Ca de Bestiar (Majorca Shepherd Dog)


Faithful, Confident, Courageous
Size: Large
Height: 62-73 cm
Weight: 40 kg
Lifespan: 10-12 years
Coat: Shorthair
Colors: Black
FCI Group: Sheepdogs and Cattledogs (except Swiss Cattledogs)

The Ca de Bestiar is a Spanish dog breed that is native to the Balearic Islands, especially Mallorca. It is characterized by its deep black coat and its strong, robust build. It is also known as the Majorca Shepherd Dog and, as its name suggests, is a suitable herding and farm dog.

Ca de Bestiar (Majorca Shepherd Dog)
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If you are an experienced dog owner looking for a loyal but also self-confident new companion, you should opt for the Ca de Bestiar. This dog impresses with its robust and courageous appearance. It is harmoniously proportioned, weighs up to 40 kg and is muscular.

A large property is required to keep him, as the Ca de Bestiar has only one task: to protect the farm and the herd. He is a herding and herding dog and should be given the opportunity to fulfill this task. It must be emphasized that this imposing herding dog is definitely not for beginners.

He is often not very friendly towards other dogs and strangers. It is therefore best to keep him alone, without other dogs. However, he loves and protects children. To have a lot of fun with him, you need to give him enough exercise and keep him busy, as he really needs a balance to his strong temperament.

Coat care:




Energy level:




Children suitable:

With supervision

The right food

When feeding your Ca de Bestiar, you must ensure that it is adapted to its age, weight and activity level.

When choosing food, make sure that it contains high-quality ingredients and is balanced. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the feeding quantity.

Food from the table is taboo. For training, you can give treats as a reward, which you deduct from the basic food.

After eating, you should always make sure that your dog takes a rest.

Health & Care

Its short-haired, jet-black coat requires no special care. It should be brushed occasionally, paying attention to the dense undercoat.

With the rarer long-haired variety, however, special care must be taken to ensure that the hair, which can be up to 7 cm long, does not become matted.

Despite its thick, black coat, the Ca de Bastiar has adapted well to the climate of the Balearic Islands and tolerates temperatures of up to 40 C° very well.

Suitable accessories

If you want to offer your new Majorca Shepherd Dog an ideal home, it's best if it lives on a large farm where it has plenty of space and exercise. If possible, he should even have a flock to herd.

But even without these prerequisites, you can train a calm and balanced dog by taking long walks and giving them enough exercise.

To get started, you will need a lead and a collar or harness, a food and water bowl, claw clippers to trim the claws, a brush and comb and a dog basket or mat as a place to retreat to. A dog crate is useful for transportation in the car.

Ca De Bestiar History

Origin & History

Ca de Bastiar literally means herding dog. It is native to the Balearic Islands, in particular the island of Mallorca. When it comes to the exact origin of the Ca de Bestiar, it quickly becomes clear that this cannot be clearly determined.

Unfortunately, it is still not clear exactly where he came from. It seems to come from a cross between native and imported dogs.

Due to its size, it was used as a herding dog for cattle herds. It has also always been used as a farm and guard dog. Controlled breeding of this breed began in 1970, as it was threatened with extinction shortly after the Second World War. In 1982, it was officially recognized by the FCI as a separate breed.