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American Staffordshire Terrier


Attentive, Devoted, Tough, Dominant
Size: Medium
Height: 43-48 cm
Weight: 18-30 kg
Lifespan: 10-14 years
Coat: Shorthair
Colors: Black, Sable, Fawn, Brown, Brindle, Blue
FCI Group: Terriers

The American Staffordshire Terrier is a very famous dog breed from the United States. It is recognized by the FCI and assigned to group 3 (bull-type terriers). The breed is also known under the name "Amstaff" or "Staffy". The pretty Staffordshire Terriers often have a bad reputation. They are called so-called fighting dogs - completely wrongly. In reality, the smart four-legged friends are considered real family dogs. They are sensitive, affectionate and love to live with people. The import of American Staffordshire Terriers to Germany is prohibited by the Dog Movement and Import Restriction Act.

American Staffordshire Terrier
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The American Staffordshire Terrier belongs to the medium dog breeds. On average, the dogs reach a height of about 43 - 48 cm. The weight of the adult animals is on average about 18 - 30 kg. The dogs are thus considered real heavyweights. Females are usually somewhat smaller and accordingly lighter than males.

Visually, the dogs make a strong and extremely robust impression. They have a broad, strong and often muscular physique, so they look athletic and healthy. Their appearance generates respect and attention. At the same time, however, Amstaffs appear sublime and elegant. Their gait is upright and proud. They are considered particularly beautiful specimens in society.

The life expectancy of the American Staffordshire Terrier is about 12 years. This is quite a long life for the size and weight of the dogs. In addition, it should be noted that the quadrupeds are usually very fit and healthy even at an advanced age. This is due to their ideally aligned physique and disposition.

The coat of the American Staffordshire Terrier is dense, short and smooth. It is close fitting and usually shiny. In this way, the coat brings out the distinct musculature of the dogs even better. The Amstaff has no breed-typical standard color in its coat. Basically, both light and very dark shades are possible. From white to beige, brown, gray to black, everything is represented. Many animals have white markings on their coat. These often occur in the area of the chest, forehead or paws.

The Amstaff is a calmer and more balanced Dog. He has a high tolerance level and is not easily provoked or upset. The dogs are patient faithful and even affectionate. They have an extremely friendly, lovable nature and seek close contact with their owners.

Once the trust between man and dog is established, this dog is the ideal companion. He obeys his owner to the word and does everything to please him. The dogs can adapt well to their owners and protect them from potential dangers. In the face of strangers, the animals are usually neutral. It is similar with conspecifics or other animals.

Although the Amstaff has a lot of strength, he is not an aggressive dog. He is brave, but never consciously starts a fight. However, if the American Staffordshire Terrier gets into a dicey situation, they know how to use their strength to protect themselves or their family.

Already due to its appearance, the breed gains a lot of respect. Many people or other animals fear the Staffordshire Terrier. This is partly due to its strong, powerful appearance, but may also be related to the bad reputation of the breed. Many people still consider the handsome four-legged friends dangerous and classify them as fighting dogs.

The Amstaff is a intelligent and sensitive Companion. He is a great family and companion dog. Here he fits in easily with his new pack and is fond of children to boot. He romps around with the kids and takes great pleasure in playing. He always keeps an eye on the young family members and is gentle with them.

Overall, the animals are considered exceptionally clever. They adapt wonderfully to their owners and his families. They also find pleasure in living closely together. Nevertheless, the animals are active, woke and Always on the move. They want to be challenged both physically and mentally.

Coat care:




Energy level:




Children suitable:

With supervision

The right food

The diet of the dogs is unproblematic. The daily amount of food should be in relation to weight and size. Balanced, nutritious meals guarantee vitality and health of the animals. Gladly can Treats and chew bone. occasionally be fed. These serve as a small reward in between.

Basically, the Amstaff is a healthy dog breed. Breed-typical diseases are therefore not known. Some animals have from time to time Problems with the hip. However, such complaints are not particularly common.

American Staffordshire Terrier Care

Basically, the Amstaff is considered low-maintenance Dog. The coat care is child's play and succeeds as if by itself. Exclusively one Brushing the coat from time to time is necessary here.

However, an important aspect is the Daily exercise of the animals. This must be ensured so that the dogs feel comfortable and not bored. The Amstaff's urge to move is above average. Walks alone are not enough here.

The dogs need much exercise, preferably in nature. Also they are very suitable for participation in Dog sports. Here, the dogs can exercise properly and at the same time train coordination and dexterity. The dogs also like to do sports together with their owners. Jogging or Cycling are a great option to spend valuable time with the animal and challenge it at the same time.

Education of the dogs should begin in puppyhood. There should be loving consistency from the beginning. This helps the dog to fit into the family and find its position.

The Amstaff can be led well with successful education and listens to the word. He works closely with his human and tries to fulfill any commands or requests asked. For beginners, the education of such a dog can be difficult. It must be remembered that the animals have a lot of power.

If they are not well educated from the beginning, sooner or later this may cause problems. Even experienced dog owners are recommended to visit a dog school in puppyhood. This promotes especially the contact and socialization in relation to conspecifics.

Gladly, the four-legged friend can also be assigned a task. The dogs are particularly well suited as Guardian, but also for keeping on a large farm with other animals. More and more often the breed is also used as Rescue Dog used. The clever animals can also be used as Assistance Dogs be trained. In this way, they support people with any impairments. The Amstaff wants to be needed and feels very comfortable in this position.

Suitable accessories

Who acquires an Amstaff, should necessarily enough space have for the four-legged friend. Keeping them in a small apartment is not recommended. Generally, in rental housing, it should be noted that the breed may not be welcome. Due to the still existing fighting dog designation, many landlords resist to let such a dog live in the house.

In some states or in states like Denmark or the Netherlands, the animals are not allowed. Travel there should be avoided at all costs. In the worst case, there is a threat of confiscation of the dogs.

The American Staffordshire Terrier is considered lively and playful. It should definitely Dog toys be purchased. The dogs have a lot of fun with this one. Especially Ball and fetch games are ideal for this purpose.

In almost all federal states, the keeping of this breed is subject to strict conditions. Among other things, this includes a Dog license and also a muzzle.

Origin & History

These dogs are quite young and modern breed of dogs. It comes from the USA and enjoys great popularity. The origin of the dog breed is due to the unsightly Dog Fight Scene in the United States. Again and again in the past, powerful dog breeds were deliberately set against each other. This served the mere entertainment of the people.

Such fights are forbidden in the meantime, but are still practiced especially in the USA. The good-natured Amstaffs are unfortunately well suited for these events because of their robust and strong physique.

The breed was created by crossing Bulldogs and Terriers. This mixture should make the dogs stronger, more belligerent and uncontrollably aggressive. However, the fact that dogs by nature do not display aggressive behavior was not taken into account.

In the meantime, the "American Staffordshire Terrier Club of America" has made it its business to take over the serious breeding of the dogs and to keep them away from dangerous owners and the fighting scene. Quickly, the positive qualities of the dogs were shown to the society in America. For this reason, the Amstaff has become a highly respected companion dog in the USA today.

In Germany, American Staffordshire Terriers are rarely found. The classification of the animals in the breed list makes it difficult for dog owners. Especially since not only the import of this breed is prohibited, but in many places also the keeping or they are subject to the strictest conditions.