Bite strength ranking (These 10 dogs have the strongest bite)

If you think superheroes have impressive powers, wait until you meet these extraordinary dogs. In the world of dogs, there are true powerhouses. We present you the top 10 strongest jaws on four paws. So be curious!

Cane Corso Italiano in bed

It's been that way for thousands of years. Even though nowadays we are mostly no longer dependent on the protection of our four-legged friends, they are still well equipped with enormous biting power.

Each dog breed is characterized by its own bite force. To make this uniformly measurable, scientists have developed a unit.

The bite force of a dog is measured as pounds per square inch (PSI). Comparatively, a human has a bite force of about 120 to 140 PSI, while a hippo can bite at about 1820 PSI.

Bite force is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch), but it is difficult to measure and compare accurate values because it depends on many factors such as the dog's size, muscle mass, and jaw structure.

So there is no exact data on which dog breeds have the strongest teeth, because the bite strength of dogs can vary greatly depending on factors such as age, size and individual differences. Each dog must be considered individually, regardless of breed.

It is also important to note that high biting power does not necessarily mean higher aggressiveness or dangerousness.

The following ranking shows an estimate of the strongest biting forces of dog breeds in pounds per square inch (PSI). However, the exact bite force may vary from dog to dog.

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10. rottweiler


This breed was initially bred as a guard dog. Rottweilers are so strong that they can even pull a cart. This dog is very self-confident, powerful and persistent.

His fearless nature distinguishes him. Rottweilers are often used by the police.

The Rottweiler can bite with 328 PSI.

9. leonberger


The Leonberger is a large dog breed from Germany. They are characterized by their friendly, even-tempered nature. Leonbergers are intelligent, obedient and good-natured.

The large and agile dogs should not be kept in a city apartment. In a rural environment with plenty of space and freedom of movement, the dogs feel comfortable.

To protect his master, the strong and clever dog barks loudly at unwanted guests. The gentle powerhouses love to romp and play and need plenty of exercise every day. Large walks in nature are obligatory. 

Its bite has a bite force of 399 PSI.

8. akita


The Akita is a Japanese dog breed. They are known for their loyalty, vigilance and protective instinct. Akita is one of the most popular and well-known dog breeds in Japan.

In its homeland, it was originally used as a reliable hunting dog. Today he is symbolic of loyalty and fidelity. Due to its appearance, it is one of the dog breeds with the most similarities to the wolf.

Akitas are intelligent, self-confident and independent. Early socialization and consistent training are important. They are well suited as watchdogs and family dogs.

Its bite force is 400 PSI.

7. dogo canario

Dogo Canario on meadow

The Dogo Canario (also known as the Presa Canario) is a large, strong breed of dog that originates from the Canary Islands. They have a muscular build and strong teeth and were originally used as guard dogs and drovers.

Presa Canarios can be difficult to handle due to their size and strength and require careful socialization and training. They are usually calm and even-tempered, but can become aggressive if not trained properly.

In some countries, such as Germany, the keeping of Presa Canarios is restricted or even prohibited. 

The Presa Canario is not a beginner dog, because its dominance and self-confidence require experienced dog owners who can act consistently and confidently.

The biting force of the Presa Canario is equivalent to 540 PSI.

6th Dogue de Bordeaux

Two Dogue de bordeaux

The Dogue de Bordeaux is a large, strong dog breed from France, also known as the Dogue de Bordeaux or French Mastiff.

The breed is known for its massive head and strong bite, as well as its short, shiny, mostly reddish-brown coat. Dogues de Bordeaux are generally calm and loyal dogs that enjoy spending time with their owners.

However, they require careful socialization and training and are not suitable for every owner due to their size and strength, as they require a lot of space and exercise. 

The Dogue de Bordeaux can bite at 556 PSI.

5. mastiff

Mastiff 1

The English Mastiff is one of the very large dog breeds. Despite its size, it has a fast reaction time in the event of danger. The name says it all for this breed, as it means "protector". 

Despite its intimidating mass, it is very calm. The gentle giant has not only an enormous body size, but also an enormous biting power. His jaw - like the rest of his body - is built large and strong. 

