Free seaweed calculator

An iodine supply in line with requirements is important for a balanced cash ration. Therefore, we provide you with our free seaweed calculator. So you can calculate the required iodine content. Simply enter the weight of your dog and the iodine content of the seaweed and then press "Calculate now".

The calculation of the iodine requirement was based on the requirement values announced by the NRC (29.6 µg / kg metabolic body weight / day). When purchasing a seaweed meal, please note that for each batch the respective iodine content must be indicated on the label. This is because seaweed meal is a natural product. Therefore, the iodine content may change for each batch. In addition, when calculating the iodine requirement, you should take into account the ingredients with iodine content, such as fish or food supplements, in which iodine is contained.

Only suitable for adult, normally active healthy dogs. Not suitable for pregnant or lactating bitches.


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