Continental Bulldog


Friendly, Quiet, Cozy
Size: Medium
Height: 40-46 cm
Weight: 20-30 kg
Lifespan: 10-12 years
Coat: Shorthair
Colors: all colors accompanied by black nose; solid, streaked or combined with white
FCI Group: Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid and Swiss Mountain and Cattledogs

The great goal of Continental Bulldog breeding is to copy the English Bulldog. However, the external features associated with agony breeding should be abolished. The animal can breathe freely, has no extreme wrinkles, and a normal body. It also comes without a mutilated tail. So the perfect alternative? We will tell you in this breed portrait.

Continental Bulldog
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The Continental Bulldog is a VDH recognized breed from Switzerland. It belongs to the FCI group 2, which also includes Pinscher, Schnauzer, Molosser and Swiss Mountain Dogs. He is a cozy family dog with a short coat. Furthermore, it is considered friendly and calm. It is a relatively young dog breed. The pedigree dog comes in different color varieties.

It can be solid color, brindle or combined with white and with or without black mask. Blue coloration is not desired as it indicates a genetic defect. The height at withers for males is 42 to 46 am and for females 40 to 44 cm. Upward there is a tolerance of 4 cm in both sexes, downward 2 cm. The Continental Bulldog weighs 20 to 30 kg. His age expectation is 10 to 12 years. He is an easy to care for companion and also well suited as a beginner dog. The Continental Bulldog is athletically built and medium in size.

It has a strong, athletic physique and looks almost square. Its legs are short and wide set. The coat is shiny in a healthy animal. The outer coat is short and dense. The undercoat consists of fine hairs. Sometimes the undercoat is missing completely. In temperament he is very attentive and confident. He has no aggressive traits and he is not shy. In short, an affable companion. The Continental Bulldog is not only a family dog. He also acts as a companion dog or therapy dog.

Coat care:




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Children suitable:

With supervision

The right food

A balanced and nutritious diet is important. The correct amount of feed is based on the age and the urge to move determined. If your dog is overweight, you should only feed special diet food. Your trusted veterinarian can advise you on this. If your dog is in the gestation or nursing phase, she will need more nutritious food. There is also special food for puppies. It is called puppy food for rearing. A dog without great stress gets along well with 57 kcal/kg body weight. However, this value depends on the breed, weight and activity level of the four-legged friend. One should determine the exact food requirement for each dog individually. Puppies need 100 to 170 kcal/kg body weight and bitches need about 100 to 300 kcal/kg body weight during the care of their puppies.

Dog food consists of at least 18 % proteins. Muscle meat and heart from beef is best utilized by your dog. Meat consists of essential animal fats, proteins and vitamins. Millet, rice and vegetables should also end up in the food bowl. This way you can ensure an optimal vitamin supply for your dog. In addition always a Drinking bowl with fresh water offer. Milk is not suitable for the dog, because it makes him vomit or give him diarrhea. Twice a week you can also offer your dog raw egg yolk. This causes a beautiful and shiny coat. Bones should be avoided as far as possible. Bone splinters can lead to internal injuries. In addition, your dog will get constipated if he eats too much bone.

The Continental Bulldog tends to become overweight very quickly when consuming too many calories. Therefore, you should already pay attention to a low-calorie diet when feeding. In addition, your dog should move a lot and have enough exercise and activity. If you prefer a natural diet, you can also use the Barfen try out

Continental Bulldog Care

Due to its short coat, the Continental Bulldog requires no time-consuming maintenance actions. To keep your dog's coat healthy and shiny, you can brush it. Use a standard dog brush or a grooming glove. Your pet will love the massage sessions. In addition, the grooming sessions contribute to the bond between dog and owner. You can use the Face wrinkles wipe out with a dry cloth. It is also important to clean the ears clean occasionally. A Continental Bulldog should get enough exercise to prevent disease or obesity.

He is a agile dogwho loves persistent walks in the forest, meadows or fields. With sufficient activity, the animal remains healthy. Its life span is prolonged. The Continental Bulldog is eager to learn and inquisitive and has a social character. He is excellent to train as a rescue dog or therapy dog. His sociable nature also makes a visit to the old people's home possible. So he can still give some joy to aged people.

Suitable accessories

The Continental Bulldog needs his own sleeping place. Here he can withdraw. That can a dog basket suitable for its size or a sleeping mat can be. A dog needs food - and water bowl and a grooming brush. A leash, dog harness or collar he needs to walk. Any amount dog toys serves employment.

In the course of the dog's life, certainly one or the other utensil must be replaced. Especially in the puppy age the Continental Bulldog is still very playful. He then bites his toys more often. Veterinary expenses for diseases, vaccinations or worming can come on you. Also a Dog liability insurance you should lock it. This way you are covered in case your dog runs into the street, for example, because it has seen a cat on the other side of the street. An accident can happen quickly and can cause high costs. The Continental Bulldog has no pronounced hunting instinct like a hunting dog. Nevertheless, a natural hunting instinct present.

Origin & History

In 2000, the English Bulldog was on the verge of extinction. There were efforts to ban this breed. In accordance with the Swiss Animal Welfare Act, a new breed should be created. The health requirements for a healthy dog should be optimally fulfilled. The breed Continental Bulldog was born. In 2005, the breed was officially recognized by the Swiss Cynological Society. In 2015, the Continental Bulldog was also officially recognized by the VDH in Germany.

Many Bulldogs - fans supported the project. They wanted a healthy dog without the symptoms typical of torture breeding. The breed is still very young and typical breed diseases rather unknown. The Continental Bulldog is becoming more and more popular among dog lovers. Few specimens of this breed end up in shelters, which is a good sign. His good-natured and friendly nature makes his fan community grow. He can be easily kept both in the apartment on the floor and in the house with a garden. He does not have special requirements for diet or attitude. Sometimes the Continental Bulldog is headstrong. A kind-fair, consistent and affectionate education creates remedy. Already in the puppy age the attendance of a dog school is recommended.