Chart Polski (Polish Greyhound)


Courageous, Confident, Reserved
Size: Large
Height: 75-80 cm
Weight: 27-30 kg
Lifespan: 11 years
Coat: Shorthair
Colors: Beige, Black-tan, Brown, Blue
FCI Group: Sighthounds

The Chart Polski is considered the original type of sighthound. It has a strong urge to move and therefore needs an owner who has the same. It does not get on well with other dogs as it is a loner. However, it forms a close bond with its owner.

Chart Polski (Polish Greyhound)
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The Chart Polski, also known as the Polish Greyhound, is a Polish dog breed of group 10 recognized by the FCI. Males reach a shoulder height of up to 80 cm, bitches up to 75 cm. They weigh around 30 kg. The dog has a life expectancy of around 11 years.

It is well proportioned and more muscular and strong compared to other sighthounds. The breed is very robust and no hereditary diseases are known. The Chart Polski has short, close-fitting hair, which is thinner on the belly and slightly longer on the tail and legs. The coat comes in all colors.

The Chart Polski behaves confidently and courageously towards other dogs, which often makes socialization difficult. It is best kept as an only dog. However, it is reserved towards people. It is affectionate and patient and bonds closely with its owner. It is therefore an easy dog to train with the right consistency. Only his innate hunting instinct needs to be controlled.

He is very persistent and therefore needs athletic people who exercise a lot, regular walks are not enough. The Chart Polski is also suitable as a training and guard dog.

Coat care:




Energy level:




Children suitable:

With supervision

The right food

The Chart Polski is a strong, robust dog that has no different dietary requirements to other dog breeds. Its diet should be balanced and contain all essential nutrients. Each dog should be fed according to its age, activity, weight and state of health.

Health & Care

Caring for the Chart Polski is easy. It has no particularly common diseases. Its short coat is also very easy to care for. Nevertheless, it is important to brush him regularly. Especially on the legs, particularly the hind legs. The coat grows a little longer there than on the rest of the body.

Suitable accessories

The Chart Polski is a robust dog. That's why you need the same accessories for him as for other dogs of his size. The most important thing for him is that you give him enough opportunities to exercise.

Chart Polski History

Origin & History

The Chart Polski probably originated from a cross between the Asian sighthound of the Salkui genus and native hunting dogs in Poland. The breed has existed almost unchanged for many centuries, although some cross-breeding took place in the 19th century. Since the 13th century, it has had almost the same characteristics as today. In the past, it was mainly a favorite dog of the nobility. This is why it often appears in literature, especially hunting literature, and in numerous paintings.

In Poland, it was once used as a hunting dog for foxes, deer and even wolves, as it is one of the fastest land mammals. Its powerful musculature and strong teeth still bear witness to its use as a hunting dog in Poland's harsh climate.

After the Chart Polski was almost completely wiped out during the Second World War and only a few dogs survived, it has enjoyed increasing popularity again since the 1970s.