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Frequently asked questions

Hundeo has made it its mission to improve the relationship and coexistence between humans and dogs. That's why we have developed an app that simplifies training with your dog and at the same time provides a lot of inspiration so that you can have a lot of fun and beautiful moments together.

Hundeo brings you many advantages for living together with your dog in everyday life. The exercises are structured so that you can reach your goal very efficiently. With exact step by step instructions. The great advantage of the app is that you always have it with you everywhere. You can access it at any time. So nothing stands in the way of regular exercises. In addition, the playful structure and adapts individually to your dog and your pace. In addition, the app has been designed in collaboration with various dog experts. 

No. At the moment all content is free of charge and the content published now will remain so. So you have a huge selection of training exercises with your dog. In order for the app to deliver more content in the future, we will eventually deliver some premium content for interested dog owners that is worth the money.

At Hundeo we work together with various experts. The exercises were all designed in collaboration with certified dog trainers. So you can be sure that the content is of high quality. By the way, you can find out more about some of the experts on our social media channels. So feel free to follow us there.