

Examined by the veterinarian Emin Jasarevic
Examined by the veterinarian Emin Jasarevic

I am a veterinarian and writer on animal health topics. Animals are my passion and it is my personal concern to create medically accurate articles and videos to inform pet owners as much as possible.

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