How to Use Dog Whistles Effectively

Are you tired of yelling at your disobedient dog to come back to you? Are you embarrassed when passers-by stare at you as you desperately try to call your four-legged friend. Then a dog whistle is just the thing for you!

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So, you want to use a dog whistle and learn everything about it beforehand? To do this, you need to do a little training with your dog because he must first learn to distinguish the signal tone of your dog whistle from other sounds. 

In the following 5 points of this guide, you will learn exactly how to do this and how to choose the right whistle.

Why a Dog Whistle?

dog whistle

When a dog pursues his hunting instinct in the park, many dog owners are desperate. Furthermore, many owners are ashamed to call loudly behind their protégé.

This not only disturbs those around you, but also conveys fear, despair, or anger to your faithful companion.

In addition, not all people have a loud enough voice for the pet to hear.

With a trained whistle, you can call your dog directly. The prerequisite, of course, is that he knows the dog whistle and its meaning. 

Hopefully, you have done some training beforehand so you can better command your hairy companion. 

It’s important to mention that these are very high-quality manufactured devices, which are made of horn They produce a simple sound, which is very high pitched, and has provided a valuable service for many years. 

  • A dog whistle is a high-quality instrument.
  • You can use the pipe for daily use
  • Your faithful friend will move in your direction.

The best feature of the dog whistle is that it always sounds the same. It produces a neutral tone. Your companion always responds to this signal 

You just need to train him a bit beforehand so he understands the signal tones better. 

Once you complete the first few training sessions, you'll have a lot more fun with it.

Your protégé needs to learn what the whistle means. Furthermore, he must learn what you want to achieve with the whistle. After all, the sound is supposed to trigger a reflex. 

It doesn't matter if he is frolicking or playing. When you whistle, he should stop all activities and rush to you. Then you should provide a treats or reward.

There are many things to consider before using a god whistle, which you will learn in this article.

Which Dog Whistle Is Best?

After looking at many dog whistles and having conversations with different dog owners, we unanimously recommend the ACME dog whistle.

ACME pipe
  • Clear signals
  • Same pitch
  • Trendy colors

This product can be ordered in a wide range of colors. In addition, the user can use it when doing sports or training with the dog. This dog whistle guarantees signals that your faithful friend cannot ignore, no matter the circumstances 

It is also very stable, which is advantageous in training.

The dog whistle has a very long durability along with a modern and beautiful design. The frequency is enormous, and the dog will immediately respond. The tone is intense and the sound is very clean. For these reasons, it is excellent for dog training.

Dog Whistle Texture & Function

dog whistle

A dog whistle produces a consistent and neutral tone. 

You can even use it when your darling dog is far away from you. If you go for a walk through the forest without a leash, you will be able to benefit from this device especially. 

Basically, a dog whistle allows you to recall your dog in any situation. 

It works the same as a normal whistle, but is just a little modified to meet the needs of pet owners.

These devices are frequency standardized.This means the sound is always the same, no matter what. 

For the animal, this provides the best possible training effect is offered. It does not matter whether the master, mistress, or the child uses this device.

The vast majority of these products are also equipped with a necklace or band so you can always have the whistle at hand. 

In addition, it is offered in several trendy and neutral shades.

Dog whistles are made of different materials such as plastic, metal, and natural materials like wood or horn. 

Models that have been made of plastic are extremely resistant to weathering. In comparison, products made of metal are very robust.

However, the metal models are susceptible to rust and are much heavier. 

The versions made of natural materials are usually artfully designed. In addition, they protect the environment. On the other hand, wood can swell very quickly in the presence of moisture.

Most manufacturers offer standardized models. 

This means you can buy several of the same type and your dog will always hear the same sound. In this way, you will achieve consistent training success.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of a dog whistle:

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Default callback tone
  • Suitable for training
  • Dog reacts even at greater distances
  • Cheap
  • No need to call after them loudly anymore
  • Training required
  • May be disturbing in quiet environments
  • What You Need to Know About the Frequency of a Dog Whistle

    Each manufacturer sets their own frequency Each manufacturer sets their own frequency. This is important because not every quadruped responds to every frequency.

    It is a good idea to try out one or two models and then decide on one. Basically, you always have to see which version your protégé responds best to.