At 556 PSI, the Mastiff has a very powerful bite.

4. tosa inu

Tosa Inu

The Tosa Inu is an impressive dog with a combination of an imposing figure and a calm nature.

This puts it in fourth place in our ranking of the strongest biters. The Tosa Inu originally comes from Japan. The dog was originally a Japanese fighting dog.

The dogs must not hurt each other in the fight. Special judges evaluate the mental strength of the dogs. These dogs must not show aggression. They are even not allowed to growl. Growling means immediate disqualification.

Tosa Inu dogs are considered calm and patient dogs that are often used as companion dogs today. They are affectionate and build a very close bond with their family when properly trained and socialized.

However, it is essential that owners take responsibility for the extraordinary strength of this breed and manage their Tosa Inu with respect, patience and love.

The Tosa Inu has a remarkable bite force of up to 556.

3. dogo argentino

Dogo Argentino lies

The Dogo Argentino, an impressive hunting dog from Argentina. This powerful four-legged friend takes third place on our list of the strongest biters.

They are white musclemen with big hearts and excellent dogs. But still Dogo Argentinos are quite unknown in Germany. The Dogo Argentino was bred especially for wild boar hunting. His impressive biting power helps him to effectively take down large prey.

Although the Dogo Argentino has impressive jaw strength, it can be a loving companion if properly trained and socialized. However, it is important for the owner to take responsibility for this remarkable strength and to guide and train the dog appropriately.

The Dogo Argentino, shows its strength with a bite force of up to 600 PSI.

2. cane corso

Two Cane Corso

The Cane Corso Italiano, an Italian Molosser. This powerful breed ranks second in our list of the strongest biters.

In Italy, the Cane Corso functioned for a long time to guard the fields and farms. Its impressive jaw power is a sign of its strength and protective abilities.

Despite its imposing biting power, the Cane Corso is an affectionate and loyal family dog when properly trained. However, it must be remembered that responsible husbandry and training are essential to control and direct the impressive power of this breed.

The Cane Corso, an Italian Molossian, impresses with a bite force of 670 to 700 PSI.

1. Kangal

Kangal shepherd dog on meadow

The Kangal, a powerful Turkish shepherd dog, tops the list of the strongest biting force in PSI. It's amazing that this impressive power comes from an animal known for its protective instinct and loyalty.

Its strong jaw muscles allow the Kangal to effectively protect its flock from predators. They protected especially sheep against wolves, jackals and even bears. While he is quite willing to protect his human "pack", he is very affectionate and gentle with them.

Despite its impressive biting power, the Kangal is a gentle giant when well socialized and trained. Nevertheless, as an owner you should always take responsibility for this remarkable force and lead your Kangal with respect and love.

With an incredible biting force of 700 to 750 PSI it surpasses many other breeds.

Top 10 Summarized

Breeds from small to large
Race PSI
10 Rottweiler 328
9 Leonberger 399
8 Akita 400
7 Dogo Canario 540
6 Dogue de Bordeaux 556
5 Mastiff 556
4 Tosa Inu 556
3 Dogo Argentino 600
2 Cane Corso 670-700
1 Kangal 700-750

However, it is important to emphasize that these dog breeds are very different and each dog must be considered individually, regardless of breed.



Dogs are incredibly fascinating and diverse animals that never cease to surprise and delight us. The power to bite is just one of many characteristics that make dogs unique and distinguish them from other animals.

The variety of dog breeds and their different characteristics allow us to find the perfect companion for our lives that fits our lifestyle and personality.

We should focus not only on biting power, but also on other important factors such as temperament, intelligence and education to help our dogs live happy and fulfilling lives.

With love, patience and training, we can turn our dogs into wonderful companions who not only bring us joy, but also enrich us and teach us a lot about life and ourselves.

So let's celebrate our dogs in their uniqueness and give them the love and care they deserve - because they are more than just a set of teeth.

Written by Claudia Weise
Written by Claudia Weise

I'm editor-in-chief at Hundeo and when it comes to dogs, my heart beats faster. My goal is to publish the best dog guides on the web. There is a lot of passion in every article and I welcome any feedback to constantly improve our content.

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