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The 10 smallest dog breeds in the world

Your dog is small? These dogs are smaller! Small dog breeds have some advantages. They don't need as much space and exercise as their larger counterparts. The cute fur noses are therefore particularly easy to care for.

I have compiled a top 10 list of the smallest dog breeds for you. Maybe it will help you to choose, if you want to get a dwarf with heart.

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10. Japan Chin

Japan Chin

Height: from 25 cm
Weight: 3-5 kg

Japan Chin most likely originated in China about 1000 years ago. From there, Buddhist monks took him to Japan. Here he quickly became the favorite dog of the aristocracy. His name means "little dog" in Japanese. So he also makes it to this Top 10, because his name is program. He does not need much space, is easy to care for and very lovable.

9. Affenpinscher


Height: from 25 cm
Weight: 4-6 kg

The Affenpinscher probably originated in southern Germany. Pinscher and Schnauzer were the constant companions of traveling merchants in the Middle Ages. That is why they are used to efforts. They learned to guard the merchants' goods at night. Thus they became experienced and faithful guard dogs. Because of its high intelligence, it gets bored quickly and constantly needs new variety. Due to his trained endurance, he also needs a lot of exercise despite his small size.

8. Russkiy Toy

Russkiy Toy

Height: from 20 cm
Weight: 2,5-3 kg

"Toy" in the breed name is English and means toy. This name is also program with the Russkiy Toy, because the bright and lively four-legged friend looks like a cuddly toy. Also his character fits to his name. He is always amiable, playful and almost never tends to fear or aggression. Thus, he is the ideal playmate for small children and people who like to take their little friend everywhere.

7. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

Height: from 20 cm
Weight: 4-7 kg

The Shih Tzu was bred in monasteries of Tibet. The monks wanted a dog with the appearance of a small lion. According to a legend, the enlightened Buddha had a dog as a companion, which could transform into a lion. The Shih Tzu knows how magnificent he is and that is why he prefers to be the center of attention. He has a fun-loving and playful nature that drives him to spend a lot of time with his family.

6. Maltese


Height: from 20 cm
Weight: 3-4 kg

Maltese belongs to the oldest dog breeds at all. Their pedigree goes back four thousand years to the ancient Egyptian Empire. Now often ridiculed as a lap dog, this energetic dog has much more to him than his cute appearance might suggest. Maltese are loving Dogs that still exude the dignity of the ancient pharaohs. Despite this, they are very easy to keep.

5. Pekinese


Height: from 20 cm
Weight: 5-5,4 kg

The roots of the Pekinese originally lie in China. Only members of the Chinese imperial family were allowed to own a Pekingese at that time. That is why this breed is sometimes called Pekingese palace dog. In our time, the Pekinese is still very popular because of its long coat and lion-like mane. Due to its cunning and lovable nature, the Pekinese charms everyone within seconds.

4. German Spitz

Pygmy spitz

Height: from 18 cm
Weight: 2-3,5 kg

There are many different types of Spitz, but none has such an amazing appearance as the German Spitz. With their velvety soft and dense fur, German Spitz puppies can easily be mistaken for a ball of wool. When fully grown, they look like a small, bushy fox. This breed is very sociable, bright and suitable for beginners. However, when keeping them, you should pay attention to regular grooming, as they have a strong tendency to shed.

3. Griffon Belge

Griffon Belge

Height: from 18 cm
Weight: 2,5-5,5 kg

These tiny rough-coated dogs were very popular around Brussels for a long period of time. The Belgian Dwarf Griffon is a tiny, shaggy and pleasant companion. As a family dog, he is best suited because of his gentle and lively nature. He also gets used to other dogs quickly and gets along well with them. Beginners have it particularly easy with this fur nose thanks to his uncomplicated and trusting nature.

2. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Height: from 18 cm
Weight: 2.4-3.2 kg

Yorkshire Terrier is representative of the smallest dog breeds. With a height from 18 cm, he is a real dwarf. But its appearance can be deceiving, the Yorkie makes up for everything it lacks in size with its great and courage and self-confidence. The cute tiny dog was recognized by the FCI and assigned to the group of mini dogs. As its name suggests, the Yorkshire Terrier has its roots in Scotland and the North of England.

1. Chihuahua


Height: from 15 cm
Weight: 2-3 kg

How exactly the Chihuahua breed was bred by the indigenous people of Mexico remains a legendary mystery. The breed has always been popular in the area and is considered a national symbol of Mexico. Although the Chihuahua is so small that it made it to the first place on our list, its temperament is only the greater for it. The cute pocket dogs are very attentive, curious and belong to the oldest breeds in America. They are quite affectionate and now enjoy great popularity worldwide.

Bonus: Miracle Milly

Height: 9.65 cm
Weight: 0.5 kg

Miracle Milly is the smallest dog in the world. This tiny Chihuahua is also the reason why his breed got the 1st place in our Top 10. Milly weighed only 28.3 grams when she was born, and as a puppy she could fit into a teaspoon. She lives in San Juan in Puerto Rico with her owner Vanessa Semmler. The latter says that little Milly has an impressive personality.



Now you know the 10 smallest dog breeds. Although they may not seem like it, these dogs have a proud history, a lot of heart and character to show for it. Despite their tininess, they would face any danger, no matter how big, to protect their owners.

Written by Claudia Weise
Written by Claudia Weise

I am an editor at hundeo and when it comes to dogs, my heart beats faster. My goal is to publish the best dog guides on the web. There is a lot of passion in every article and I am happy about every feedback to constantly improve our content.

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