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7 tick remedies for dogs in large comparison

You and every other dog owner know the problems with ticks. The small vermin can bring great dangers. This article will help you with the topic of tick remedies for dogs. Because who does not want the best protection for his faithful friend in everyday life? In addition, for this article we have obtained advice from the veterinarian Emin Jasarevic.

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After a long winter season, you are eagerly wishing for summer?

Temperatures rise, lovely scents beguile you, the drive increases, because ultimately it is a beautiful season.

But the high temperatures hold some pitfalls for your dog. 

Plants are taking their place again and many are toxic to your faithful companion. Likewise, you must be careful that your charge does not come into contact with the freshly sprayed pesticides.

Another risk are the insects. These also awaken from their winter torpor with the rising temperatures. Wasps and various species of spiders are not the only problem.

3 facts about tick repellent you should know

Remove ticks

Our four-legged friends can suffer significant health restrictions due to ticks. Many dog owners are aware of this, but they do not seem to take the danger seriously. 

It is only when there is actual contact between the dog and the tick that owners start to think seriously. Unfortunately, by then it may be too late for your pet. 

The danger lurks everywhere on warm days. Meanwhile, ticks are not only found in forests, but are also settling more and more often in the city. City parks or simple undergrowth in the city center then also harbor these dangers. 

Many people think that ticks infected with pathogens are rather the exception. Unfortunately, this does not correspond to reality. Because a dangerous contact occurs more often than one thinks. 

About one third of the settled insects carry the dangerous Lyme disease pathogen.

It should be noted that most ticks occur in the months of April to September. The greater the risk that your pet comes into contact with an infected tick. 

According to the Robert Koch Institute, the risk areas for ticks are located in the lower area of Germany. 

However, you should also think about tick medication for your dog if you live in federal states - such as North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony or Schleswig-Holstein. 

These diseases can transmit ticks

ticks icon

Lyme disease is not the only disease that can be transmitted in a tick bite. There are other bacteria and pathogens that can greatly affect the health of your dog. Finding the right tick repellent for your four-legged friend is therefore recommended in any case. 

In addition to Lyme disease, there are pathogens of the rare viral disease TBE. The Anaplasmosis and Babesiosis are other diseases that can be dangerous for your darling. 

Nerve inflammations, chronic diseases, joint inflammations, kidney failure, epileptic seizures, inflammatory eye diseases (up to retinal detachment), heart damage and unfortunately also a fatal course are not the exception with an infection. 


Is vaccination really worth it?

Syringe Vaccination Injection

You can vaccinate your dog against infection with Lyme disease. However, this vaccination only protects against certain strains of borrelia. Despite vaccination, your furry friend can still contract Lyme disease. A vaccination against anaplasmosis, babesiosis or TBE is currently not on the market.

As many manufacturers discover this gap in the market for tick protection and the demand for suitable products remains constantly high, there are many misconceptions regarding this topic.

That's why you could easily make a wrong decision. To prevent this from happening to you, we will thoroughly inform you about it in this article.

Why not every tick repellent is effective

There are numerous products that promise to work effectively against ticks. Stiftung Warentest could not confirm this in one of its comparisons. 

As an owner, it's easy to lose track of what you're buying when it comes to tick remedies. The abundance of products ensures that you eventually lose track.

For this reason, below you will find a list of the best tick remedies for dogs, which we explain in detail.

  • Chewable tablets
  • Spot-ons
  • Dog collars against ticks
  • Amber Chains
  • Valuable oils
  • Natural home remedies
  • Special snacks

1. chewable tablets

The chewable tablet as a tick remedy for dogs is the latest development on the market. Compared to spot-ons or tick collars, this type of protection tries to limit risks and side effects.

This effect remains for four weeks after taking the tablet. There are preparations that promise even a 3-month protection. However, this protection does not apply to all diseases or every type of tick. 

The chewable tablets are usually very attractive for your pet, because you give them disguised as a treat. Because you do not apply this tick remedy to the animal from the outside, they are no residue to be found on the coat. Your darling can continue to benefit from the cool wet, because the danger, that the agent is washed off by the water does not exist. Often the preparation includes also provide protection against fleas.

The effect against the ticks occurs only after the tick bites your protégé. By sucking the blood, it absorbs the active ingredient and dies. This significantly reduces the risk of disease caused by ticks. However, in some cases a disease may be transmitted before the tick dies. 

2. spot-ons

Frontline Spot on against ticks
  • Effective against ticks, fleas and hair lice
    - From Frontline there are the spot ons for dogs from 2-40 kg

Unlike internal use - as with the chewable tablets - you usually apply the spot-ons to the skin by parting the fur. Since the tick remedy has side effects for your four-legged friend when licked off, the best option is to use it as a best place for spot-ons the neck.

The chemical ingredients keep ticks and other bugs away. For you as a dog owner, it is important that you carefully read the available package insert. 

Typical ingredients of a spot-one could be:

  • pesticides (for example: organophosphate, permethrin, dimpylate)
  • Nerve agents (such as tetrachlorvinphos)
  • Biocides (Fipronil and others)

Advantages are the simple application and the long effect. Some spot-on preparations have a repellent effect against mosquitoes and other insects in addition to tick and flea protection. 

" its downsideThe main problem that arises in the application is, of course, the use of chemical agents. Many of them are toxic and can limit the health of your favorite. In addition, your dog should not be in the water for three to seven days after application. On the one hand, this would wash off the active ingredient, on the other hand, the spot-on is also toxic for the animals that live in the water.

