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Vacation with dog planned? (You should definitely consider this)

You want to go on vacation with your dog? Then you should consider and plan a few things. What exactly we show you in this article. In addition, 4 alternatives for the perfect vacation with your dog. So be curious!

Vacation with dog
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The sun beckons, the distance calls. The summer vacation is coming. If you haven't planned it yet, you should hurry now. But as a dog owner, the question is not only where to go, but more whether your four-legged friend will accompany you.

No dog likes to be separated from its human. The other way around, too, it's not exactly easy to be on the road without your faithful companion. 

Even before you decide on a vacation destination, you ask yourself a very important question: Will it be a vacation with or without a dog?

4 alternatives to vacation with dog

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Of course, not every vacation is ideal for your faithful companion. A city trip at high speed is hardly suitable for a dog. Above all, the hot summer months are particularly dangerous. You should also avoid taking your dog on a long flight. So if you're planning something bigger like a backpacking trip through Thailand or South America, your four-legged friend should stay at home.

But where to put your dog? Of course, it would be ideal if family members or friends could take care of him. This way, your dog will stay with familiar people and the acclimatization will not be too difficult for him. 

Unfortunately, such an opportunity does not always arise. Good that there are other alternatives.

1. the dog sitter

As the name suggests, here you have a person who will sit your dog - that is, take care of him. 

There are two basic options for the process: Either your darling stays alone in your home and the dog sitter picks him up for a walk or he stays with the dog sitter during your vacation. In the first option you have two disadvantages. First, your pet is alone during the day for a longer period of time and the whole night.

Secondly, you must allow a stranger free access to your private home. However, your pet does not leave his familiar surroundings. He can move as usual in his familiar environment. If you prefer the other option, your dog will always have company and will hardly ever be left alone. However, there is also a disadvantage here. A completely foreign environment means of course great stress for your darling.

You also need to keep in mind that any person can offer themselves as a dog sitter. This means that their training and knowledge will not be checked. Of course, it would be convenient if someone can recommend you a dog sitter based on good experiences. Otherwise, you can find a dog sitter through portals like "Perfect pet sitters", "gudog" or "dog sitters". "" offers professional dog sitters, for example. The daily rate is usually 10-15 euros.

2. a kennel

Dogs are kept in a kennel in larger groups. They are usually housed in a large kennel. As a rule, they also have a fenced exercise area.

A professional boarding kennel accepts only fully vaccinated dogs and checks this against the vaccination certificate. The advantage of a boarding kennel is that your darling is taken care of day and night.

You should definitely look at several boarding kennels before making a decision. If you have time, you should make a trial appointment to see how your dog reacts. Because the strange environment and the unfamiliar company of other four-legged friends can in turn exert stress on him. The price for the boarding kennel depends on the size of your dog and the length of stay. As a rule, it is 15-20 euros per day.

3. the dog hotel

The basic difference with the kennel is that there are only a few places for the hotel guests. So your darling gets much more attention.

 In addition, better equipped rooms or lounges and exercise areas. Dog groomers and dog schools are not uncommon in these dog hotels. So your four-legged friend can have a little wellness vacation here. Of course, the whole thing has its price, about 60 euros per day costs you the trip of your favorite at least.

4. "If you take my animal, I'll take your animal".

This free alternative for vacationers is an initiative of the German Animal Welfare Association with the support of Pedigree and Whiskas. With the help of the members of the German Animal Welfare Association, a place is found for your pet.

In return, you must then house the pet of another member. The basic prerequisites here are also the guarantee of vaccination protection and the provision of sufficient food. You can inform yourself about this action in the animal shelter of your confidence and participate in it. However, you should keep in mind that, as with the dog sitter, anyone can participate in the action.

No matter which option you choose, it is important to take care as early as possible. Especially good dog boarding facilities are booked up very quickly.

Everything about vacation with dog

Dog vacation tips

For most dog lovers, however, a vacation without their companions is out of the question. That is exactly why now come the best tips for vacation with dog.

Remember to take these tips into account! Choice of the destination

When choosing your destination, especially in summer, you should check if there are official dog beaches. On some sites you can search for dog beaches or lakes depending on your destination.

Here you can also find out about dog-friendly vacation homes, vacation apartments and hotels. The fact that dogs are allowed in hotels does not necessarily mean that they are welcome. It's best to find out in advance in detail before you book accommodation. After all, you don't want your pet to miss out.

Once you've picked out a dog-friendly destination, the question naturally arises as to the best way for humans and dogs to get there. Here is a brief overview of the possible means of transport:

Dog in car

The easiest and most comfortable way for your dog to travel is in the car. Usually he is already used to the car and will not find the trip too strange. In addition, you have the opportunity to stop more often and give your favorite in between the necessary run. It is recommended to put the favorite blanket of your four-legged friend in the car.

