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10 facts about pumpkin seed oil for dogs

You want to know everything about pumpkin seed oil for dogs? Pumpkin seed oil is not for nothing an insider tip among most dog lovers. I'll show you 10 facts, the advantages, what you should definitely consider and the best tips as well as any disadvantages. So be curious 🙂

pumpkin seeds oil
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Pumpkin seed oil: how is it made?

Meanwhile, word has spread that the pumpkin seed oil has a positive effect not only on the health of humans, but also on the dogs.

More than a century ago, by chance, a very special kind of pumpkin was found. It was discovered in the Austrian region of Styria and titled Styrian oil pumpkin. 

Meanwhile, the special pumpkin is known everywhere. Especially because of its special properties. 

Actually, the pumpkin seeds have a very thick, woody shell. It protects the inner soft core. However, this is different with the oil pumpkin.

 Instead of the woody layer, it has a thin silver membrane. The membrane can be quickly removed. Thus, its kernels can be processed quickly and easily. 

In Burgenland, Hungary, Slovenia and Styria this pumpkin grows very well. It is huge and can be harvested in late summer. It is already halved in the field and its seeds are taken out. 

Then they are first washed, dried and finally ground. In order for the valuable oil to separate from the proteins, the mass must be roasted. Then the pumpkin seed oil is extracted from it. Most often this is done by cold pressing process.

Why is pumpkin seed oil so valuable?

The special thing about the pumpkin seed oil are its valuable ingredients. They make up a large proportion of the oil. Unsaturated fatty acids are the main component. 

They ensure good cell metabolism and are indispensable for the function in many body regions. The dog's organism cannot produce the unsaturated fatty acids itself. For this reason, it must absorb the necessary amount through the food. 

Besides unsaturated fatty acids, pumpkin seed oil also contains iron, magnesium, selenium, calcium, vitamins A, B, C, E and zinc.

How does pumpkin seed oil?

Pumpkin seed oil has many special properties that affect the health of the dog. 

The special effects of pumpkin seed oil:

  • Detoxifying
  • Prevention of worm infestation
  • Helpful for inflammation of the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract
  • Anti-inflammatory

How do I have to dose?

You must be careful when dosing pumpkin seed oil as a dietary supplement. It should be administered sparingly, but regularly. You can simply mix the oil into the daily feed ration. 

The amount a four-legged friend needs depends primarily on its weight:

  • Small dogs
    approx. 2,5ml / daily
  • Medium dogs
    approx. 5ml / daily
  • Large dogs
    approx. 10ml / daily

One teaspoon corresponds to about 5 ml. 

Please note that these are guidelines only and a recommendation from your veterinarian is advisable.

Pumpkin seed oil for external use?

pumpkin seeds

When administered regularly, pumpkin seed oil can improve the texture and appearance of the coat and skin. 

In addition, the pumpkin seed oil can also be used for external application. The ingredients are perfect for paw care. The oil makes the paws velvety soft and you can treat cracked areas with it.

Are there any side effects?

A big plus with pumpkin seed oil is that it has no side effects. Pumpkin seed oil is a purely natural product and is not produced artificially. 

However, you should be careful with the dosage: 

As with all other oils, too high a dosage can cause some problems. Your protégé could have gastrointestinal problems, Diarrhea or get vomiting. 

In case of health problems that persist after regulating the dosage, you should consult a veterinarian.

Pumpkin seed oil in ready-made food?

In the normal dog food is rarely pumpkin seed oil. Here it is mostly salmon oil. 

Usually, the pumpkin seed oil must be purchased as a supplement so that you can provide your pet with it. You should always prefer oil made by cold pressing process.

Where can I buy pumpkin seed oil?

The pumpkin seed oils from the supermarket are not necessarily suitable for a dog, I would always look for the best quality here.

It is best to buy an oil in organic quality. In addition, the oil should not be administered in capsule form, but mixed directly under the feed. Especially with pumpkin seed oil, my recommendation would be a cold-pressed oil in organic quality. Here is my recommendation from Kräuterland.

BIO pumpkin seed oil from Styria
100% original BIO pumpkin seed oil in light-protected bottle from Styria, cold pressed from first pressing, naturally pure and natural.


Pumpkin seed oil as a dietary supplement makes sense in any household with a dog. I hope that I have been able to show you all the advantages and the few disadvantages. If you are still unsure, you can here read about other valuable oils.

Examined by the veterinarian Emin Jasarevic
Examined by the veterinarian Emin Jasarevic

I am a veterinarian and writer on animal health topics. Animals are my passion and it is my personal concern to create medically accurate articles and videos to inform pet owners as much as possible.

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