3. tick collars

Collars as a tick remedy can be bought in various stores. The collar should work similar to a spot-on. However, the application is omitted, because you can simply attach the tick collar around the neck. 

However, many users complain about the effectiveness of this product. In addition, it is dangerous for the owner and other animals in the household, as they can easily come into contact with the product. The tick collars often contain the same chemical agents as the liquid spot-on.

4. amber chains

Amber necklaces made from raw amber are said to electrically charge the dog's fur. Your quadruped does not notice the charge. But the vermin should avoid the fur because of this charge.

As with chemical collars, many users find fault with the effectiveness of this tick remedy. In addition, the Risk of injury higher, as the chain breaks easily, which can hurt your pet.

5. the right oils

essential oils

The most popular oils for the control of vermin are Coconut oil, Black cumin oil and tea tree oil.

Remember to take these tips into account! Black cumin oil and tea tree oil are essential oils and should only be applied to your pet in a highly diluted form.

Dogs can be allergic to the essential oils. Therefore, the best option is the coconut oil.

Cheap coconut oil usually has almost no important nutrients that fight against bugs. That's why you should go for high-quality products.

You can find good coconut oil for just under 10 euros. Since a small amount is enough as an application, the price will be worth it.

But why should coconut oil be so effective as a tick remedy for dogs?

This is mainly due to one ingredient - the vegetable fat. Unlike humans and our fur noses, ticks, for example, do not like the natural fat. Due to the smell, ticks should avoid the dog.

Other advantages for the coconut oil are:

  • practical application
  • healthy for the dog
  • antiviral effect
  • Protection also from other parasites
  • No toxic substance
  • Use also as a feed additive and coat care

The advantages of coconut oil as a tick remedy for dogs outweigh the disadvantages. However, we do not want to give you the Disadvantages conceal that the coconut oil can bring.

Since the effectiveness does not last long, we recommend that you reapply the coconut oil every day. However, this can also quickly make the coat greasy. 

Thus, coconut oil alone is not the ultimate tick remedy.

6. natural home remedies

Beer yeast tablets

Garlic, Cistus, Brewer's yeast and Baby powder are other natural tick repellents that are said to have a deterrent effect for the vermin. 

Since Garlic in large quantity is dangerous for your pelt nose, we recommend to use only special tablets. These tablets are administered together with food. The garlic tablets contain the optimal dose that does not limit health. 

Cistus is a variety of rockrose plants. It has long been known that the plant has an anti-inflammatory effect on humans. Researchers have found that rockrose also has a repellent effect against ticks. Four-legged friends and owners can thus effectively protect themselves against ticks. To use cistus as a tick repellent for dogs, you administer the active ingredient in the form of a capsule.

The vitamin B hated by the ticks is in the Brewer's yeast present. If it is given to your pet, the risk of a tick bite is reduced. 

Baby powder reduces the infestation of ticks. All - listed here home remedies - are entirely without chemicals and cheap to buy on the German market.

However, home remedies do not have an effective period of four weeks - like the chewable tablets or spot-ons. 

7. anti tick snacks

Yes, special snacks can also help. But the snacks should have a few of the above ingredients in them. For example, the linked product below contains coconut oil and black cumin oil, and is grain-free.

With this you can not only reward your protégé, but also protect him from ticks.

Anti tick snack
The snack provides vermin protection with black seed oil and helpful herbs for an alternative to the other products mentioned above.

Advantages and disadvantages at a glance

We understand that our article offers a lot of input. For this reason, you will now find a table with the respective advantages and disadvantages. This allows you to have all the important facts and information at a glance:

Advantages Disadvantages
Chewable tablets
  • reduced risks
  • long effect
  • easy administration
  • Tick/flea bites anyway and dies only afterwards
  • Diseases can still be transmitted in rare cases
  • side effects may occur such as vomiting, tremors, etc.
  • Spot-ons
  • simple application
  • inexpensive purchase
  • Help also with mosquitoes
  • Danger due to chemicals
  • Dog must not be in water for approx. 7 days after administration
  • Toxic to humans and other animals if ingested orally
  • side effects may occur, such as vomiting, tremor, etc.
  • Tick collars (chemical)
  • simple application
  • inexpensive purchase
  • No strong effect
  • side effects may occur, such as vomiting, tremor, etc.
  • Amber necklace
  • inexpensive purchase
  • Natural based
  • beautiful appearance
  • no proven effect
  • Risk of injury
  • Oils
  • Natural based
  • antiviral effect
  • Protection also against other parasites
  • no toxic substances
  • also usable as feed additive and coat care
  • no proven effect
  • Coat may become greasy
  • Other home remedies (garlic, cistus, brewer's yeast and baby powder).
  • low-cost procurement
  • no chemicals
  • No toxic substances
  • Brewer's yeast: dog does not like the smell
  • Garlic: Attention to "overdose
  • Conclusion

    I personally have at least these spot-ons at home. But note here the size of your dog. There are under the link also variants for larger dogs!

    So that our faithful companions do not suffer serious consequences from a tick bite, we must choose one of the available alternatives anyway.

    The one perfect tick remedy does not exist. Therefore, we have preferred to show the advantages and disadvantages, so that we can facilitate your decision.

    I am sure you will make the best choice for your friend.

    Examined by the veterinarian Emin Jasarevic
    Examined by the veterinarian Emin Jasarevic

    I am a veterinarian and writer on animal health topics. Animals are my passion and it is my personal concern to create medically accurate articles and videos to inform pet owners as much as possible.

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