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The 10 most intelligent dog breeds in the world

Have you ever wondered: who is the smartest dog in the world? (Except your dog, of course đŸ¶) I'll show you the top 10 smartest dog breeds. Maybe your furry nose is among them.

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10. Australian Cattle Dog


The Australian Cattle Dog has made it to number 10 on our list due to its popularity. He is a talented herding dog and an excellent companion because of his loyalty and faithfulness. Because of his unique patterns in his coat and his strong stature, he has a striking appearance. His patterned coat was created by a genetic defect and makes him stand out among other dog breeds. Because of his intelligence and independence he can challenge his owner quite a bit.

9. Rottweiler


There is evidence that Rottweilers were already used as shepherd dogs in the Roman Empire because of their intelligence. The breed received its name in the Middle Ages, because at that time it was extremely popular in the area of the city of Rottweil. This intelligent and persistent four-legged dog was preferred by livestock traders and butchers, as it possessed unique skills in herding farm animals. The Rottweiler also has a reputation as a ruthless guard dog, which it fulfills when needed. Despite this, he has a very friendly nature and makes an excellent family dog.

8. Continental Toy Spaniel

Continental Toy Spaniel

This breed has two forms: the Papillon and the PhalĂšne. They differ in the shape of their ears. The Toy Spaniels are very dainty dogs and have their origin in France and Belgium. The lively, playful Toy Spaniels were very popular among the noble society hundreds of years ago. Its beautiful coat and tasteful appearance gives the Toy Spaniel a luxurious aura. Nevertheless, this little bundle of energy will not stay on your lap for very long.

7. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever is a widely known breed. Its pleasant character has made it very popular lately. This breed is also popular as a therapy or companion dog because of its calm nature. Due to its friendliness, it can help traumatized people in their suffering. Not only for therapy, but also as a family dog this relaxed breed is suitable. Once you get involved with a Labrador, you will soon appreciate the benefits of this breed.

6. Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdog 2

The Shetland Sheepdog originated in the Shetland Islands. He strongly resembles a longhaired collie in appearance. The two breeds have common roots, the Sheltie, however, is quite a bit smaller. Particularly striking is his dense coat, lush mane and ruff. He is an ideal beginner dog, because he has a lovable and uncomplicated character. Nevertheless, as a prospective owner, one should not underestimate how much vitality is in this little dog. If the Sheltie is given enough exercise, a wonderful friendship will develop between dog and owner.

5. Doberman


The Dobermann is a rather young dog breed from Germany. He was bred around 1870 by his namesake "Friedrich Louis Dobermann". Thus, the Doberman is the only dog breed named after its breeder. He belongs to the larger dogs and has a lot of strength. Despite its reputation as an aggressive guard dog, it has a loyal and lovable character. However, this does not mean that he is not very alert. He has a strongly developed protective instinct. The Doberman can be very gentle and trustworthy when raised by an experienced owner.

4. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever had a popularity boom in the 80's due to many of its kind in movies and television roles, which still makes it one of the most popular breeds around. There were often particularly clever dogs played by Golden Retrievers in movies. This is also true in reality, as the lovable Goldens are among the smartest breeds of all. They are often used as rescue or working dogs, and their thick coat allows them to brave even the most adverse weather. 

3. German Shepherd Dog

German shepherd dog lies

The German Shepherd was bred with the aim of creating an ideal service dog. This happened at the end of the 19th century under the hand of the then Prussian court cavalry master. He achieved this goal, because today the shepherd dog is a sought-after working dog and is used for various fields of work. He is particularly intelligent and enthusiastic to work for his owners. He also bonds quickly and firmly with his owners. Because of these characteristics, other breeds cannot hold a candle to him for most tasks. He is best kept by people who will also challenge him with lots of tasks and exercise.

2. Poodle

Poodle 2 1

The reputation of the poodle has undergone a sharp change over the centuries from hunting dog to lap dog. At the same time, this breed is special not only for its whimsical appearance, it has a high level of intelligence and liveliness. The most distinctive feature of the Poodle is its long coat. It is very dense and reminds of sheep's wool because of its shape. France is considered to be its country of origin. However, the breed probably got its name from a derivation of an old German word. Puddle can be translated as splash this name got the poodle probably because of his activity as a working dog.

1. Border Collie

Border Collie

The Border Collie or Scottish Sheepdog was first described in 1576 by Queen Elizabeth I's personal physician. According to him, this dog breed can bring back any stray sheep to its flock and drive the whole flock to exactly the place where the shepherd wants it. For this it needs only a single hand signal from the master. The Border Collie was notorious for his amazing performance as a shepherd dog almost 500 years ago. Even today, the Border Collie, which originated in Great Britain, makes it to number 1 in our Top 10. No mental or physical task is an obstacle for this breed.


These were the 10 smartest dog breeds, measured by their ability to execute commands. Whether they are really the most intelligent breeds is hard to say. Some researchers suggest that other types of dogs may even be much more intelligent than these 10, but they just don't want to listen to people's commands because of their stubbornness. For me, the most important quality of a dog is to be a good friend and companion. And in this, all pelt-noses are unsurpassed.

Written by Claudia Weise
Written by Claudia Weise

I am an editor at hundeo and when it comes to dogs, my heart beats faster. My goal is to publish the best dog guides on the web. There is a lot of passion in every article and I am happy about every feedback to constantly improve our content.

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