Greek Harehound


Faithful, Devoted, Intelligent
Size: Medium
Height: 45-55 cm
Weight: 17-20 kg
Lifespan: 10-14 years
Coat: Shorthair
Colors: Black, tan
FCI Group: Scent hounds and related breeds

The Greek Harehound is also called 'Greek Running Dog' or in Greek 'Hellinikos Ichnilatis'. It belongs to the FCI group 6, which are running dogs, bloodhounds and related breeds. It forms a very rare breed. A robust working dog. An intelligent dog. An independent dog. The Greek Bracke is definitely not a beginner dog.

Greek Harehound
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Greek Bracken grow to weigh 17 to 20 kg. Males grow 47 to 55 cm tall. Bitches remain a little smaller. They grow 45 to 53 cm tall. The coat is short, dense and smooth. It is tan and black. It often has a small white mark on the chest.

The tail sits high. It is strong and saber-shaped curved. The ears are also set high. They hang down flat. The head is elongated with a broad forehead. The build of the Greek Bracke is elongated. At the same time it is strongly built.

The Greek Bracke is very independent. At the same time she is social. She is loyal and affectionate. She gets along well with other dogs. At the same time, the Greek Bracke has an extremely strong hunting instinct. She is intelligent. She has a great urge to move.

The senses of the Greek Bracke are excellent. Especially the sense of smell is excellent. It is also safe on foot in rough terrain. The bark of the Greek Bracke is loud and persistent

Coat care:




Energy level:




Children suitable:

With supervision

The right food

When the Greek Bracke is used for hunting, it covers long distances. Accordingly, its energy consumption is high. But you can't just give the dog more food. That would cause him gastrointestinal problems. He needs a lot of protein for the muscles and fat as an energy supplier.

You can give him a special ready-made food for performance dogs. You can also use a high-protein food and add high-quality fats and minerals.

In any case, your dog must have enough rest after feeding. He should be able to rest for one to two hours. Give him a smaller portion of his daily ration an hour or two before work and the rest after work. In any case, your Greek Bracke must get enough water to drink.

Greek Harehound Care

The coat care of your Greek Bracke is uncomplicated. Brushing from time to time is enough. The breed is very robust. Therefore health problems are rare. Pay attention to the teeth. Give the dog nibbles or brush his teeth with a dog toothbrush.

Your Greek Bracke definitely needs enough exercise. If your hobby is long walks, you will have a lot of fun with the dog. Agility and similar dog sports are rather too playful for him. He loves running and nose work.

In addition, the Greek Bracke definitely needs a consistent education. She is stubborn and independent. It is best if you train them to hunt or at least visit a good dog school.

Suitable accessories

In terms of accessories, the Greek Bracke does not need more than the usual dog accessories. You need a brush, water bowl and drinking bowl, a collar and a dog leash. You may need a dog blanket. You may need a dog toothbrush. Since the Greek Bracke likes to run in the forest, a tick pliers is useful.

For walks a drag line can be useful. The Greek Bracke is very intelligent. If you are not training them to hunt, dog toys that require the dog to puzzle can be useful.


Origin & History

In ancient Greece, Greek sniffer dogs were known. Supposedly, the Greek Bracke goes back to them. In the last century Greek hounds were crossed with the Jura hound and the Italian hound 'Segugio italiano'.

This gave rise to the present Greek Bracke. In 1959 the breed was recognized by the FCI. It was the first recognized Greek dog breed. The breed is very rare. Also in Greece there are only a few Greek Bracken. Therefore, there are few data and experience about this breed.

The Greek Bracke is still used as a hunting dog. She hunts alone or in a pack, barking loudly all the time. This way the hunter always knows where she is. The Greek Bracke is very fast and persistent. She is very independent. Therefore it needs a consistent education. She should be well exercised.