Intelligent, Loving, Courageous
Size: Large
Height: 65-70 cm
Weight: 30-40 kg
Lifespan: 10 years
Coat: Shorthair
Colors: Black with tan, badge with red tones
FCI Group: Sheepdogs and Cattledogs (except Swiss Cattledogs)

The Beauceron is a popular French dog breed. It is recognized by the FCI and is assigned to group 1 (herding dogs). The Beauceron is a true working dog and needs a task. He loves constant activity and has a penchant for nature.

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With a height of about 65 to 70 cm, the Beauceron is one of the large dog breeds. The four-legged friends reach an average weight of about 30 - 40 kg. The life expectancy of the lovable animals is about 10 years. However, this is not unusual for the size of the dogs.

The Beauceron is a large, powerfully built quadruped. He has a robust, muscular physique. The faithful dogs have smooth, short fur along the head. The coat of the rest of the body, on the other hand, is much denser, stronger and sometimes several centimeters longer. In addition to the top coat, the Beauceron has an undercoat. This is extremely fine, short and yet dense. Most of the time the undercoat is a mousy gray color.

The top coat of the quadrupeds is usually black with markings in reddish-brown tones. These markings are usually found in the area of the chest and neck. The Beauceron is also known to have its paws and lower legs dipped in reddish brown color as well. This is a distinctive and eye-catching feature of the dog breed.

Other features of the intelligent animals are their large dark eyes, the half-erect close-fitting ears and the large tail. A very special identifying feature of the Beauceron is a double dewclaw. This is located on the hind legs of the animals.

However, an advantage or a positive property could not be attributed to this claw. The meaning and purpose is not known to this day. Rather, it is perceived as a nuisance and can limit the animal in terms of health and fitness. Nevertheless, this second anal claw is a unique feature attributed to this breed. In Germany, however, this is considered a sign of torture breeding.

As can already be seen from his physique, the Beauceron has a lot of strength. His appearance may seem somewhat intimidating to some. However, in most cases this is unfounded. The Beauceron is an extremely lovable dog that is ideal as a family dog. He is always loyal to his family and builds a close bond. This breed is also very open-minded and friendly towards children.

Since the Beauceron is a herding dog, he always tries to keep his family together and protect them. He owes this characteristic to his use as a shepherd and herding dog.

The Beauceron is considered a fearless and courageous dog. When not needed as a herding dog, he makes an excellent watchful companion. Self-confident, he protects house and yard, always looking out for his family. The temperamental four-legged friends have a great character. They protect their loved ones without being pushy. Beaucerons also like to give the lead to their owners. However, they watch vigilantly and always have an eye on what is happening.

The four-legged friends have a pronounced urge to move. In addition, they are very persistent, so they can run around for hours. Extensive walks in the wild are an absolute must. The hunting instinct of the animals is not particularly pronounced, so that the Beauceron is an attentive companion. He is not easily distracted or upset.

Basically, the dogs have a sensitive nature. They need a close relationship with their owners. The pretty four-legged friends want to be actively involved in family life. In dealing with strangers, the Beaucerons appear rather reserved. However, they are never aggressive or unfriendly. Quite the opposite - the animals distance themselves until they have built up trust. The Beauceron thus knows how to behave. Also in dealing with other dogs, the agile four-legged friends are rather distant, but never angry.

At the same time, however, the active four-legged friends are very affectionate animals. They appreciate their owners very much and need attention and daily caresses.

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Children suitable:

With supervision

The right food

The dog breed is basically considered vital and fit. Breed-typical diseases are not known. This makes the diet of the animals uncomplicated and simple. The daily amount of food should be adapted to the exercise needs of the dog. Otherwise, it is important to ensure a balanced and healthy diet. Occasional treats and dog biscuits are of course allowed.

The animals should not become overweight. However, due to their pronounced urge to move, this happens very rarely anyway.

Due to their body size and build, Beaucerons are unfortunately prone to gastric torsion. These always occur when the dog devours its food too quickly or romps around too wildly after eating. Care should be taken not to eat the food too hastily.

Immediately after the meal should also refrain from large movement. Gastric torsion can be associated with enormous pain for the dogs. In most cases, surgery is necessary to correct the twisting. Gastric torsion is not to be trifled with. It can be life threatening for the dog.

Beauceron care

Already because of its size, the Beauceron needs a lot of space. Therefore, keeping in a small apartment is not recommended. A house with a garden is ideal. This offers the four-legged friend the opportunity to romp and frolic.

Also, the Beauceron is definitely not a city dog. He loves nature and big wide fields. Regular excursions into the wild are an absolute must. With pleasure the quadrupeds also simply run over wide meadows and fields. This characteristic can also be traced back to their use as herding dogs.

However, in principle, the care of dogs is very simple. The coat does not require special care. Brushing from time to time is quite sufficient.

When training the dogs, some experience is an advantage. The Beauceron can basically be trained well and with pleasure. However, he has a lot of strength and temperament. This must be tamed without intimidating the animal. Empathy, patience and consistency are the keys to success.

Training works best when a trusting relationship between dog and owner has already been established. The Beauceron is also well suited for more advanced training. These challenge the dog and also improve the relationship between man and animal.

Suitable accessories

The Beauceron loves movement. It is therefore very suitable for participation in dog sports. Here the animals have the opportunity to exercise and gain satisfaction. In addition, the dogs experience a real sense of achievement through dog sports. Keeping the dog busy is of enormous importance.

Beaucerons are working animals. They want to be used and need to be encouraged. However, since in the rarest cases a herd of animals is to be herded, one should consider another occupation for the dog.

The Beauceron should be kept indoors in any case. He needs the proximity to his owners. Nevertheless, the dog should have its own place of retreat. For this purpose, a large dog bed or a cozy basket is suitable.

Origin & History

The Beauceron has its origin in France. There he was kept in the 19th century as a shepherd dog. In the past, he was used almost exclusively as a herding and guard dog. According to stories, the Beauceron counted among the shepherd dogs, which should also have been useful for truffle hunting, the so-called sow hunt and war.

Even today, the breed is considered extremely popular in his native country. However, the Beauceron is now mainly kept as a family and companion dog.

In Germany, the intelligent and interesting breed never really became known. It was not until 1975 that the Club of French Shepherd Dogs was founded. The Beaucerons are not found in Germany in excessive numbers. Nevertheless, a real fan community of the breed has built up over the years.