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With Hundeo, you get your science-based partner for dog training. Combining reward-based methods, gamification and the latest technologies, the training adapts to your dog individually. The result? Effective, stress-free training that's not only fun, but also great for your dog's well-being. Learn more about our scientific approach and related studies here.


Hundeo makes dog training a breeze. Build an intimate relationship with your dog and benefit from improved communication, closer bonding and harmonious co-existence. Discover holistic dog training and experience the benefits of a strong bond with your loyal companion.


Frequently Asked Questions

Hundeo stands for effective, playful and loving dog training that strengthens the bond between dog and owner. Our goal is to provide dog owners with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to promote harmonious coexistence through our app. We emphasize scientifically sound and dog-friendly training methods that focus on the well-being of the animals.

Yes, the Hundeo app is free to download and offers a lot of free content. However, to enjoy all the content and features, you can sign up for a Hundeo Plus subscription.

Yes, the Hundeo app is designed to be suitable for all dog breeds and ages. The exercises are customizable to meet the specific needs and skills of each dog. In addition, we provide appropriate instructions with the exercises if they are not recommended for certain dogs or age groups.

Yes, Hundeo is designed for both beginners and experienced dog owners. The app offers a variety of exercises and training plans tailored to different experience levels and needs.

Yes, the app allows you to use your account on multiple devices. You can simply log in on any device you want with your credentials to access your workout plans and progress.

The content of the Hundeo app is created in collaboration with a variety of experts. All exercises were developed together with certified dog trainers, nutritionists and veterinarians. This ensures that the content provided is of high quality and based on sound expertise. You can find the list of experts and which scientific findings we have used here.

*Source: Survey among Hundeo users