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The All-so Important Aspect of a Dog Obedience School: Cost

Educating your pet does not only involve time, but also money. Thus, finding out a dog obedience school's cost become one of our priorities, too. Look no more! Here's how much one may charge for its classes.

Dog school cost
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Dog training is especially important. This is how your dog learns:

  • Keeping their impulses on check 
  • Adhering to certain limits 

Dogs are pack animals, which are instinctively social and leader-focused. 

If the dog does not adhere to boundaries, it can exclude itself from the pack. In a pack, there is always a hierarchy.

In this day and age, man and dog belong together, so to speak, a reason why the hierarchy often falls away. 

It is the owner's job to take charge of the pack and establish boundaries. It is also important to show the consequences of misbehaving.  

If you're unfamiliar with teaching your dog who's boss, you'll be overwhelmed by him in no time. 

That is why dog training should not be underestimated at all. A dog school can be the ideal solution for those who want to teach their pet obedience.

The Importance of a Dog Training

Dog with harness during training
The lack of dog training can lead to problems. For this reason, you should always keep in mind that dog training is the beginning and end.

If your dog lacks training, your relationship can be damaged in the long run. Since canines are pack animals, the lack of rules and consequences will make him behave badly. 

These are the keys consistent dog training seeks for:

  • Adaptability
  • Better relationship between dog and owner
  • A more obedient dog
  • Easier contact with strangers
  • Improved walks 
  • Strengthened mental health
  • Self-confidence encouragement
  • Less barking and growling 
  • Relaxed socializing
  • Safety and serenity

How a Dog School Helps

If you're new to owning a pet, then training can be more difficult for you than for experienced owners, which is why dog schools are the perfect solution for you.

In fact, dog schools are still great for veteran dog lovers.

There, you will learn to understand your pet better. As a consequence, you'll improve the communication with your dog, which is an important aspect of dog training.

Through social interactions with other dogs, your pet will gain essential social experience. The basis of a good dog school is the involvement of owner and master. 

Your dog learns to recognize and keep certain limits. He also sees the behavior of different his peers. 

However, the focus of a dog school is also on you as the owner. The dogs usually learn various commands. They improve social behavior through dog school.

How to Recognize a Good Dog Obedience School

Here you will learn how to recognize a good dog school. As expected, not all schools are good ones. 

If you undergo a poor dog training course, you'll be paying for a service that won't benefit you.

Be on the lookout for these features when looking for a good dog obedience school:

  • Not too many dog enrolled
  • The right age is crucial
    1. Dog school from 9 months
    2. Young dog school from 5 months
    3. Puppy school until 5 months
  • Trial lessons offered
  • Adequate facilities for training
    1. Risk-free area
    2. Fenced facility
    3. Big enough
    4. Offers a lot of exploration

Dog Obedience Schools: Cost

It's time to take a look at a dog obedience school's cost. This may vary greatly from institute to institute. 

  • Do you prefer an hourly rate fee or paying per session?
  • What goals do you want to achieve? 
  • Is it an adult dog or a puppy school? 
  • Would you like to have group or individual lessons? 
  • Is online dog training a better option?

These are just a few questions of many that affect the cost of a good dog training school. 

For this reason, we have divided the topic of a dog obedience school's cost into four different categories.

  1. The cost of a puppy school 
  2. Cost of a dog school for adults
  3. Cost of individual training
  4. Costs of an online dog school

1) The Costs of Puppy Schools

Puppy Bite Inhibition Play

The cost of a puppy school is usually somewhat higher than the course prices for young dogs or adult dogs. 

The puppy is totally inexperienced in dealing with other dogs. Therefore, it needs a higher level of control and influence of the dog trainer. 

Parallelly, there is also the fact that the puppies are usually unfamiliar with basic rules, so it means more work to educate a pup. Naturally, this doesn't apply to all dogs. 

Puppies Are More Receptive

Puppies are more receptive, which leads to better and easier learning of the rules. Sometimes it is more difficult to teach adult dogs a good education. They fall back into the old patterns more often. 

Therefore, many dog owners think that a puppy school should normally be cheaper. However, the reality is different.

The average cost of a puppy school varies. If we're talking about an hourly rate, the price then starts from 25 euros

There are also course packages (such as 5, 10 or 20 sessions). The average price of a 10-lessons course lies within 180 to 200 euros.

2) The Cost of Dog Schools for Adults

The costs of a dog school are lower. The institutes assume that adult dogs have already learned the basics. 

Since the basics are not touched upon, the hourly rate is usually around 5 to 20 euros. You can also go for a numbered-lessons course. 

The average price for a 10-lessons course lingers between 110 to 150 euros.

3) The Cost of Individual Training Sessions

One-on-one sessions are the most expensive options in regard to dog training since they are great for pets with behavioral issues. 

Individual training sessions are advisable if your dog is an adult with ingrained bad habits and lack of obedience. 

The cost of a one-on-one training sessions can range from 40 to 100 euros per hour.

4) The Cost of Online Dog Schools

The cost of a dog school is too high for many a dog owner. They want their dog to benefit from the best education. 

However, not everyone can afford such educations. This is where online dog training gets the spotlight.

Online dog schools usually offer training sessions at a much cheaper price.

What's more, some online dog schools already offer complete courses. The price range is between 40 and 50 euros. Do note that the prices may vary greatly, too. 

Some courses have more hours than the others. The aim of each course play an important role in the price calculation.

Dog Clubs: An Affordable Alternative

Dog clubs distinguishes themselves form dog schools. The most important difference is the significantly lower price of them.

In most cases, only the annual membership fee is due. Not only that, but honoraries are also exempted from the bill. This is because trainers from a dog club work voluntarily and do not receive a salary like trainers do in dog schools.

Furthermore, dog clubs focuses on obedience, which is why training sessions are held in groups and at fixed days, usually on weekends.

Consequently, it is not always possible to go for individual sessions. Which courses are offered and what the offer looks like in those sessions naturally varies from club to club.   

Group Training vs. Individual Training

There are several factors you should know before choosing group or individual training sessions. 

On one hand, if your dog has behavioral problems, we recommend individual training. This is associated with higher costs. Regardless, with this training, you will achieve your desired goals in the long term.

Individual training sessions are great for bad-mannered dogs, too.

On the other hand, puppies take the best out of group training sessions . An important part of a dog's training in its early years is the contact with other pets. 

Generally, each training style has its advantages and disadvantages, which must be weighed. 

A trial lesson or a free consultation will make your decision easier.

My Conclusion

Despite a dog obedience school's cost, your pet's education is always worthwhile. 

Take these concepts into consideration before deciding on which school to go:
personal goals, wishes, financial situation and your dog's learning.

Even if you don't have much on you, there's always the option to go for online dog schools, which are much cheaper.

If you have the time and enthusiasm to volunteer with a club, then a dog club may be the best fit for you. 

Now, if your pet is already a grown-up with bad habits, it might be a good idea to go for traditional, on-site dog schools.

As a last piece of advice, take a trial lesson or a free consultation to determine whether group or individual training is better for your case.

Written by Anja Boecker
Written by Anja Boecker

My name is Anja Boecker and I am a dog trainer and behavior consultant (IHK certificate). With these articles I would like to help you understand your dog better and build an inseparable bond.

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