The most important thing first: Never leave your dog alone in the car! In summer, the closed car heats up in a few minutes and can become a real death trap for humans and animals.

If you choose the car as a means of transportation, you should choose one of the following ways to secure your dog. For smaller dogs, it is enough to secure them with their harness through a special safety belt on the back seat.

For larger dogs, it is recommended to either secure the trunk with a partition grid or net or to purchase a transport box. The partition grid allows your dog to move around and stand up at will. When buying a transport box, make sure it is the right size and made of high-quality material.

You should pay attention to sufficient security to avoid endangering the welfare of the animal. In addition, there are high penalties for inadequate securing of dogs. Up to 75 euros and a point in Flensburg can come here already once.

Dog in camper

The same regulations apply to the motorhome as to the car. When renting a motorhome, you should clarify whether dogs are allowed. There are special rental portals that provide motorhomes with already installed boxes and areas separated with grids for dog owners. You can find them for example on "Waumobil" or "Camper Dogs".

Dog on train

In principle, the train is also a pleasant means of transportation for your four-legged friend. Especially if you have already gained experience with the subway or S-Bahn on shorter routes. The Deutsche Bahn requires dogs to be muzzled and kept on a leash. In addition, you are obliged to buy your pet a ticket.

With a few exceptions, this costs half the price of your ticket. Smaller dogs, no larger than a house cat, may be carried free of charge in a transport box. You should be well prepared for a train ride. It is important to have not only treats for relaxation, but also poop bags and wipes ready in case of emergency. If you are planning a trip abroad, be sure to find out about the regulations for train travel that apply there.

Dog on plane

For more distant destinations, a trip by plane is unfortunately unavoidable. Your dog will not be very enthusiastic about this. Therefore, you should think twice about whether you want to put him through a flight. Before you book your plane tickets, you should check two points.

First: Is your dog breed suitable for flying? Not all breeds are allowed to fly. 

Second: Does the airline allow the transport of dogs and if so, what are the regulations. 

Jach airline has different rules for transporting pets. Smaller dogs up to a certain weight are allowed to fly in the cabin in a suitable carrier bag.

Larger dogs are forced into a box in the cargo hold. Make sure that the box is big enough and that your pet can stand up from time to time. You should also provide him with dry food and water. The cargo area can get very cool. It is best to cover the box well so that he does not freeze while sleeping.

It is important to inform the airline as early as possible about taking your four-legged friend with you. Each aircraft has limited capacity for pets in the cabin and cargo hold. Be sure to inform yourself in advance about the import, export and animal protection regulations of your destination so that you don't get any nasty surprises at the airport. Costs for air travel can vary between 35 and 350 euros, depending on the size of the dog and the flight zone.

Have you thought of that?

Important before the vacation with your dog should be an EU pet passport, a good first aid kit and packing list. Here is the most important to the point:

EU pet passport

If the trip goes abroad, your dog needs an EU pet passport. This can be issued by your veterinarian. The cost is about 10-15 euros. The passport serves to identify your pet and to document its vaccinations. Most important is the rabies vaccination. Make sure that your pet has a valid vaccination against rabies. The validity period of the vaccinations should be written legibly.

Dog travel pharmacy

Your faithful companion also needs its own first-aid kit. Before you travel, you should definitely ask your veterinarian for advice. Depending on the region, he can give you the most important information. In addition, he can give you a selection of necessary medications. Otherwise, regardless of the travel region, you should pack a first aid kit, tick tongs and a preparation for mosquito and tick repellent.

Packing list

Now, of course, it's time to pack, not only for you, but also for your companion. To make packing for your dog easier, you can follow this list. In addition to the first-aid kit and the EU pet passport, the following things should not be missing in the "dog suitcase":

  • Feeding and drinking bowls
  • ceiling
  • Basket
  • exhausting
  • leash
  • Tableware
  • Brush
  • Shampoo
  • Excrement bag
  • Dog toys
  • Muzzle if necessary


After this guide, all your questions should be answered. You know the alternatives to vacation with the dog and you know which travel destinations and transport options are available.

Then it is important to have the right accessories and the ID card and nothing should stand in the way of your vacation. Do you have any questions? Then write it with pleasure in the comments.

Written by Claudia Weise
Written by Claudia Weise

I am an editor at hundeo and when it comes to dogs, my heart beats faster. My goal is to publish the best dog guides on the web. There is a lot of passion in every article and I am happy about every feedback to constantly improve our content.

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