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Founder: Enrico Bachmann
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12 dog lovers work on Hundeo
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500+ learning contents are available in the app
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We develop the future of dog training.

Hundeo aims to make dog training accessible worldwide. The company is continuously expanding into new languages and countries, providing comprehensive dog training guidance to dog owners around the world. Thanks to Hundeo's innovative technology, it is now possible to better understand dog behavior and train them effectively.

Hundeo knows that holistic dog training is an international task and is continuously working to make its app available in more and more languages and countries. With Hundeo, dog owners all over the world have the opportunity to expand their dog training knowledge and train their dogs in a positive and reward-based way.

Hundeo believes that positive dog training not only strengthens the relationship between dog and owner, but also improves the dog's well-being and health. Hundeo gives dog owners the tools they need to build a strong relationship with their dog.

The future of Hundeo is full of possibilities. The company will continue to work closely with experts to ensure the app is always up-to-date and meets the needs of dog owners around the world. Hundeo is poised to revolutionize dog training worldwide and usher in a new era where every dog owner will have the support they need to effectively and positively train their dog.

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