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The 10 biggest dog breeds in the world

Your dog is big, these 10 dogs are even bigger! Some breeds of dogs grow into true giants. Some were even bred to protect flocks of sheep from bears and other large predators.

As fearsome as these dogs may seem today, when interacting with people, large dog breeds turn out to be gentle giants. Many large dogs are very cuddly and can overwhelm their owners with their endless love (and weight).

In this top 10 list you will get to know the biggest dog breeds. It is arranged not only by size and weight, but also by the overall appearance of the dogs.

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10. Kangal Shepherd Dog

Height: 65-78 cm Weight: 40-60 kg The Kangal is a guard dog of imposing size. Its country of origin is Turkey. The Kangal is a very old breed of dog that has guarded the flocks of sheep in the mountainous regions of Turkey for many generations. The guarding and protective instinct of the animals is deeply rooted in their genes. A Kangal needs a sovereign owner who knows how to deal with the breed's inherent characteristics. Representatives of this dog breed radiate calmness and composure. However, this can change abruptly if the dog, which until now has appeared to be dozing, recognizes a threat to its pack. He never attacks immediately, he threatens extensively and only when the supposed threat does not react with retreat, he goes over to the attack.

Height: up to 78 cm

The Kangal is a dog breed with a pedigree that goes way back. They protect flocks of sheep in the mountainous regions of Turkey from bears and other predators. They have a very strong protective instinct. A Kangal should only be kept by an experienced owner who can handle the special characteristics of this breed. Most of the time, Kangals are very calm, but they can react in a flash when threatened and go into fight mode.

9. Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound

Height: up to 79 cm

The Irish Wolfhound is one of the largest dog breeds in the world. Even though one might think that the Wolfhound is related to the wolf, its genes are not closer to the wolf than other dogs. The Irish Wolfhound got its name because it was used for hunting wolves. Later it was also used for hunting bears. For this reason, the wolfhounds have a great amount of strength and endurance.

8. Landseer


Height up to 80 cm

The Landseer is a very intelligent and alert dog breed, but these qualities are only surpassed by their strong bond with their family. They are extremely devoted to their owners and quite suspicious of strangers. Because of their high intelligence, Landseers are often used for as service dogs or for rescue missions. Through strict training, the Landseer can also be suitable as a family dog.

7. Chien De Montagne Des PyrÈnÈes

Chien De Montagne Des PyrÈnÈes

Height up to 80 cm

'Chien de Montagne des Pyrénées' comes from the French and means 'mountain dog from the Pyrenees'. That is why in German he is also called Pyrenean Mountain Dog. He is a very gentle but alert giant. He is extremely loyal to his family and would do anything for them. However, if danger threatens, the Chien can pounce on the attacker like a force of nature.

6. Leonberger


Height: up to 80 cm

This breed looks similar to a lion because of its mane and dark mask. This also matches the lion on the city coat of arms of Leonberg, where the Leonberger has its origin. He has inherited his friendly nature from his ancestor the St. Bernard. So he is also suitable as an ideal family dog. Like the St. Bernard, he needs a lot of exercise and will shower active masters with his endless love.

5. Borzoi

Borzoi 1

Height: up to 85 cm

The Borzoi a long, flowing coat, belong to the greyhounds and can reach the highest running speeds of all dog breeds. Consequently, they also need a lot of exercise and exercise. Apart from their high urge to move, they are very easy to care for and sociable. Thus, they are also suitable as a family dog. Their distinctive build, long muzzle and long coat make the Borzoi something very special.


4. Akbash

Akbash lies

Height: up to 86 cm

The Akbash is a breed of dog originating from Turkey. Its name means "white head" in Turkish. Fittingly, he has a fluffy, white coat. He has a muscular build and a noble posture. He is often used as a guard dog, because he has a strong guard drive and shows great independence. From the nature he is however very balanced and calm. Only strangers he distrusts at first. 

3. Great Dane

Great Dane 2

Height: up to 86 cm

The Great Dane is as big as he is affectionate. That is why she is often called the "big lap dog". But their lofty appearance and majestic gait also contribute to their popularity. No matter how intimidating the Great Dane may seem, they have a gentle, lovable and affectionate nature. They quickly build a strong bond with their owners and can literally overwhelm them with their love due to their enormous size. 

2. Saint Bernard


Height: up to 90 cm

St. Bernards look like oversized teddy bears at first sight. You fall in love with their loyal eyes and would love to give them a cuddle. Because of his gentle and lovable nature, a Saint Bernard would love to cuddle with his owners and their children. Also, this breed has a reputation as a rescuer in times of need. The most famous Saint Bernard was named Barry. He lived in Switzerland and, according to legends, saved a whole 40 people from death from the cold in the Alps. 

1. Mastiff


Height: up to 91 cm

Mastiffs are an extremely massive breed from Great Britain. They have a wide mouth and forehead wrinkles. This breed has made it to number 1 in this top 10 due to its enormous size, weight and impressive overall appearance. Its muscular build and dark mask give it a tremendously respectful appearance. However, this former guard dog is now a popular family pet thanks to its calm and friendly nature.

Bonus: Freddy

Height: 103.5 cm

Freddy is a Great Dane and has the entry in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest dog in the world. He lives with his owner in the county of Essex north of London. When Freddy "mans up," he reaches an incredible height of 2.30 meters. The gigantic quadruped does not fit into a conventional dog bed, so his mistress had to convert a double bed for humans into a sleeping place. In such a huge dog bed even the giant Freddy can feel like a lap dog.


Biggest dogs in the world.jpg

You have now met some impressive dog breeds. Surely you've noticed that many of these gentle giants make very good family dogs. Don't be put off by their size, because their heart is even bigger.

Written by Claudia Weise
Written by Claudia Weise

I am an editor at hundeo and when it comes to dogs, my heart beats faster. My goal is to publish the best dog guides on the web. There is a lot of passion in every article and I am happy about every feedback to constantly improve our content.

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