11 facts about black cumin oil for dogs

Who does not know the real black cumin yet? We show you the connection to the effect of black cumin oil and why it is so popular in use with dogs. In addition, for this article we have obtained advice from the veterinarian Mag.med.vet. Emin Jasarevic.

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In the past, we only knew black cumin on the pita bread at the kebab shop around the corner. An oriental spice that the Turks in particular sprinkle on pita, bread and savory pastries.

German households lacked this spice. Until the good properties of black cumin also came to light in our country.

Just after the media reported in 2014 that a boy had accidentally discovered an effective natural remedy against ticks.

His dog was given black seed oil for a year because of an allergy. 

The following spring, the boy noticed that his four-legged friend was no longer bitten by ticks and received an award for his project at Youth researches.

One of our biggest nightmares when it comes to going out into the countryside is ticks. But as long as we take measures for ourselves and of course for our dear four-legged friends, the matter is half as bad.

Even better, if this measure is additionally a natural means - without harmful ingredients, which are abundantly available on the shelves.

In search of a natural alternative remedy, I came across black cumin oil. It works like a miracle cure not only for us, but also for our fur noses - especially in protecting them against ticks and parasites.

That's not all! What else does black cumin oil do? You can learn more below in the article.

The True Black Cumin

Actually it is called "True black cumin"(Nigella sativa) and has nothing to do with caraway or cumin.

The original home of the true black cumin is in Western Asia. In particular, in Iraq and Turkey. It is also found in southern Europe, India, Pakistan and North Africa.

Black cumin has been popular as a spice and remedy in the Orient for about 2,000 years.

The ingredients

  • Essential oils
    Black cumin oil consists of about 1 % of essential Oiling, of which thymoquinone is the most abundant. This active ingredient supports the body in this process, alleviate allergy-related symptoms or inhibit them altogether. It also plays a major role in lowering blood sugar levels.
  • Terpene derivatives
    Only a few terpene derivatives occur in high-quality, cold-pressed black cumin oil. Terpene derivatives can be toxic in large quantities. With appropriate dosage, terpene derivatives clean the airways and relieve asthmatic spasms.
  • Saponin melanthin
    Another important ingredient is saponin melanthin. It works best when the black cumin oil is inhaled: It cleanses the respiratory tract, facilitates the expectoration of secretions and allows inflammation to subside, as in the case of the flu or bronchitis.
  • Unsaturated fatty acids
    It contains up to 60 % unsaturated fatty acids. Of these, gamma-linolenic acid is the most abundant. These ingredients are absolutely necessary for the stable functioning of the organism and are absorbed through food.
  • Protein and amino acids
    The protein and amino acids contained in black cumin oil, are important for the synthesis of hormones and enzymes. So for the complete metabolic process in the body. The oil contains amino acids such as arginine, asparagine, glycine, phenylalanine, serine, tyrosine and valine.
    These amino acids increase performance, improve muscle development, make us more resistant to stress, provide cell protection and their renewal. Also it is a great helper of the immune system.

Other ingredients in black cumin oil are Vitamins and minerals:

  • Provitamin A, biotin: Good for skin, hair and cells
  • Vitamin B family (folic acid, B1 to B69): Control nerve and brain functions, blood formation and cell metabolism
  • Vitamin C: Has an antioxidant effect, helps in the absorption of vitamin E from the diet
  • Vitamin E: Regulates blood clotting
  • Magnesium: Stabilizes energy metabolism, nerve and muscle functions
  • Selenium: Has a detoxifying effect
The oil is obtained by pressing the seeds Cold pressed be. In this process, the seeds are put under high pressure with the addition of natural carbon dioxide.

So that the essential fatty acids preserved, a very gentle procedure is essential.

The effect in humans

Black cumin oil helps to cure or alleviate the following diseases in humans, among others:

  • Hay fever
  • Allergies
  • Neurodermatitis
  • Psoriasis and athlete's foot
  • Acne and pimples
  • Skin and hair
  • ADHD in children
  • Hypertension
  • Flatulence
  • Urinary tract diseases
  • Asthma
  • Rheumatism
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer
  • Ticks

In which cases black cumin oil really helps!

