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Is Online Dog Training Effective? Pros & Cons

If you are overwhelmed with the education of your pet, visiting a school for dog owners can help you. However, not everyone has the time or money to attend a dog school. In this case, online dog training is a sensible solution.

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➡ You must know this feeling all too well: you call your dog and he doesn't listen.

Be it online dog training or the traditional way of educating:

Dog training is important because otherwise your dog will quickly cross boundaries. This, in turn, will damage your relationship.

Here's how professional dog training goes down: as a rule of thumb, the training takes place in a dog school. A place that is located on a suitably equipped area.

With the support of a trainer, you will learn how to deal with your dog in different situations. 

In the meantime there are also Online dog schools. There, you can take training sessions online with your pet.

Since online dog training is rather unheard of for some owners, it's time to see whether it's worth it. For that reason, a comparison between both methods of educating a pet shall be in place.

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What Is Online Dog Training?

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This teaching method has been around for quite some time: distanced learning courses. You can find them anywhere, in fact.

You have remote learning courses in business and education, among many other fields. It's no surprise dog training has also emerged as an online course.

Thanks to an online dog school, the courses and the dog trainer come virtually to your home. In principle, it is similar to on-site dog training. 

While on an online dog training course, you'll get different contents related to the course on your laptop or cell phone. What you do with the information material is up to you. 

This means that you are not bound to fixed times. Also the pace is usually decided by you and your pelt-nose alone.

Ultimately, the online dog school is a alternative to the classic on-site dog school. It is also designed to make life easier and better between you and your dog.

Nevertheless, an alternative learning process is bound to have its differences, advantages and disadvantages. Taking those into account arises the question 'which is better?'

Classic and online dog school: these are the advantages and disadvantages

The classic and virtual dog schools pursue the same goals: to aid you in your pet's education and training. Consequently, the bond with your dog will be strengthened in the process. 

These are the goals of dog training:

  • Improving adaptability
  • Better control of your dog
  • Easier interaction with other people, children and pets
  • More relaxed walks
  • Encouraging self-confidence in your dog
  • Promoting health (physical as well as mental health)
  • Better dog socialization

The most important question here is whether you can achieve the goals well with both training variants. For this, we should look at the advantages and disadvantages of the different training methods.

On-Site Dog Training: Advantages & Disadvantages

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The biggest advantage of classic dog schools is that the a dog trainer will guide your pet in person. 

Not only the dog trainer is on site, but also other owners alongside their pets. This allows the socialization of your dog to be improved. Namely, he learns to deal with his peers and people. 

Another advantage of classic dog schools is the presence of various auxiliary means. These are usually freely available. 

This means that you don't have to buy different equipment first. You can concentrate on the training right away.

Despite those facts, young, shy and fearful dogs don't go well with on-site dog schools. The first few hours are spent getting used to this new environment. 

Thus, you'll be paying the first training session to get your dog used to the school rather than actual training. If your pet is anxious or shy, the acclimatization period will last several hours.

The costs in general play a big role in the dog schools. The financial cost is not small. 

For a classic group training the price starts at about 20 €. A single lesson often costs around 70 € with a good dog trainer. But there is still a lot of room for improvement. In addition, it is usually also other costs, such as traveling. 

Online Dog Training: Pros & Cons

The advantages and disadvantages of traditional dog schools are respectively the opposite pros and cons online dog training boasts about. 

A weighty advantage of online dog training is the low cost. Likewise, another point in favor is the freedom you have in arranging the education of your pet. 

You are not bound to fixed times or days. This allows you to better link the training to your everyday life. 

This is especially good for working people and families: online dog training is the optimal solution.

As a counterpart, virtual dog schools are more suitable for younger, more fearful and shyer dogs. 

Such dogs often find it difficult to acclimate to new environments and circles. This takes a lot of time without having started a training session. 

With online dog training, on the other hand, you can start right away!

Nonetheless, it's worth mentioning there's no direct contact with a dog trainer. This is the biggest disadvantage of a virtual schools.

