How to Teach Your Dog Paw Easily

Do you envy other dog owners because their dogs can do various tricks and are therefore always receiving attention? Don't worry, a dog that gives paws softens all hearts and through this article your darling will soon be able to do the same.

Teach dog to give paw (The 3 steps guide)
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By giving the command Paw, you make your faithful companion give you a front paw. This is followed by a reward. "Give paw!", is one of the easier activities and commands a dog learns. 

Nevertheless, some dog owners – maybe even you – can reach their limit when it comes to teaching. But with a few tips and tricks, it will be easy!

We created this simple and productive guide to help you teach your dog, including a few valuable tips to help your dog learn even faster.

5-step guide

Step # 1
The Sitting Position

To perform the command "give paw" on your pet, ideally he should already know the command "sit” . The paw command is based on this. Is your furry friend in a sitting position? Then you can move on to the second step.

Step # 2
The Miracle Treat

In the second step, the treat will come into play. Notice with which paw your protégé is more active.

Observe your pup closely over an extended period. You will then notice which paw is used more often.

Can’t figure it out? This is not necessarily a problem. In this case, just pick a paw The important thing is to always use this paw during the exercise. 

Take the treat in your hand and direct your dog's attention to it. Please note: he should not see the treat, only smell it.

Hold your hand in front of your dog's muzzle and slowly walk a little to the right or left. Depending on which side the paw should be trained.

Should the left paw be trained? Go a little to the right. Is the right paw to be trained? Move your hand slightly in the left direction.

This shifts the weight to the other side and makes it easier for your pet to use the "to be trained" paw.

Step # 3
Give Your Dog the Treat

If you have performed the second step correctly, your dog will try to get the treat. He will scratch your hand with the desired paw. When he has done this, you can open your hand and give him the treat.

Step # 4
"Give paw!", comes into play

After the third step, say the command "give paw".

Just throw the command in before giving the treat. This means: 

When your pet touches your hand with his paw, you say the command "give paw". After successful application, your darling should be given the treat.

Step # 5
Both Paws Come Into Play

Do you want your dog to use the command on both paws? Then take the treat in different hands and hold it in front of each paw.


Successful Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure your dog is sitting and then hold out a treat in a closed fist. When he scratches your hand with one paw, you can open it and give him the treat. While doing this, say "Give Paw." Read our full article for more detailed information.

You should always create a relaxed atmosphere and always praise and reward your dog when he does something right. With a lot of patience you can teach your dog a lot of tricks. A clicker can help.

Your dog can learn a whole lot of words and commands, and can also tell how you're in a mood by your tone and voice. So dogs understand more than you might think.

My Conclusion

Teaching your dog this command is not difficult. Just follow our step-by-step instructions. 

Your darling dog will soon no longer lick visitors and friends when greeting them, but instead greet them by hand - sorry, I mean paw, of course.

Last but not least, here are a few tips and tricks that will make training your four-legged friend easier:

  • Be consistent! - It will pay off
  • Repeat the exercises continuously!
  • Avoid pressure, aggression and admonishments!
  • Be patient and invest - if necessary - too much time rather than too little!
  • Rewards are reinforced by petting and cuddling.
Written by Anja Boecker
Written by Anja Boecker

My name is Anja Boecker, and I am a certified dog trainer and behavior consultant. With these articles, I want to help you to understand your dog better and to build an inseparable bond.

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