The multiple properties of black cumin oil benefit not only you, but also your faithful companion. That's why it wouldn't hurt you or him to have a can in stock in the cupboard.

Because it is an uncomplicated natural remedy from Mother Nature's pharmacy. Both internal and external use of the oil helps to prevent, alleviate or even completely cure many ailments. The medicine of the Orient knew this before us.

However, you should pay attention to this, that essential oils can be harmful when used in excessive doses, especially for the liver. Do not apply the oil to liver problems or a pregnant bitch until you have cleared it with a veterinarian:

11 facts about black cumin

1. against allergies

Over the years, our loved ones increasingly suffer from allergies. When taking the black cumin oil as a cure, the oil regulates the immune system.

It helps to slow down the release of histamine, which are responsible for the symptoms of allergies. Most often these are breathing difficulties, coughing or reactions on the skin. 

The active ingredients in the oil have a neutralizing effect, relieve itching and other discomforts of your pet.

2. epilepsy

Epileptic seizures put a strain on both dog and owner. Who would want to be a desperate witness to such suffering? Antiepileptic drugs help to reduce the intensity and frequency of seizures.

A 2011 Indian study conducted in epileptic children suggested that black seed oil reduced the frequency of seizures. 

Even where conventional drugs did not have a tangible effect. The active ingredient in black seed oil that came to the rescue in reducing seizures is thymokinone.

3. rheumatic-arthritic diseases

The black cumin oil has anti-inflammatory effects in rheumatic-arthritic diseases and relieves pain. 

Especially for older dogs that have problems with the musculoskeletal system, this oil is a real savior. It acts against the pain and relieves the intensity of inflammation. At the same time it strengthens the immune system.

4. strengthening of the immune system

One of the most important ingredients of black cumin oil are prostaglandins. They have an overall positive effect on the whole immune system of your dog.

A strong immune system means better general well-being and less frequent illnesses for your furry friend.  It reduces the risk of allergies, soothes the respiratory tract, relieves pain and keeps ticks and other parasites away from your pet. It also helps regulate the intestinal flora.

5. natural skin & coat care

Dogs that regularly get a few drops of the oil in their food or get it through their drinking water, suffer less from bites from fleas or ticks.

If you put a few drops on the brush of your protégé and comb him well with it, he will get a magnificent shiny coat.

You can also use the oil on eczema. A few dabs on the injured area will speed up the healing of the wound. It disinfects and nourishes the skin areas at the same time.

6. ticks, fleas, moths, mosquitoes and other parasites.

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Ticks can cause, in addition to the dreaded Lyme disease also transmit diseases such as babesiosis, the dreaded dog malaria. This is mainly due to the floodplain tick, which continues to spread in Central Europe.

Ticks need three hosts in their life cycle. As a larva, it seeks out small animals, such as mice. Sucks its way through them and drops off. After that, it emerges from larva to nymph. 

In the spring, it looks for another host. Sucks itself and falls off again. Only then it develops into a tick and looks for a larger host. These are then dog, cat, other large animals and humans.

All diseases that the tick has sucked in the preliminary stages can be transmitted to the further hosts in the final stage. The disease can be transmitted within a few hours to several days.

Therefore, it is important that ticks are detected and removed as soon as possible to reduce the risk of disease.

Black cumin oil has a high content of essential oils, most notably thymoquinone. This active ingredient contributes, among other essential oils, the most to keep ticks & Co. away from the body of your favorite.

A student from Regensburg discovered by chance that his dog had significantly fewer parasites since he was given small amounts of black cumin oil for an allergy.

With this knowledge and his project, he took part in "Jugend forscht" and was awarded a prize. The ticks showed a clear disgust when the blood or sweat was mixed with black cumin oil. 

In the meantime, there are other studies. These prove that black cumin oil is also effective against fleas, moths and mosquitoes.

Should your protégé be very have strong tick infestation, then it is more advisable to clarify this with your vet!

7. what to do in case of tick bite?

In this case, you must not use black seed oil. The tick would vomit into the puncture site and many more bacteria would be transferred into your dog's bloodstream than normal.

You must remove the tick with a Tick Pliers to the body. The faster you remove the tick, the more difficult it is for the bacteria to transfer into the bloodstream. The transfer of pathogens from tick to dog takes place 12 to 36 hours after the tick bite, depending on the pathogen.