Costs of Online Dog Training

Dog school cost

The costs of online dog training vary greatly. The fact is, however, that they are a cheaper option to on-site training.

There are different providers with different price categories and billing methods. 

The most common billing methods are monthly, annual or one-time payments. 

The prices for a one-time payment of an online course are around 100 €. For large course packages, the costs are more like 200-300 €. But for this you have lifelong access to the content. 

The monthly prices are on average around 15 € or for annual subscriptions around 80 €. Thus, the price of an annual subscription is usually as expensive as a single lesson with a local dog trainer.

If you can motivate yourself to learn with your dog, the online option is by far more convenient.

Unfortunately, there is no help for this from an experienced dog trainer. For difficult problems, the local dog school is therefore recommended. For normal questions about education, however, usually suffices an online variant such as our Hundeo app.

Overview of On-Site & Online Dog Training

To sum up, here's an overview of on-site and online dog training.

School Advantages Disadvantages
  • Trainer is on-site
  • Expertise flows in
  • Interaction with other people
  • Interaction with other pets
  • Aids are included
  • Unfavorable for young, shy and timid dogs
  • Longer acclimatization necessary
  • High cost
  • Low cost
  • You can learn at your pace
  • Adaptive to your lifestyle
  • Suitable for all types of dogs
  • No travel costs and times
  • You can get your own aids
  • Absence of a trainer

What to Look For in Online Dog Schools

There are a few online courses you can choose from. That's why it's important to make sure you prioritize when deciding on dog schools. 

Video Courses

Besides written tips, the online dog school should also offer video courses. Thanks to the video courses, you can better internalize the online dog training regime. Better yet if the content is step-by-step instructions, which guides you better through the content.

Training Apps

There are some online dog schools that only present a few simple recorded videos on a website. The lack of a mobile solution via app often suggests that the publisher has made little to no effort to provide the best possible course for owners.

An app can remind you of your workouts, suggest customized plans, and measure your progress. Plus, you'll have your phone on you at all times. It's also en extra if the app includes an offline mode so that you can train with your dog in the garden or park without internet connection.


There is no legal regulation about who is allowed to offer their services as a professional dog trainer. For that matter, you should definitely pay attention to whether a certified training is available. You can also explicitly ask for a certificate.

For instance, at Hundeo, we work with nutritionists, veterinarians and certified dog trainers to make our content as good as possible.

Meaningful Training Content

An online dog school should definitely offer meaningful training content. In the end, it won't help you if the training content doesn't give you any meaningful knowledge. 

It is essential that there are several aspects that your dog can learn, too. An optimal offer could look like this:

  • Learning basic commands such as 'sit,' 'down,' 'stay,' 'no,' 'off,' 'paw' and 'come.'
  • Good training courses like leash leadership and recall exercises should be available.
  • Holistic approaches such as tips on how to properly exercise the dog with tricks and games, or even snack recipes.

Do note that these points refer more to a course for beginners. You could look for more expert online dog training courses, should you have the need for them.


An online dog school has the best value in terms of money and, in most cases, will help you as a dog owner a lot.

Should your pet be too afraid of others or have not the time to take on-site training sessions, online dog training is the way to go. 

The first hours are not used for acclimatization. You can start with your training right off.

Remember to take these tips into account! It'll save you from bad experiences down the road. Although experiences on the Internet are almost always positive, there are - as in other areas - one or two black sheeps. 

Lastly, you can check out our app, which is great for new dog owners. It was created in collaboration with our experts and contains everything you need for a holistic dog training. The app has tricks, games, recipes and courses. You'll find courses on training, health and nutrition for your dog. Give it a go and see for yourself how much progress you make!
More about Hundeo App here.

Written by Anja Boecker
Written by Anja Boecker

My name is Anja Boecker and I am a dog trainer and behavior consultant (IHK certificate). With these articles I would like to help you understand your dog better and build an inseparable bond.

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