The 43 Best Tips for Dog Training

In some situations everything works out wonderfully and in some cases your dog doesn't do exactly what they're supposed to. Does this sound familiar? Good dog training immensely facilitates our everyday life with our beloved four-legged friend. You can go anywhere with him and not have to worry about something unpleasant happening. In this comprehensive guide, we have summarized the 43 best tips for holistic dog training, with which you can really get to grips with any problem!

The guide is divided into the following sections:

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The Basics of Dog Training

Let's start with the basics. There are topics that every dog owner should look into before jumping into the adventure of dog training.

Do you live in a state or province where you need a license or a permit confirming that you are able to handle and take care of a dog? Then you should inform yourself thoroughly on this matter.

Does your dog know the basic commands? At the very least, every dog should know "Sit" and "Down". For training commands and tricks, it is helpful to work with a tool like a clicker. Your dog also needs to learn to control their impulses.

We have compiled the best training tips and exercises for you. Each step is explained individually. Here, no one rushes you through a course at breakneck speed. Take the time you need!

Individual Dog Training Tips

Now let's move on to individual dog training tips, from which you, as the owner, can choose the ones that best suit your dog's needs and challenges. For many dog owners, walking their dog or meeting other dogs can be tricky, either because your furry friend pulls on the leash or because they react insecurely around their peers.

But don't worry, with a little training and patience, these difficulties can be overcome. For further information, check out our tips 7–10.

However, there are also exercises that every dog owner should practice with their dog. These include an anti-poison bait training or training for getting your dog accustomed to the dog carrier.

Haven't found the right thing yet? In the following sections, you'll find practical advice and exercises that will help you stop your dog from behaving in undesirable ways, such as jumping on guests or digging up the yard. You'll also find useful tips on how to prepare your dog for being home alone. Let's explore the exciting world of dog training together!

Puppy Training

You have a puppy? Puppyhood is a beautiful, but also stressful time for most dog owners. Your puppy wants to discover the world, their attention span is still too short for extensive training, and they are up to a lot of mischief. Here you will find the best tips for raising your little rascal well from the beginning:

Why Is Dog Training So Important?

Proper training is the cornerstone of a pleasant life with your faithful companion. Training starts with the puppy, but does not end with the adult dog. In our training guides, you will learn to understand your pooch and teach them everything they need to know.

A small puppy is a big challenge! Especially as an inexperienced dog owner, you need support in raising your new roommate. But even an experienced dog lover may benefit from a quick refresher course on puppy behavior.

Before you can train your pup, you must first understand them. Why does your puppy behave the way they do and not in a different manner? Only when you understand this, you can guide them in the right direction.

But how do you train a young dog the right way? You can read all about it in our articles. There are many things you have to pay attention to.

For acute problems, you can seek advice here. For example, if your dog pees in the apartment or doesn't want to go for a walk, you'll find everyday tips that you can implement immediately. That way, the problem will soon disappear into thin air!

When your dog is fully grown, training is not over. You have to keep reminding them of what they have learned and set boundaries. This is the only way to teach them to behave. The training should primarily focus on obedience and impulse control. In addition, you can teach your faithful companion great tricks with specific exercises.

With us, you will learn how to make training fun – both for you and your dog! That way, you can make the most of your time together.

Whether attending a dog or puppy school will be worthwhile for you, is something you can find out in our guide. With the right knowledge and a few tips and tricks, you will soon have a well-behaved companion at your side!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can start training your dog during puppyhood. During this time, the focus lies on learning the basics and building a great bond with your pup.

A dog can always be trained. It doesn't matter if they are 1 year old or 10 years old. As long as your dog is healthy and attentive, you can practice with them.

Consistency and patience are key. If you internalize this and follow our tips, you'll be well on your way.

Consistency can be planned. Set fixed times for your dog training and behave in a predictable way. This means that a certain action is always followed by the same consequence.

This is often the case when your dog has discovered something interesting and wants to take a closer look at it as soon as possible. With our leash training, you can teach your dog to stop tugging.

My Conclusion

These were 43 tips for a holistic and sustainable dog training. Stay consistent and take time for your dog. Then you are on the right track.

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Written by Anja Boecker
Written by Anja Boecker

My name is Anja Boecker, and I am a certified dog trainer and behavior consultant. With these articles, I want to help you to understand your dog better and to build an inseparable bond.

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