Here, of course, it must be mentioned that not every tick is a carrier of an infectious agent. However, you should be careful and check your dog after every walk. Make sure you pull the tick out completely. Therefore, proceed carefully and slowly. After you have removed the tick, you can disinfect the puncture site with a little alcohol or black seed oil.

Again, as a reminder: If the puncture site is reddened, swollen or hot, you should immediately consult your veterinarian. This also applies if you could not pull out the tick completely!


8. how should I dose?

1. for protection against ticks and other parasites and as a dietary supplement:

Mix a few drops of black seed oil into the food. You can also put the drops on a treat.

You should follow the following rule of thumb:

1 mg of black cumin oil per 10 kilograms of your dog's body weight.

  • Small dogs get 1 to 2 drops in the food
  • Medium dogs get 3-6 drops in the food
  • Large dogs get 7-8 drops in the food

2. external use:

Put 4 - 5 drops on the back of the neck. Thus, your dog will not have the chance to lick off the oil.

This also helps to care for the skin and coat. The oil does not need to be spread all over the body.

3. for occasional pampering: You can put a few drops on the brush and brush your pet with it with a few strokes.

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9. does black seed oil have side effects?

Black cumin oil contains terpenes, secondary plant compounds that cannot be broken down by some animals. 

One of these animals is the cat. They lack an enzyme that can properly break down these terpenes in the liver. That is why you should never give black seed oil to a cat.

Neither as a dietary supplement nor for external use for skin and coat. This can be fatal for your cat.

Also, you should not use black seed oil or oils with essential ingredients on pregnant bitches or dogs with liver disease. 

Here it is better to ask your veterinarian or a veterinary practitioner for advice beforehand. 

Because some sources believe that these essential substances can have negative effects in dogs with liver damage or pregnant bitches.

10. an effective advantage of natural protective agents

Of course, the commercially available protective agents are effective and have a longer duration of action than natural agents. However, these are chemical agents with possible side effects.

The intolerance and the reactions of our pets to them are therefore constantly increasing. Also, ticks and vermin have developed a certain resistance to some of these poisons.

The plant substance thymoquinone in black cumin oil is an active ingredient that ensures that ticks stay away. 

11. what should I look for when buying black seed oil?

Black cumin

You should make sure that the black seed oil pure is offered. Should you rather prefer to buy capsules, make sure that the manufacturer does not use preservatives, colorants or flavorings.

The oil should be cold pressed and unfiltered. This is because steam or chemical distillation releases slightly toxic terpene derivatives that can be intolerable to your dog.

Some manufacturers mix in other, inferior oils to keep the price cheaper. In the process, the properties of black cumin oil are lost.

Search specifically for an organic production!

Frequently Asked Questions

Good black cumin oil is made cold pressed and contains many active ingredients that can help both you and your dog with various ailments.

You can simply give the black cumin oil over the feed as a dietary supplement. Thus, it also develops its effect against ticks. They avoid dogs that have taken black cumin oil. You can also apply it externally. 

Black cumin oil is effective in allergies, skin problems, eczema, immune deficiency, parasite protection, epilepsy and rheumatic complaints.

You should follow the following rule of thumb:

1 mg of black cumin oil per 10 kilograms of your dog's body weight.

  • Small dogs get 1 to 2 drops in the food
  • Medium dogs get 3-6 drops in the food
  • Large dogs get 7-8 drops in the food

Put 4 - 5 drops on the back of the neck. Thus, your dog will not have the chance to lick off the oil.

This also helps to care for the skin and coat. The oil does not need to be spread all over the body.

Veterinarian’s Recommendation

Whether as an insect repellent, nutritional supplement or for skin care...

Keeping a jar of it on hand at home will definitely help both you and your furry friend.

The black cumin oil will promote the health and vitality of your dog. Especially in the summer, when a peak tick season is expected.

For pampering you could put a few drops on his brush and comb it thoroughly while stroking him nicely. This will definitely do him good. He will be happy that you are taking care of him in a completely caring way.

Your best friend is definitely worth it! And you are also worth it to have such a great and loyal friend as a life companion!

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