Dog Training

Ca De Bestiar


Faithful, Confident, Courageous
Size: Large
Height: 62-73 cm
Weight: 40 kg
Lifespan: 10-12 years
Coat: Shorthair
Colors: Black
FCI Group: Sheepdogs and Cattledogs (except Swiss Cattledogs)

The Ca de Bestiar is a Spanish dog breed and is native to the Balearic Islands, mainly Mallorca. Characteristic is its jet black coat color and its strong and robust build. It is also called Majorca Sheepdog and as its name suggests, it is a suitable herding and farm dog.

Ca De Bestiar
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If you are an experienced dog owner and are looking for a new faithful but also self-confident companion, your choice should fall on Ca de Bestiar. This dog impresses with its robust and courageous appearance. He is a harmoniously proportioned, up to 40 kg heavy and muscular dog.

You should have an extensive property, because the Ca de Bestiar has one task; to protect the farm and the herd. He is a herding and driving dog and should have the ability to perform this task. It should be emphasized that this handsome sheepdog is definitely not for beginners.

He is often not very affectionate towards his peers and strangers. Therefore, you should keep him in the best case alone, without other dogs. Children, however, he loves and protects. In order to have a lot of fun with him, you must offer him enough exercise and keep him busy, because he really needs to balance his strong temperament.

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Children suitable:

With supervision

The right food

When feeding your Ca de Bestiar, you should make sure that it is adapted to his body size and weight. In particular, it should contain nutrients that serve to protect the joints. Also sufficient proteins are particularly important for his stressed musculoskeletal system.

In general, he should be fed only dog-friendly food and no table scraps. Whether you choose wet and/or dry food is not particularly important. After eating, you should always make sure that your dog does not romp or jump around wildly. He should rest for a while to allow the food to digest properly.

Ca De Bestiar Care

His jet black short haired coat does not require any special care. You should brush him occasionally, paying attention to his dense undercoat.

With the rarer long-haired variant, however, you should pay special attention that the up to 7 cm long hair does not mat. The Ca de Bastiar has adapted well to the climate of the Balearic Islands despite its dense and black coat and can therefore withstand temperatures up to 40 C° very well.

Suitable accessories

If you want to offer your new Mallorca Sheepdog an optimal home, at best you live on a large farm where he has a lot of space and run. If possible, he should even have a herd to look after.

But even without these conditions, you can create a calm and balanced dog through long walks and sufficient play sessions.

Ca De Bestiar History

Origin & History

Ca de Bastiar literally means cattle dog. Its homeland is the Balearic Islands, especially the island of Mallorca. With his exact origin you will quickly notice that this is not to be determined clearly with the Ca de Bestiar.
Where exactly he comes from, unfortunately, can not be determined exactly until today. He seems to be descended from a cross of domestic and imported dogs.

Due to its size, it was used as a herding dog for cattle herds. Likewise, he has always served as a farm and guard dog. In 1970, the controlled breeding of this breed was started, as it was threatened with extinction shortly after the Second World War. In 1982 it was officially recognized by the FCI as a separate breed.