    Some dog whistles are also available as ultrasonic whistles. These are models in which humans cannot hear the sound.

    This way, your neighbors or other people in the immediate vicinity will not be disturbed.

    There are some offers that adjustable frequencies . For example, you can train in two different frequencies.

    If you want a silent version, you must choose a very high frequency. The higher it is, the less you will be able to perceive it.

    Training With a Dog Whistle

    Training dog whistle

    For this training, you need a lot of patience. 

    Your darling may expect special treats in connection with the whistle sound and see it as a way to get bonus treats. 

    At the whistle, he will associate the object with something enticing. He will be happy to respond to the whistle and run back to you. 

    This reflex is also called operant conditioning. 

    You should do the first training sessions when your protégé is in the immediate vicinity. . He should also not be distracted. 

    Now, whistle and change your running direction. After a short time, your faithful companion will develop the desire to listen to the whistle and sprint back to you.

    Once he has arrived at your house, he should be rewarded with a treat. 

    After two or three days, simply repeat this game . He will learn that he always gets something special when he hears the whistle and comes your way. 

    However, you should decrease the reward after some time. 

    On the one hand, he might gain weight. On the other hand, you may not have special treats with you in every situation.

    The following approach has proven effective for training:

    Step 1

    In the first phase, use the device in your own home for at least ten days There is very little here to distract your dog and you can control the situation better. 

    Furthermore, you should use the whistle only before playing together, eating, or walking your dog.

    The important thing in the first step is that the sound isn’t too loud . Your faithful friend may be frightened or perceive the sound as something negative. 

    This can affect the success of the training. Therefore, it is better if you start the training gently.

    Step 2

    If you have completed the first step and have trained your four-legged friend for at least ten days in your apartment or house, you can now begin step two.

    This step also lasts ten days. In this step, it is recommended that you enlist the help of another person. This can be your friend, your partner, or your child.

    This person will help restrain your dog in one room while you leave to another room. This prevents him from immediately running after the owner. Now, take the dog whistle and whistle. 

    Your assistant can now let go of your dog so he can run to you immediately. When he has done this, you should reward him.

    The reward can be in the form of a chew or a treat. This depends on the individual preferences of your dog.

    Step 3

    Once the first two phases have been completed, you and your dog can now go to an outdoor area.

    However, you should also ensure there are still no distractions in the immediate vicinity. Additionally, a leash can and should be used. 

    Now, go for a walk with him and the moment he looks you in the eye, you whistle. He should now react and come towards you. Once he does, you can reward him.

    This step should also be completed without distractions and last 10 days.

    Advanced Exercises

    The basic exercises should take about a month. Once completed, your four-legged friend should be able to listen to the dog whistle in distraction-free situations.

    Now he also knows what the sound means and what you want him to do. 

    You can now perform some exercises that are designed to be a bit more difficult.

    For example, you can hide in the apartment or in the house, so that your companion has to look for you.

    Provided there are no distractions outdoors or in the park, you can whistle off-leash. Also, remember to increase the distractions slowly but minimally.

    Before this, however, your dog should already react perfectly in distraction-free situations. 

    In addition, you can also use the whistle at longer distances , such as in the forest. Finally, you can train him with other dogs,in the immediate area.

    It is always important to reward your pet. He needs a lot of reassurance to come back to you, even without a reward.

    However, this does not mean you have to completely skip the rewards later on. A few treats in between will strengthen his motivation to listen to your commands.

    Finally, you should keep whistling even after the training is over. Your dog should not always assume he is on the leash when he hears the whistle. 

    Instead, he should just come to you for his reward. By doing so, you increase his motivation to respond to your needs.

    Video & Conclusion

    A dog whistle is an inexpensive purchase that can successfully help you train your dog. It will relieve your voice and can do wonders to make your dog more obedient.

    Nevertheless, you will need a lot of patience and you will have to go through a special training with the whistle first, so that your darling and you can really benefit.

    But for the low price and effort, a dog whistle can really be worth it as a purchase.

    Written by Anja Boecker
    Written by Anja Boecker

    My name is Anja Boecker and I am a dog trainer and behavior consultant (IHK certificate). With these articles I would like to help you understand your dog better and build an inseparable bond.

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